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  • Category: Site admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2013-12-5
  • Downloads: 93
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APC Tools for Elgg 1.8

Admin tools for APC opcode cache

Last updated 140 days ago

Provides tools to help the use of the Alternative PHP Cache (APC).

Includes two features:

  • APC statistics page
  • Button that can be used to flush the APC system cache

The APC setting apc.stat defaults to on, forcing APC to stat (check) scripts on each request to determine if they have been modified. If a file has been modified, APC will recompile and cache the new version. On a production server where the script files rarely change, a performance boost can be achieved by disabled stats.

If the setting is off, APC will have to be forced to recheck files each time that modifications have been made. This plugin provides an easy way to do this from the Elgg admin panel.

For detailed documentation on APC, see http://php.net/manual/en/book.apc.php


  • S.Brady.Hussain 140 days ago

    Thank for a new plugin! ^_^

    So this updates caches after modification are made to a elgg site? so it will get rid of errors to? a bit confused on this plugin, it will speed up a site make a site better and get rid of errors basically? use everytime i make modifications etc? 

  • Juho Jaakkola 140 days ago

    This plugin doesn't fix any errors or make the site faster. It's just an administration tool that makes it easier to clear the caches after changes have been made to the Elgg source code.

    You don't need this plugin unless you have disabled the apc.stat setting in your APC configuration.

  • S.Brady.Hussain 140 days ago

    oh ok, why would people disable the apc.stat must be a reason?

  • Juho Jaakkola 140 days ago

    Read the plugin description before you ask questions, please.

  • S.Brady.Hussain 139 days ago

    i did i still dont understand never mind lol this plugin is beyond me lol more plugins please i am using lots of your plugins thanks for releasing so many much appreciated : )