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  • Category: Third Party integrations
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-5-2
  • Downloads: 39191
  • Recommendations: 30

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Chat Plugin for Elgg 1

Integrates an Ajax Chat

Last updated 1452 days ago

This PlugIn integrates a modified version of PhpFreeChat. Pfc is a fast, customizable and multi languages ajax chat with a wide varity of features. The plugin provides several customizations via the tool administration page.

Release Notes:

Use the PhpFreechat in you're Elgg installation.

This plugin works with Elgg 1.2. For older versions please visit the project homepage.



  • Maximus Marius 1894 days ago

    I tested chat with "Release - 1.4, Version - 2009021301" and works OK

    very good work ;)

  • Malaga Jack 1894 days ago

    I'm using this chat on my live site at the moment I've had no major issues with it so far. It looks good and performs well. 

  • Felix Stahlberg 1893 days ago

    does this automatically give users their own chatroom when loaded from the Chat link in the tools menu or does it load just one site-wide chatroom?

    Its just one site-wide chatroom, but the users are able to open a private chats and chat twosome

    how/where do i /hardcode the loaded chatroom's tab label from 'my room' to something else?

    The main config file of the phpfreechat is mod/chat/pfc/src/pfcglobalconfig.php. There you can define you're chat rooms by setting $channels. The subsequent parameters $frozen_channels and $max_channels could also be interesting for you. If you set them you probably have to clear the cache of pfc (descriped in INSTALL file) and/or type /rehash into the chat logged in as an admin.

    Apart from that its always a good idea to consult the PhpFreeChat Homepage.

    also, on loading, i get am error message that on line 5, chr 2 'null' is null or not an object.

    What for a browser? IE? Is the chat working nevertheless?

  • Malaga Jack 1893 days ago

    Is there something different about this version from the version you released before? I notice the first one says beta but both versions are 1.2 should I reinstall this one or just leave the beta one going


  • Felix Stahlberg 1893 days ago

    There are view enhancements adapted from the ng (for example elgg admins are chat admins now) and you can install it like an common plugin (without editing .htaccess etc). Additionally the chat is based on pfc 1.2 instead of pfc 1.0, which mainly means that (quoted from pfc homepage)

     Finally the refresh_delay_steps parameter has been added to dynamically adjust the chat refresh speed depending on the chat activity: the more the chat is active, the more it is responsive. This version also fixes lot of bugs and adds new translations!

    However you don't have a choice :) This version shouldn't be compatible with Elgg <1.2, so it depends on youre elgg version.


  • alfalive 1893 days ago

    Chat works for me. Tested on svn version. Great Job. Thanks for that.

  • ash 1893 days ago

    i installed the plugin 3 times and each time i had to remove it since my system crashed. IS there anything that i am doing wrong.

  • ash 1893 days ago

    Ok, got it working. i was uploading the entire folder in mod instead of just the chat folder

  • ash 1893 days ago

    Stahlberg, is there anyway to tweek the code so that people that have admin statues shows in the chat automatically. Something like an Admin icon next to the name. If you have any idea, please let me know


  • Felix Stahlberg 1893 days ago

    It's a quite good idea, but I think it isn't possible with major modifications on the pfc code because afaik pfc don't provide a feature comparable to that.

    I think a better way to go is to suggest this feature in the pfc forum and I'll upgrade this plugin to the new release.


  • Brett 1891 days ago

    For those running this on 1.4 or SVN, does the tools menu work properly within chat?

  • mommyoftwins 1891 days ago

    My hosting is through Go Daddy. I installed elgg, which required PHP 5.1 and they are telling me that PHP FreeChat will only work with PHP 4.x.  Any idea what I should do?  Is there a way to run both versions of PHP?  How did everyone else get this to work?  Thanks!

  • Felix Stahlberg 1890 days ago

    PhpFreeChat should work with PHP >= 4.2 (source). The same link tells me that GoDaddy offers an installation of PhpFreeChat, but its likely a bit modified version and its not what we want. Well, forgeting the offer of GoDaddy and installing the module in the common way on your on should be fine.


  • Brett 1890 days ago

    The way chat is implemented in this plugin means that any users--logged in or not--can access chat if they go to the chat's URL directly.  To change this, put a call to gatekeeper() in the chat/pfc/index.php file...

  • Felix Stahlberg 1890 days ago

    Brett, thanks for that. I simply forgot it.. a new version is available.

  • mommyoftwins 1889 days ago

    I haven't installed a .tar.gz file yet, only plugins that are zipped.  How do I do this? 


  • Felix Stahlberg 1889 days ago

    Well, you extract the file (for example with winrar) and copy the extracted chat folder in the mod directory of your elgg installation. After activating it on the elgg tool adminstration page it should working..

    good luck :)

  • mommyoftwins 1889 days ago

    That is what I needed...to know what software to use for the extraction.  Thanks!!!


  • mommyoftwins 1889 days ago

    I got this installed and it works great.  How do I clear out the chat history before I go live?  And how do users open the private chats?  Thanks.


  • Felix Stahlberg 1888 days ago

    typing /help as admin gives you a list of the available commands. What you look for is /clear. Private chats can be opened in the context menu opened by clicking on users nick.


  • mommyoftwins 1887 days ago

    I changed the name of my chat room, but when it loads it is putting an underscore in front of the name.  For example:  _my room_ 
    How can I get those underscores to go away?

  • Jackson 1717 days ago

    hi, anyone can tell me how to setup this chat plugin? i am new with elgg.. please guid me!

  • Zakary Venturo 1717 days ago

    @e-jay, look up top, there is a newer version of this plug to use, and I would recommend starting there.

  • eric munoz 909 days ago

    work in elgg 1.8 ?