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  • Category: Themes
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-2-2
  • Downloads: 7006
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Notebook Theme for Elgg 1

by BuBu
Last updated 1955 days ago

Notebook Theme

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Release Notes:

Notebook Theme  Christmas And New year  Gift for Elgg Community

Graphic Base On notepad-chaos By Evan Eckard  http://www.evaneckard.com

New Features jQuery lightbox clone - prettyPhoto in File Plugins

Current version of elgg  v1.2

Once installed to your /mod directory, go to Tool Administration, use the new up/down/top/bottom function to move the theme to the bottom of the plugin list (so that it loads last).

It currently contains skins for the following plugins:

• all core plugins (profile, groups, admin stuff etc)

  • blog
  • bookmarks
  • file
  • friends
  • messageboard
  • messages
  • pages
  • status
  • twitter

Home Notebook Theme

Home Notebook Theme

Home Notebook Theme

Test on http://www.teawlamai.com

Host Support http://www.colorpack.net


  • I BUY Social Engine 1939 days ago

    I paid U $ 100 for a perfect copy Template orkut for Elgg.

    interested in the group meet here

  • notmuffy 1934 days ago

    FYI, this theme is really broken in IE 6.

  • Dave Catherall 1934 days ago

    I really like this theme, but how do I add my own stuff to the homepage (not logged in)?

    I would like to add some kind of welcome paragraph, if you know what I mean?

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Kos 1933 days ago

    It works incorrect in Elgg 1.1 and doesn`t work in Elgg 1.2 neither...

  • Pierre-Étienne Vachon 1930 days ago

    Did not work for me either

  • ClubUgly ™ 1929 days ago

    This theme works for me. IE6 users really need to upgrade...Why would anyone use such a old browser and complain something is not working? The problem is you are using a old unsupported browser lol.

  • Thomas Day 1927 days ago

    Nice port of the Smashing Magazines theme, if you need the original themes psd's for customising they are linked on this page: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/08/20/notepad-chaos-a-free-wordpress-theme/

    Before I go ahead and use it on my live site, can I just check the appropriate permission has been obtained by BuBu to modify, redistribute and use on a live site as per their request on the page linked above.


  • New2Elgg 1922 days ago

    Bubu - how about a linkedin clone?

  • sousa 1920 days ago

    «Once installed to your /mod directory, go to Tool Administration, use the new up/down/top/bottom function to move the theme to the bottom of the plugin list (so that it loads last).»

    Sorry, I am a very beginner, but these instructions don't work for me. Isn't something missing?

  • BuBu 1919 days ago

    Hi Everybody Please Wait  For Notebook Theme 1.0 and Next Project orku Template for Elgg

  • Kos 1919 days ago

    Ok, that`s good news! ))

    P.S. If something I`m Opera 9.63 user.

  • New2Elgg 1919 days ago


  • New2Elgg 1917 days ago

    BuBu - Any indea when Orkut will be ready?


  • Lordstyle 1913 days ago

    nice theme :)

  • notmuffy 1912 days ago

    To the guy bashing me for telling you all it is very broken in IE 6 - I am on a Mac using firefox, but someting like 20% of the internet IS STILL USING IE 6.  I don't want 20% of my new community to have a broken, ugly experience.

  • rockyford1000 1909 days ago

    Does anybody have idea how to change the homepage(visitor view) for new members, or random members?

  • caddy 1903 days ago

    rockyford1000... I was wondering the same thing until yesterday when I finally figured it out... not that I did any of the hard work to create the plugin.. but what you want.. is located here.


    It is a plugin called custom-modular-index-2.0,  It worked for me and allowed me to change the main login page or the index...

    Read the comments there is some useful info in there on how to change it up..

    I would love to use this theme for the simple reason of the lightbox.. I love that little thing.. But the theme is not dark enough for me.. I like it dark..

  • samiplus 1895 days ago

    Hello all,

    I have just joined after successfully installing elgg to kickstart my new community website: http://jotterexpress.samiplus.net . Notebook looks like the right theme for my site considering my name and it installed well. Presently still playing around with it with other plugins and hopefully should come out with a great result.

    A big thank you to Bubu and the whole elgg community.

  • BuBu 1890 days ago

    Hi folks am wait  elgg 1.5 RELEASED

  • Milos 1886 days ago

    mmm, can anyone tell me how to make this less wide? On these screenshots it look's ok, but on my site is completely streched around screen (from side to side), and it look so huge.
    I was looking in .css file but don't know what exactly to change to make whole theme less wide. I'm not so good with programming..

    Any help would be very appreciated.

  • Aisha 1881 days ago

    can someone please help me..i changed settings..from default to this theme..and my whole page disappeared..how to fix this?

  • sushruth 1879 days ago

    Hey.. gr8 theme... i am using it on my site... :D

    here : http://www.studentmasti.co.cc/community

  • Dan 1878 days ago

    Wow this is pretty slick. I like the notebook idea combined with the web 2.0 feel you gave to it. Very inspirational!

  • ikki 1877 days ago

    Fine theme!

    Bubu, are you working on the 1.5 version?
    If so, i am testing from svn, and there are minor changes to make to your theme, and i would love to test your theme.


  • yasyas 1838 days ago

    waiting 4 its 1.5 compatible version.....