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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-1-14
  • Downloads: 1986
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Previous releases:

custom dashboard plugin for Elgg 1

Last updated 2002 days ago

custom dashboard plugin

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Release Notes:

Based on customindex plugin by Boris Glumper
and some code posted by Dave Tosh.

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  • Tom 2002 days ago

    Can you explain a little what this one actually does??

  • wutaide 2002 days ago

    it replaces the dashboard with an empty page that you can customise yourself.

  • rigolman 2002 days ago

    You mean we will be able to put what ever we want on this page but something "static" and it will be the same thing for all members, am I right?

  • wutaide 2002 days ago

    no it doesn't have to be static, you can use the elgg framework in the same way as you can with any other plugin.

  • rhnorment 2002 days ago

    can i use this plugin to place a default set of widgets on the page?  i recall seeing another plugin called "default-widgets."  are they different plugins for different reasons?


  • Dirius 1998 days ago

    Yes, could you answer that question of rhnorment? That would be very interesting.

  • wutaide 1998 days ago

    Sorry I dont know about the default-widgets plugin. This plugin gives you a blank
    dashboard page in which you can place whatever you want. If you wanna place widgets you
    have to make that code yourself.  Also I have only been using elgg for 1 week so I'm definiteley not
    an expert in this =)

  • blitz 1993 days ago

    I upgraded to elgg 1.1 today, now the custom dashboard plugin doesn't work anymore. There is no error, It's simply ignored.
    any other experiences?

  • Andrew Gruhn 1979 days ago

    This is a great plugin!  next question - in addition to building a custom dashboard, how do I hardcode widgets into the page?  (so on the custom dashboard, I can still show who my contacts are, etc...)

  • salty 1976 days ago


    does anyone have example custom dashboard code, just to get started with for all the elgg newbies like me?

  • Kettyking 1794 days ago

    I think You are a very buzy man , havent much time to explain about your own plugin! ;-)

  • AdamD 1792 days ago

    Worked perfect... Thanks!

    I do have a question that is not directly related to your plugin. I am trying to add a link to the users messageboard on the Custom Dashboard. I can't figure out what url to use. It needs to link to the message board of the user (general not one specific user).

  • Fusion 1790 days ago

    nice plugin!  how can i add friends on this?  I cant seem to figure it out.

  • DhrupDeScoop 1790 days ago


    Friends widget ? like on profile page ?

  • Fusion 1790 days ago

    yes..   trying to hardcode a friends list on the custom dashboard. everything that i try, i break the page so i know im missing something.  Would be easier if i knew more php but learning as i go.

  • Fusion 1790 days ago

    you can see the page at thefloridacircle.com/community (of course you would have to make an account)

  • DhrupDeScoop 1790 days ago

    Why don't you look at /mod/friends code to see how it is done there ?

  • Fusion 1790 days ago

    ive looked at it played with it but i continue to break the page

  • wutaide 1789 days ago

    Sorry that I haven't replied to your questions. It's because I stopped using this platform long ago.
    The platform is very bad and I would never recommend anyone to use elgg for any purpose.
    Everything is half complete and even the basic features of the community are poorly written.
    I have lost countless hours of my time trying to fix this platform, but the problems never end.


  • ghernandezc 1785 days ago

    Anyone knows how to add friends widget to custom dashboard???

  • Marko Strothmann 1502 days ago

    how to write "Hello world" into the customized dashboard for example, so that every user see that... just a newbie question :)

  • Vafello 1492 days ago

    Just write  hello world in the content.php file :)

  • newtof 1360 days ago

    how to display a widget in content.php?