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hosting on amazon cloud

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hosting on amazon cloud

Started by shruti 939 days ago Replies (3)

I am building a social networking site using elgg. I wanted to host it on amazon cloud. basically to measure scalability. I wanted to know if its possible for me to host my elgg app on amazon cloud.

Thank you


  • DhrupDeScoop 939 days ago

    Yep ;-) It's been done. There may be some learning with respect to Amazon EC2 mechanics and config - they should have their own tutorials for this anyway. IZAP - I believe have done a fair amount of work with EC2 -- if you get their attention and/or spare time.. or else just go thru the EC2 Dev tutorials ;)

  • Ruben 939 days ago

    Yep, doing it at the moment and quite well i must say.

  • shruti 939 days ago

    thanks a lot for the info....

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