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  • Category: Themes
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2013-10-8
  • Downloads: 910
  • Recommendations: 6

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Elgg Hammer for Elgg 1.8

Send Cracker-Jacks, Script-Kiddies, Pingers, Bad Bots, and Spiders packing! Protect your valuable Elgg site resources for genuine users, members or clients..

by Tom
Last updated 184 days ago

Elgg-Hammer ! High Speed Elgg on shared hosting plan or account or VPS or Dedicated server/Hosting is at your fingertips.

Si tu sitio de Elgg desacelerando o retraso o correr mucho más lento de lo normal o normal?

Is your Elgg site slowing down or lagging or running significantly slower than usual or normal?

Online Web site bots, crawlers, spiders, and even spammers can slow down your Elgg site quite significantly or your Elgg site loading times might take a little longer than a normal Elgg site. To be honest, the bots, crawlers, spiders, and even spammers can make your Elgg site not work like it is suppose to be or like it used to when you first downloaded and installed your fresh and new Elgg site. And this is where Elgg Hammer can help make your Elgg site return to its former loading or running speed...

Elgg-Hammer! There are more Elgg hammer function designs to come! If you like it, Recommend it and download it now!

  •     Automatically ban web site hammers!
  •     Protect your site against Referer Spam!
  •     Deny script-kiddie and h4x0r requests!
  •     Send bad bots and spiders packing!
  •     Protect your valuable server resources for genuine clients..


  1. ALLOW ONLY SOME GOOD Web robots to search your Elgg site and SHUT others from slowing down your site.
  2. Allow only some good bots to by pass Elgg Hammer.... altavista, askjeeves, excite, google, infoseek, inktomi, lycos, Microsoft, misc, msn, northernlight, wisenut  ... Anything not in these list will be kicked out or blocked out of any site protected by ELGG HAMMER.

Elgg-Hammer is a php script that runs when your Elgg pages start loading and it searches as requests arrive, Elgg-Hammer checks how long it's been since that client's last  request.

If a reasonable amount of time has passed, the page is served as usual. But if not, their "Hammer Count" is increased.

Oh oh ho ho ho! When the elgg hammer trigger levels count reaches, the user if is hammering is immediately suspended, and redirected to a page with a message  "must wait X amount of seconds before you will try again!" The more they continue to mess around with your website, the longer they will have to wait.


If you Like this plugin, consider to click Recommend button for other Elgg members to find it useful for their sites!

Elgg hammer is easy to configure...


How to Install?


  • Download it.
  • Extract it in mod directory.
  • Enable it.

Note: Tested with elgg 1.8



I have received tremendous amount of email on how to test Elgg hammer and for this reason, I have included this short description to help those who might have the same question about Elgg hammer.

First, to test Elgg Hammer, you have to install Elgg Hammer "gutwahammer" in your Elgg mod directory, Activate it through Elgg admin plugin page, then  load any page of your Elgg website, refresh it repeatedly or hit Key on your keyboard over and over like bots do, quickly.  Be careful, if you continue refreshing the page repeatedly I promise you! After a few hits, you will get a banned message on your screen "must wait X amount of seconds before you will try again!" ....  which means you have been banned from hammering your own beautiful elgg site...



Attributions / Credits

  • Elgg Hammer  is an improved and robust version of the Anti-hammer, project at http://corz.org/serv/tools/anti-hammer/

Release Notes:



+ added activate file: Laying the infrastructure for future IP Address Logging and ban list and the white lists.     

+ Added countdown script: now the banned user can have something to watch as Elgg Hammer time elapses.


  • Tom 184 days ago

    New release for Elgg Hammer is up for grab. Enjoy and leave comments or report any issues.. Good luck..

  • Tom 184 days ago

    Next release will make Elgg Hammer work well with GalliCache for Elgg 1.8 plugin. I just learned this from one of the members E-mail. Thanks. I am opening my hammer tool box and the fix should be ready soon. Otherwise, everything seams to work the way hammer should work...

  • ura soul 184 days ago

    maybe this should be called 'elgg shield' instead of hammer since it is more about being an anti-hammer.. and stopping the ham and spam. ;)
    i will test once gallicache is more de-bugged

  • Tom 184 days ago

    @ ura soul, Thanks for your suggestion. Elgg hammer "Elgg shield" Plugin will be doing even much more than stopping spam. Future releases will have a token access - which means, the Elgg hammer "Elgg Shield" will be able to record automatically and block automatically every recorded IP that is listed in the ban- list without configuration or editing the Elgg .htaccess (hypertext access) file

  • LT 184 days ago


  • S.Brady.Hussain 184 days ago

    oh let me know please when you release that version!

  • v06 182 days ago

    super buddy

  • Tom 181 days ago

    @ supper buddy, thanks. "Spam does not take away tomorrows resources, it takes away today's time." -- Tom.

  • wellkunnected 124 days ago

    I'm still getting spammers :(

  • Tom 122 days ago

    @ wellkunnected  , Elgg hammer plugin does not stop spammers. What it does is it limits the hits that your Elgg sites gets from search engines and robots that you don’t want so that your genuine site members can browse your site without headaches of waiting for hackers, search engine, and robots to finish messing around with your site. In short, Elgg hammer plugin acts like a speed governor or speed limit police controller. You don’t want internet machines to take your site for a drive of about 1800 miles per hour instead of normal site speed by regular and genuine site members of about 120 miles per hour. To cut long story short, without Elgg hammer plugin, your site can be speed up by robots or useless search engines sites to an extend that your car engine “Site server” will need help to cool down from time to time. No wander google or github is using Elgg Hammer concept.

    Next version of Elgg hammer will have some options to ban spammers automatically and if the elgg member banned accidentally you can always access their information through egg admin hammer page.

  • Tom 101 days ago

    @ ura soul , I was having a thought about having elgg shield for logged in users and elgg hammer for non logged in users. so that if a bad user "hacker" is succeful in logging into elgg site the Elgg Shield should be able to keep them on watch so that they don't abuse elgg site bandwith...

  • meril 100 days ago

    @Tom: facing some problem elgg hammer gives the time & says kindly login but if a user is unregistered he need to register whenhe goes to the register screen he hets again the elgg hammer message & he is also not able to use the social login methods ..

  • Tom 93 days ago

    @ meril, The next release will address your concern so that unregistered users can register smoothly without being hammered by elgg hammer.