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Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2013-8-30
  • Downloads: 304
  • Recommendations: 7


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Lazy Hover for Elgg 1.8

Lazy loads the Elgg user hover menu

Last updated 233 days ago

Lazy loads the Elgg user hover menu.

By not preloading all of the user drop down menus there is less server time needed to render a page. The more icons you have on your page, the more you will see the performance increase. There is also collateral benefits in page download size and DOM processing.

This plugin will be obsolete when https://github.com/Elgg/Elgg/issues/4495 is solved.

Some user experiences:

On a already optimized system on a content heavy dashboard with multiple widgets and a total of 74 user hover menu's (including admin actions), server runtime (php + database) went from 2.0 seconds to 1.2 (40% reduction). Also download size of the page went from 31kb to 24.5kb (20% reduction).

So we saved over 5kb of (most of the time) unused HTML. That should also speed up DOM processing (CSS and JS) a bit (depends on client hardware and browser).

WOW! Could not believe it! I tested many times with IE, FF and Chrome before activating this plugin and the activity page, the one users are redirected upon logging in, needed between 35 and 45" to load (I have river addon running as well) with ?limit=50

After activating this plugin... 18 to 25"!

thank you very much for this plugin.. this works great.. my loading time reduced to 10 sec from 18 sec..

Release Notes:

fixed: lazy_hover menu not working if logged out in walled garden mode


  • meril 230 days ago

    Lazy hover is good but facing some problem with friends request.. When i give friend request with lazy hover plugin activated the friend collector popup does not works instead the popup opens completely as a page & does not functions at all..

  • Michele 228 days ago

    Guys don't underestimate this plugin! :)

  • slyhne 227 days ago

    If you use user hover links with class elgg-lightbox, then lightbox fails to load.


    in mod/lazy_hover/views/default/js/lazy_hover/site.js do like this:

    elgg.get(action, {
        data: data,
            success: function(data) {
                if (data) {
                    // replace all existing placeholders with new menu
                   // make sure links with elgg-lightbox works
                   $("ul.elgg-menu-hover li a.elgg-lightbox").fancybox();

                   // restart click events

  • Gerard 221 days ago

    @Jeroen, when logged out. No hover menu is available. I tried the fix of Slyhne, but that makes it worse. Then no user hover menu available at all.

  • Jeroen Dalsem 221 days ago

    @gerard do you see the triangle icon? Do you get javascript errors if you click on it?

  • Gerard 221 days ago

    Yes, I see a triangle. It seems to have a conflict with the google map plugin I made. I show members on the map  Maybe it is my mistake, somewhere in the code. Since you are the better programmer, maybe you could take a look at the link above. I do not see any java errors 

  • Jeroen Dalsem 221 days ago

    @gerard dumb question, does the dropdown show with lazyhover disabled?

  • Gerard 221 days ago

    Yes. When lazyhover is disabled the dropdown works fine and you see a larger picture from the user and a link to its profile.

  • Jeroen Dalsem 221 days ago

    @gerard i see lazy hover working on other pages of your site, but not on the members page, so there must be a conflict with the members map view plugin i guess, because i do not see the ajax call to get the menu to be fired. I can't troubleshoot any more from here.

  • Gerard 221 days ago

    I understand. Thanks ! Funny thing is that the members map is the same plugin I use to view the map in profiles. There the user hover works fine with lazy hover. Anyway, I recommended the plugin.

  • kisssssss4ever 12 days ago

    I installed it and activated it.

    But I don't know what this plugin does? Where I can see it in action? Please someone explain to me :)