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  • Category: Site admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2013-2-24
  • Downloads: 1076
  • Recommendations: 17

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Login Reminders for Elgg 1.8

Will send out some login reminder to users. Also has an option to delete inactive members

Last updated 230 days ago

This is a remake of my sitecron plugin which is no longer available in Elgg Plugin respiratory... I just renamed sitecron to login reminder... If you are running sitecron plugin please disable it and remove it...

What this plugin do:

  1. Will send out a 'missed you' message to members who were not logged in to the site for a specific time. Time can be set from the settings page.
  2. Option to delete a inactive member automatically... Before deletion user will get a certain number of inactive reminder message in his/her registered email, one per week... If fails to login, account will be deleted with an account deletion email notification.
  3. If logins after getting such inactive reminder message, the inactive tag will be removed from the user.
  4. Will send the messages once in 15 minutes. After sending out 'missed you message' or 'login reminder message' sending will get switched off.
  5. When weekly cron runs login reminder sending will be switched on.
  6. Can view the users with inactive message counter at Admin panel.. Administer >> users >> Termination Users

What you need :

Two working cron jobs in cpanel.. if you don't know how to set cron in cpanel... please refer to the tutorial by webgalli at http://www.webgalli.com/blog/how-to-create-cron-job-for-elgg/the cron job required are

  1. 15 minutes  [can use the command Your-site-URL/cron/fifteenmin]
  2. weekly [can use the command Your-Site-URL/cron/weekly]

How to install

  1. Disable and delete the sitecron plugin if you are using
  2. upload this plugin and enable..
  3. do the settings..!
  4. remember to create the cron jobs for 15 min and weekly in cpanel.

If you find this plugin useful. Hit Recommendation.....

your comments and suggestions are always welcome.....

Thanks to great coders in ELGG.. specialy DhrupDeScoop, Brett, Trajan

Release Notes:

Added a conformation settings for weekly switching on for sending of login reminder messages...


  • jon666 362 days ago

    Does this work if you have the log rotate plugin set to delete and archive elgg log entries every week ?

  • Satheesh PM 362 days ago

    YES IT will work...!

  • Pala 344 days ago

    Cool!! Thanks.

  • Javier 320 days ago

    Hi, can I select the users to notify?, I would like to notify only to certain users of my site.

    Can I modify the notification text?

    Can I modify the periodicity (I need about 10 days)

    Thanks! ...and sorry for so many questions :)

  • Satheesh PM 319 days ago

    individual users can not be selected.. bcoz this plugin will fetch all users who's last login is thats given in settings page...

    you can modify the notification text in languages/en.php of this plugin

    i dont know more about the crons... its possible i think so