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  • Category: Site admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-2-6
  • Downloads: 1275
  • Recommendations: 12

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galliCache for Elgg 1.8.X for Elgg 1.8

galliCache is an elgg plugin, which caches your site’s public pages and serve your users with these cached pages - An instant performance boost for Elgg websites.

Last updated 165 days ago

galliCache is an elgg plugin, which caches your site’s public pages and serve your users with these cached pages. The plugin is available for Elgg 1.8 websites only. By using this plugin you can avoid plenty of DB queries, page creation time etc and this will speed up your Elgg website significantly. Unfortunately it still means loading the PHP engine to serve the cached files.

Plugin sponsored and funded by : CMC | http://cmccochin.org/

For Installation, Configuration etc.. see the tutorial at http://www.webgalli.com/blog/elgg-gallicache-plugin-a-performance-booster-for-your-elgg-websites/

How you can help?

  • Report the performance boost you acheived.
  • Make a donation via paypal to shop@webgalli.com
  • Recommend it.

When you report a problem, tell the :-

  1. Elgg version#
  2. Browser Name & version#
  3. At Which page (URL) were you just before the error. issue
  4. At which page (URL) does the error.issue occur
  5. What results/ content did you expect to see and what was the output.
  6. What is the error message, if any is visible


  • Dominion 481 days ago

    nice plugin but it doesn't work with "file tools".

  • Satheesh PM 479 days ago

    after enabling system messages shown in logged out conditions are not auto fading..  also i cant remove it by clicking on it ... please check..thanks for the great effort

  • Team Webgalli 479 days ago

    @Satheesh : probably the page is cached with the system message. But if you are unable to remove the message by clicking it, then its a javascript error. check in your console. 

  • Gerard 479 days ago

    Plugin seems to work fine, except for the homepage. It is shown twice. I use widget manager from ColdTrick. It does have a significant effect on performance so I'd like to use it :-)

  • Team Webgalli 478 days ago

    @Gerard : try changing the plugin orders.

  • Gerard 478 days ago

    Thanks, that helps

  • rjcalifornia 471 days ago

    You should post the instructions here. Your website is down.

  • Team Webgalli 471 days ago

    @rj and all : sorry for the inconvenience caused. Server was temp down for maintanence and its back again. We would like to have a central documentation and instruction system. 

  • [cim] 471 days ago

    Why not use elgg's pages plugin here on the community? This site is almost never down lol

  • Team Webgalli 471 days ago

    If we have to use elgg's pages plugin etc.. we have to find alternate solutions for uploading images, htmlawed will filter embeded codes etc.. When a good CMS is there in our site, why should we go for more complicated tasks? Its for our convenience. 

  • [cim] 471 days ago

    True. I see you're using Wordpress for CMS. You can use tinypic.com or any other free image hosting sites for demo images but Wordpress is much better

  • rjcalifornia 471 days ago

    @Webgalli I see but the site is still down so... you could do as Cim said :)

  • Team Webgalli 471 days ago

    @rj : Sorry for any inconvenience caused. There were some issues with server and its fixed 3hours before. If you still cant access it, pm us with any error messages you are receiving and try again later. 

    It wont be possible for us to use the service of thirdprty websites for hosting resources.

  • rjcalifornia 471 days ago

    Well your site is still down. I mean you could just write here, in the plugin page a small step by step guide... :D

  • Dave ONchE 464 days ago

    @Team Webgalli thanks for the great plugin! i have a problem though, after activating this plugin two days later my site was giving me this message "Resource limit has been reached" plus when i checked the process reader in cpanel, it was at maximum and it was just 3 members on the site. I really don't know if it was due to this plugin but any technical support would be greatly appreciated,thank you.

  • Team Webgalli 463 days ago

    @Dave : Which resource you exceeded? Bandwidth? Webspace? Memory usage?

    As mentioned in the plugin home page

    Don’t expect a cheap hosting plan to survive a major traffic spike, even if it is cached!

  • Dave ONchE 463 days ago

    @Team Webgalli: Lol, 3 members on the site doesn't seem like a major traffic spike to me or does it? Well, it seemed like it was some other plugin causing errors thats been catche with each page refresh thereby increasing the number of processes beyond my paid hosting plan! but i wouldn't call it a cheap plan cos i still paid for it.Nice plugin so i will still look a way around to use it still and thanks for the technical advise.

  • Mohammed Aqeel 462 days ago

    @Dave : this plugin wont create issues with resource. Even if it creates issue for you, then it will be regarding conflict with themes (since page skelton is overrided) or with storage space (when you have no cron running, bcoz a backup copy of every page is stored). But you cant run a social network, if you are having only a limited storage space.

  • Dave ONchE 461 days ago

    @Mohammed: Thanks!

  • ura soul 460 days ago

    has anyone tested this with nginx? anyone got any stats from a production site?

  • Team Webgalli 458 days ago

    @ura :

    has anyone tested this with nginx?


    anyone got any stats from a production site?

    You can see one test result in plugin home page. If you have a test result, you can send it..

  • ura soul 458 days ago

    i just ran with nginx on my test site, i am seeing that the pages load about 15% -30% slower with this cache plugin. i have the plugin last in the plugin list, the other 2 elgg caches are on and i am testing by loading and reloading some of the pages.. any thoughts as to why that might be? thanks

  • Team Webgalli 458 days ago

    @ura : no way this plugin will increase the loading time. Lets wait and see what others have got to say.

  • DhrupDeScoop 458 days ago

    only does little bitty more php resource @beginning;
    thereafter -> cuts down heaps o`cpu & db hits.

    if 'slower' -> what are yr metrics?


  • ura soul 458 days ago

    i am observing the network tab of the inspect panel in chromium - win32.

    3 times are shown, one as an overall timing for loading and one for dom load and one for page onload event.

    i am simply loading pages, such as video main page and photo main page and then reloading them.

    be aware that nginx functions quite differently with regards to apache in terms of static content - as i recall reading - though do not know in full detail through direct experience.