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  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2013-4-28
  • Downloads: 987
  • Recommendations: 6


Previous releases:

MyFavicon for Elgg 1.8

Ready to use plugin to replace elgg favicon without modifiying elgg core for Elgg 1.8

Last updated 360 days ago

This is an implementation of the tutorial "Replace Elgg favicon icon" (http://www.perjensen-online.dk/12/replace-elgg-favicon-icon/). I am uploading this because searching for this solution up to now leads only to three results:

  • Some hints how to modify your copy of elgg core - accompanied by recommendations not to dot this
  • A full featured favicon plugin "Favicon for 1.8 for Elgg 1.8" (http://community.elgg.org/plugins/819102/1.8-12.01.19/favicon-for-18), which does much more as this one (e.g. conversions), but relies on a framework (http://phloor.13net.at/phloor_plugin/view/170/phloorframework-for-18) not maintained any more.
  • The tutorial mentioned above.

With this plugin the favicon is still hardcoded (might change in future realeses - if any), but I consider it less problematic to "forge your own custom plugin" then modifiying elgg core.

To use this plugin, you have to unpack the zip file below elgg/mod as usual and replace elgg/mod/myfavicon/graphics/favicon.ico with your one. This plugin is delivered with the default elgg favicon, but to tell the difference the dot is red, not blue.

You need to provide your logo in favicon format, this plugin does not help you in converting other image formats.


Release Notes:

Initial release. All credits go to Per Jensen.


  • Clyde K 299 days ago

    This works great (I'm using 1.8.16).  Extracted to my mod file, replaced the favicon.ico with my own and it showed up immediately!  I wish all mods were this easy.

  • bfcamacho 187 days ago

    gracias facil de usar gran extención :)