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Pedro Prez

elgg developer / php / ajax and more


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-1-14
  • Downloads: 3981
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People you might know for Elgg 1

This mod emulate the feature People You Might Know from Facebook

Last updated 1876 days ago

People you might know

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Release Notes:

IMPORTANT: To make this module work, you need the 'friends of friends' mod, otherwise if you don't have it activated, it won't

The way it works is pretty basic so the idea here is to improve it on the way, gradually developing this.

People you might know, you can get it from mutual friends, and they will be displayed sorted by the amount of matches found.


  • Pedro Prez 1876 days ago


    I dont know, I've only tested in Elgg 1.2.

    might try and tell us?
  • Viral Sonawala 1876 days ago

    What based users are coming in People You might know?

    Based on my education, Email id?

  • brvhrt 1876 days ago

    Working for me on 1.2. Great addition! Thanks.

  • Pedro Prez 1876 days ago

    @Viral Sonawala 

    For now, it just has the logic, previously mentioned above.


    The way it works is pretty basic so the idea here is to improve it on the way, gradually developing this.

    People you might know, you can get it from mutual friends, and they will be displayed sorted by the amount of matches found.


  • Pedro Prez 1876 days ago

    @Viral Sonawala

    but then it might be implemented by location, education, etc

    but later it may be implemented....

  • Anas 1876 days ago

    What is the change from the last version and is it compitable with 1.5 ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Pedro Prez 1876 days ago


    The change respect to version 1.0 is a correction of a view

    and work fine in 1.5 ;)

  • Anas 1876 days ago

    Thanks Pedro for the great efforts.

    My Regards

  • Trasgos 1876 days ago

    I have just install it, but it doesn work. It is needed any kind of configuration? At the moment I just have 8 users, and I hace tested doing user A friend of user B and user B friend of user C. And I was expecting that user A have a suggestion to be friend the C user, but nothing is shown in people who you might know.

    PS: I have already working fine the friend to friend module.

    Some help? Thank u!


    Acabo de instalar el modulo, pero no me sugiere ningún amigo,no se si será necesaria alguna configuración. Lo que he hecho es hacer al usuario A amigo del B y al B del C. No debería sugerirle al usuario A el C como amigo? o el algoritmo es más complicado?

    PD: El módulo friend to friend lo tengo instalado y fuincionando correctamente, de hecho ese módulo si que me dice que el usuario C es amigo de mis amigos.

    Alguien sabe queestoy haciendo mal? Gracias!

  • Pedro Prez 1876 days ago

    @Trasgos, perhaps this image helps you to understand the logic


  • JS 1875 days ago

    Hi can anyone help me when i click on the following :  Friends (Toolbar and Profile)

                                                                                          Friends of (Profile)

                                                                                           Friends of Friends (Profile)

                                                                                           People you might know (Profile)

    I get the following error " Failed to load new ElggUser from GUID:11"


  • JS 1875 days ago

    Sorry forgot to add that it works fine with my admin account only!

  • GermanKlf 1857 days ago

    I've installed it and worked fine, but it still showing me my actual friends as people I might know...

    I think it's related to what Pedro said, it needs some improvements, but still a great plugin and seems to work with 1.5!


  • Marcos Reyes 1854 days ago

    Great, I like it!! thanks Pedro

  • trademark 1849 days ago

    Great mod, any plans on making it a widget so it can be used on other pages like the members dashboard?

  • santofimio 1848 days ago

    Hi Pedro I was testing this on elgg 1.1 and got this error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_loggedin_userid() in /home/content/d/e/n/dentoris/html/clone2/mod/friends_of_friends/start.php on line 37

    The concept sound great



  • Pedro Prez 1848 days ago


    you can change that line for this


    good luck

  • santofimio 1844 days ago

    Thank you Pedro I`ll give it a shot


  • Kettyking 1838 days ago


              I am totaly blank about your plugin. Shall i ask this.. what you mean by 'friendsoffriends'??????/

    suppose A is admin . A has two friends B and C . B and C has a mutual friend called D . ok? Whn i login as A, and click on 'friends' , i can view B and C . When i click on 'friends of' i can see D . Then actually what is 'friendsoffriends'? Pls help me my bozz

  • Pedro Prez 1836 days ago

    the friendsoffriends is D because D is friend of B and C, and B and C are your friends

    give a look into the picture I posted.


  • Kettyking 1836 days ago

    Dear Pedro,

                      I have added A B C D and gave relationsip as you suggest. But when i click on 'friendsoffriends' link it goes to dashboard. But i can see 'people you might knnow' picture as D in left side bar. Whats my mistake.?. please help me


    Also i found a bug in following page


    Bug is - When we click on 'See All' it goes to 404 error page-

    Org code is

     $body .= "<a href='{$vars['url']}/pg/peopleyoumightknow/' >" . elgg_echo("peopleyoumightknow:seeall") . "</a>";

    Replace it into

     $body .= "<a href='{$vars['url']}pg/peopleyoumightknow/' >" . elgg_echo("peopleyoumightknow:seeall") . "</a>";

    am i correct?


  • Terje Vullum 1816 days ago

    @Kettyking I can confirm this error and the fix works. Thanx!elgg v1.5

    @Pedro great work! very useful plugin. any progress on the problem with current friends appearing in people you might know? Some of my friends appear both places.

  • Fusion 1669 days ago

    @pedro..  any plans on updating this to work properly with elgg1.6.1

  • Chalkiex 1660 days ago


    Indeed, any plans for 1.6.1, this is a very worthy plugin and no longer seems compatible with the latest version of elgg, any ideas on a release?


  • abandoned
    abandoned 1585 days ago

    Echo the last two comments about update for 1.6.1

    It'd be really nice to have!