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  • Category: Third Party integrations
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-5-2
  • Downloads: 39197
  • Recommendations: 30

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Chat Plugin for Elgg 1

Integrates an Ajax Chat

Last updated 1454 days ago

This PlugIn integrates a modified version of PhpFreeChat. Pfc is a fast, customizable and multi languages ajax chat with a wide varity of features. The plugin provides several customizations via the tool administration page.

Release Notes:

Use the PhpFreechat in you're Elgg installation.

This plugin works with Elgg 1.2. For older versions please visit the project homepage.


  • ash 1891 days ago

    Any updates on this plugin

  • Felix Stahlberg 1891 days ago

    Yes, it was possible for users not logged in to access the chat (see Bretts comment to the previous version).

  • Felix Stahlberg 1891 days ago

    btw actually there *is* an icon marking admins next to the nicks :)

  • ash 1891 days ago

    o cool , i am updating right now

  • ash 1891 days ago

    I still dont see the admin icon. is there a way to make it a diffrent color for admins


  • Greg Marine 1889 days ago

    Any chance this plugin could open the chat in a new browser window so the users can still navigate through the site?


  • Greg Marine 1889 days ago

    Oh, also, can the plugin be configurable without editing the source? Things like the default chat room?


  • Felix Stahlberg 1889 days ago

    well, both points are good and will be included in my next release.


  • Greg Marine 1889 days ago

    Great! Thank you! I look forward to the next release :-)

  • Greg Marine 1889 days ago

    This might be out of the scope of your plugin, but would it be possible to use MySQL instead of files? Or perhaps the better question would be which is more scalable as a community grows? Just curious :-)

  • Felix Stahlberg 1889 days ago

    already there is a way to use phpfreechat with mysql (google helps), but maybe I will provide some options to customize it via elgg's admin interface..


  • Gleb L. 1889 days ago

    Hello Felix!

    I had some Ideas to make your great plugin even better. Could you create additional profile menu item to invite the user to the chat and some kind of notification on the topbar (like new messages and friend-request) when invited?

    It would be great if you can do it some day : )

  • Malaga Jack 1888 days ago

    This is a great plugin I have been using it on my site now for almost a month with no problems at all Elgg V1.1 and 1.2 and plugin chat versions 1.1 and 1.2

    1 Questions are there any themes or skins floating around for this

    Thanks good wok on this

  • Felix Stahlberg 1888 days ago

    I'm working on the next release. In the new version you'll be able to choose the theme in the admin interface. There are few standard themes, but there are a lot of themes out there (themes for phpfreechat)


  • ash 1888 days ago

    Felix, is there a way to connect the name to the elgg profile page. for instance if i am chatting with a person name Ash, it would be nice if we could just click on the name and open a new page with the elgg profile

  • Atena 1812 days ago

    is this the latest chat plugin? or there is a new version?

  • Fabio 714 days ago

    hi, is posible customize this chat to chating with a group of members


  • senfour19 673 days ago

    hello, is there a new version of this plugin? foe elgg1.8.5 ?