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  • Category: Third Party integrations
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-5-2
  • Downloads: 39133
  • Recommendations: 30

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Chat Plugin for Elgg 1.7

Integrates an Ajax Chat

Last updated 1446 days ago

This PlugIn integrates a modified version of PhpFreeChat. Pfc is a fast, customizable and multi languages ajax chat with a wide varity of features. The plugin provides several customizations via the tool administration page.

Release Notes:

  • Upgrade to pfc 1.3
  • Fix autojoin issues in ie8 when not using the embedded mode
  • You can now choose the language via chat tool settings
  • Remove conflicts between prototype and jquery (fixes some IE-related issues)
  • Compatible with elgg 1.7.1
  • few spelling mistakes


  • [cim] 1446 days ago

    thanks for the new release, i hope this won't double post while chatting like on the previous chat version

  • szunini 1446 days ago

    Thanks man.. i'll try it... 8D

  • Alfirus 1438 days ago

    is there any idea how to share this chat? example, user can copy script from this chat and put it on their web so they can chat from their web too but using 1 intergrated chat.

  • Felix Stahlberg 1438 days ago

    I can't imagine that this is possible with pfc (at least on v1.3) since afaik it uses ajax technology not concerning about well-known protocols which won't work cross domain. however it would be possible to create a small widget which users could place on their dashboard.. If that is not what you have in mind maybe you take a look to my second plugin (jabber integeration).. Note you'll need some technical skills to set it up.

  • n_l1 1437 days ago

    Hi Felix,

    is it possible to delete the complete chat protocol permanently? When I use the command /clear and close the window and open it again, everything is back. But maybe this more and phpfreeChat issue than an elgg issue?

  • Felix Stahlberg 1437 days ago


    I could not reproduce that, when I type /clear everything is removed, same when I use /rehash. A bit dirty fallback solution is to drop the table <elggprefix>phpfreechat when you use MySQL mode (instead of "File"). It should be recreated after the next login.

  • simonit 1423 days ago

    I'm getting double posts quite often.  Is this a PFC error or part of the integration into ELGG?  

    I'm on ELGG 1.7.1.

    Cheers, Simon.

  • Felix Stahlberg 1420 days ago

    I have got double posts neither in original PFC nor in the elgg integration.. What for a browser/os do you use?

    Nonetheless if you want me to guess I would assume thats a PFC error..

  • 10GO 1417 days ago

    Hi, i would like to know if there is a problem when there are 30 users conected at the same time. Because when there are too much users they are logged out of the chat.

    Im using elgg 1.6.1 and chat 1.2.3,

    Cheers, Diego

  • Felix Stahlberg 1417 days ago

    hi, there are restrictions defined in mod/chat/pfc/src/pfcglobalconfig.php like max_channels and max_privmsg, but none of them restrict the actual number of users connected.. however I never heard about a maximum number of connected users..

    regards, felix

  • Jackson 1410 days ago

    hi, how to set up width for this Chat Plugin? Anyone, please....

  • xuaku 1351 days ago

    I have installed the chat in Elgg 1.7.1 and randomly that expels a member.
    The timeout I have it set to 60 seconds and yet still
    doing it randomly.
    Any ideas for this?

  • ura soul 1343 days ago


    I installed this plugin ok.. but when I go to use the chat feature I see an orange/red error box that reads:
    "Missing parameter (/join {channelname})"

    and when I type a chat message nothing appears in the chat window.

    I added a channel in the chat setup panel called 'main'..

    did I miss something? or is this a bug?


  • DRAFHA Community 1342 days ago


    I have installed your plugins. But i get an error, when im try to send the message appear:

    You must be connected to send a message

    At the bottom. What wrong???

  • Alfonso Hinojosa 1319 days ago


    I've got the same problem as Tunist.

    Besides, when I create chatrooms or modify any of the settings of Chat, nothing changes, and I get again the initial configuration an no chatrooms created.

    Any idea about what to do next?


  • iionly 1319 days ago

    @tunist & Alfonso:

    I haven't tested the latest version of the chat plugin, so I don't know if it might be a bug... But did you set the permissions of the relevant directories in the chat plugin's modfolder to 777 as (hopefully) described in the instructions? You also should set all subdirectories in these directories to 777.

    Additionally, you might test it with another browser than IE if you haven't done it yet. I know that at least in the past you didn't get logged in to chat automatically with IE.

  • ugo 1301 days ago

    Hi, everything works well - but I'm having a very dumb problem. Is there any way to have the chat listed within the Tools menu as opposed to showing as a separate entity in the topbar? The current view for the topbar is not compatible with my theme, and I seem not able to fix it...thanks!

  • jaxcatz 1301 days ago

    @ ugo I didnt quite look into the chat plugin codes but usually to add menu in tools dropdown add this in the concerned plugins start.php to the last portion (look in Blogs widget for example)

    If you want to add for messageboard --

    Add this to the messageboard start.php

    // Set up menu for logged in users
                    add_menu(elgg_echo('Message Board'), $CONFIG->wwwroot . "pg/messageboard/" . $_SESSION['user']->username);       


    HaPPy ElGGInG :)

    Do GooD :)

  • ugo 1299 days ago

    @jaxcatz - thanks a lot, worked perfectly.

    i'm trying to learn why using a certain theme the chat icon doesn't fit in the regular topbar view, but it is displayed inderneath the topbar. any ideas?


  • jaxcatz 1299 days ago

    hmm... doesnt understand your problem well.. may be a screenshot can help :)

    which theme are you using ? anyway look inside your themes views/default/page_elements header.php or headercontents.php files or any other header topbar related files and check if anything is troubling there or may be its with the theme css

    HaPPy ElGGInG :)

    Do GooD :)

  • nicolas 1299 days ago

    hola se ve muy bien el chat. pero queria saver si son salas donde estan todos los user o es chat privado con solo los user que quieres chatear?

  • wael abdalla 1299 days ago

    hello their 

    i have installed this plugin and i am really like it 

    i am asking abut the log out 

    i want to log out the user from the chat after 10 minutes as example 

    how can i do this ??


  • zotek 1297 days ago

    please help im getting this error

    Missing parameter (/join {channelname})
    and when i type does not show anything..
  • zotek 1296 days ago

    got it to work make use you input something into channel settings

  • Redspell 1286 days ago

    Anyone got an idea how to sort this error?

    phpFreeChat cannot be initialized, please correct these errors:

    • 'nick' parameter must be a charatere string