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  • Category: Themes
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-2-16
  • Downloads: 7267
  • Recommendations: 4


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BlackTech Theme for Elgg 1

BlackTech is a more developed and polished theme than my previous offerings. It also contains a menu bar in the header.

Last updated 1995 days ago

BlackTech Theme (Edit your project's description!)

Release Notes:

BlackTech is a more developed and polished version of the Simple BlackBlueTech.

This theme has 3 different example headers. You can activate a different header (see the instructions in the themes css file) basically uncomment the one you want, and comment out the other two.

It also has a demo of a simple menu bar in the header - this is contained in the theme page_elements/header.php

Elgg v1.1

Once installed to your /mod directory, go to Tool Administration, use the new up/down/top/bottom function to move the theme to the bottom of the plugin list (so that it loads last).

It currently contains skins for the following plugins:

• all core plugins (profile, groups, admin stuff etc)
• blog
• bookmarks
• file
• friends
• messageboard
• messages
• pages
• status

elgg theme example


  • Marcus Tremble 1994 days ago

    Great theme Pete. i'm currently running it now with a slightly modified header.  Are there any modifications since Elgg v1.1 release? 

  • amirbq 1988 days ago

    Hi Pete,

    Would you be interested in slightly modifying your theme and making it more IT related -- showing Servers, Racks, data centers, etc, etc.

  • Viktor Alm 1986 days ago

    awsome themes coming up! with some mods this will be great for my site

  • John Atherton 1984 days ago

    Hi Pete,

    Thanks for the many theme ideas you're coming up with.  With theme, I'm getting the river icons and associated text overlapping in the Activity and Friends Activity Widget.  I'm using Firefox 3.0.3.  Has anyone else seen this?



  • Pete Harris 1983 days ago

    @John, Thanks for pointing that out. The river_item p rule has been corrupted (during a search and replace in Coda - this has happened before, but I missed it this time!).

    You can either grab the theme again - as I've updated the zip now, or in the themes main css file go to line 1296, remove the corrupted rule (.river_item p theme_blacktech) and replace with:

    .river_item p {
          padding:2px 0pt 0pt 20px;

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • John Atherton 1983 days ago

    Thanks Pete.  Again great job on the themes!

  • Hip Hop Servers 1977 days ago

    Love the theme Pete.

  • Hip Hop Servers 1977 days ago

    Is it possible to get skins for the following plugin also Pete??  I would make them myself and offer them for free as an expansion to your current theme if I knew how to do it.

    mass mailouts

  • Hip Hop Servers 1977 days ago

    BTW, I think you forgot the skin for the forgot password link in this skin cause I get a white page when I click forgot password after installing this theme.

  • Pete Harris 1976 days ago

    @hip Hop Servers, unfortunately I don't have time to make and maintain skins for all the different plugins running under all the different themes. However, the plugins should inherit most of the theme's css and hopefully only require small additions/tweakage.

    re. the password link - I just loaded the theme up here and clicked the forgotten password
    page - and all is well, it goes to a sep. page (which has been styled). So I am guessing you are either running some custom mods which have messed with it, or something else!

  • KT 1892 days ago

    can this theme be customized w/ personalized colors and background

  • Pete Harris 1892 days ago

    Yep for sure, all the themes are customisable, and are designed to be a starting point for your own mods.

  • The GYPSY 1867 days ago

    I hate to be a dummy but I guess I am... I downloaded this theme then unzipped it and uploaded it to my mods directory. I enabled it but nothing has changed, everything still looks like the default app. Also, I guess I don't understand the "uncomment the one you want, and comment out the other two" thing. Exactly how do you uncomment and comment. Sorry, I am new to this type of program and just learning. Fortunately I learn quickly and retain what I learn. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

  • ajchz 1863 days ago

    Hello Pete, I love how this skin looks... I am wondering if it will be available for the latest version v.1.2?

  • Marcus Tremble 1859 days ago

     Would be great to see a renewed version of this theme for Elgg 1.5. or a well another well constructed "Dark" theme.  Is there anything like that in the works that we can look forward to Pete?

  • SP 1833 days ago

    Hey Pete,

    Is it possible to have a different header on different page? For instance, I want to keep header 2 for home page and header3 for rest of the inner page. If yes, which file I have to modify.

    Would appreciate your prompt response!

    With Thanks!

  • Félix-Antoine Pagé 1737 days ago

    i just want to say that your theme is great dude!

  • The I On Temple 1718 days ago

    Thanks Pete...running BlackTech @ www.theiontemple.org/community

    Having a few isues i need help with when you have a chance.

  • Shaughn 1641 days ago

    my admin icons navigation is not working, its is all showing text on the site http://online-poker-profile.com/profile

  • eyelove808 1358 days ago

    This theme is great.  I am wondering how you make the links on the front page work, where it says:

    What's new in the Community!!


    They are not functional.


    Also on the wire page, the text is too light grey and you cant read it with the white background.


    Is there a way to remove the popup "click to dismiss"?


    Thanks for the great theme,

  • wiwit arjanti 1051 days ago

    Hi Pete,

    It's wonderful theme...........