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Lead Engineer for Elgg Core


  • Category: Tools
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-1-14
  • Downloads: 4931
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User Status for Elgg 1

User Status overlays status icons on profile images, giving an easy way to identify online users, new users, and more.

Last updated 1862 days ago

User Status

Gives status icons an overlay showing if they're currently online or new users.

Release Notes:

User Status overlays status icons on profile images, giving an easy way to
identify online users, new users, and more.


        * Unzip the file to the elgg/mods/ directory.
        * Go to your Elgg tools administration section, find the new mod, and
          enable it.
        * Customize the settings if desired.

        * Enabling too many icons will start looking weird.  4 is about the max
          right now.

        * Concept based upon "Online Mark" plugin by Dirk Pelzer.


v1.0 (March 18, 2009)
        * Initial release.


  • The Father 1862 days ago

    Another Great plugin! Installed easily and works great!

  • David Moon 1862 days ago

    i like this concept a lot.  While searching for new icons for this plugin, I had an idea ... (see link below) Being able to set  moods throughout the day using these icons as an inspiration.  They would lay over a profile photo, similar to this plugin.  Just a unretated thought. :)

  • Brett 1862 days ago

    @David, I like _that_ concept a lot ;)

    The way I've designed the icon displays this wouldn't be too difficult to implement.

    I'll look into doing that sometime soon...

  • ash 1862 days ago

    Great job

    Is this option only available for people that are loged in, is there a way to make it public


  • Brett 1862 days ago

    It's public already....I could later add support for only logged in users, I suppose....

  • sunirmalya 1862 days ago

    love it !!

  • Ukr Programmer 1862 days ago

    Your talent is shining through. ...Yes, I think support for only logged in would be good, but not required. Some users/site owners, however, think that this is more private information, that visitors (who knows who they could be or where they are from??) have no right to see whether or not their members are logged in.  ...Also, do you want your boss knowing your are logged into a site while at work?!  :-)  Just kidding.  :-)  :-P

  • DragonX 1862 days ago

    Excuse me but where are the settings? I use the latest 1.5 version of Elgg and when enabling your plugin nothing happens. No icons, no settings.

  • HiTo81 1862 days ago

    Hi Brett,

    excellent work!

    As opposed to the online_mark plugin your plugin seems not to overwrite the userdetails.php, which many plugins do. So it seems to be save for further mod intallations without conflicts.

    I like to view the online status in real time. That means I don't like to see the status icon when the offline periode has not been exceeded but the user already logged off. So I did a little hack in the user_status\views\default\user_status\online.php:

    I replaced

    if (time() - $last_action < $timeout) {


    //get data of guid
    $options = get_data("select last_action, code from ".$CONFIG->dbprefix."users_entity WHERE guid=".$vars['entity']->guid);
    foreach ($options as $option)
       $code .=$option->code;

    if (!empty($code) AND time() - $last_action < $timeout) {



    HiTo81 aka Dirk Pelzer

  • Brett 1861 days ago

    @DragonX - The settings are in the standard place for plugins: in Administration / Tool Administration / user_status.  There will be no icons unless they are enabled through this page first.

    @HiTo81 - I'm not sure exactly what this code is meant to do.  It works to immediately expire people who have logged off for you?  $code would always be populated because you're concatting last_action and code from the users table and last_action should always return something unless it's a new user.  I ran a test on my copy and there were 25 out of 4000 users in which both code and last_action were empty.  This would be a very nice addition, but I'm not sure it's working as expected.  Could you point me to your inspiration for using the code field to check if someone has logged off?  Thanks for the input!

  • HiTo81 1861 days ago

    Maybe my last post was a little bit confusing. I'll try to explain with a cleaner command:

    get_data("select code from ".$CONFIG->dbprefix."users_entity WHERE guid=".$vars['entity']->guid);

    I tried (beside your check if user running out of time) to check if the code-field is empty or not. Because it seems that per user the field elggusers_entity.code is filled when user is logged in and empty when the user is logged off. Am I wrong?

  • Brett 1861 days ago

    @HiTo81 - Ok I see what's going on.  I mistakingly thought get_data() was returning an array of the row instead of an array of arrays of rows.  Nice touch--I'll add this to the next version ;)

  • DragonX 1861 days ago

    @Brett  I have enabled the plugin like any other plugin. And there are NO plugin specific settings visible to me anywhere. So what is wrong?

  • Brett 1860 days ago

    @antifmradio - It should work anywhere below plugins that would modify the icons or CSS for the icons.  Put it at least below the profile plugin.

    @Draonx - If there are no plugin settings it sounds like the plugin is not installed correctly.  Please make sure that you have extracted the entire directory structure into your elgg/mod/ directory.

  • DragonX 1858 days ago

    @Brett  That was the problem. I had to reinstall the plugin and then the settings link appeared. Thanx. Works perfectly! Great plugin!

  • Jaxon 1851 days ago

    @ Brett, This pluggin works great  like all your other pluggins.

    But there are some small problems, think its due to css. have a look


    • image
    • image(files)
    • image
    Could you fix it?
    Thank you :)
  • Brett 1850 days ago

    @Prem -- Please send me a link to your site.  I can't duplicate this on my copy and I need to be able to see exactly what CSS is causing he problem.

  • Jaxon 1848 days ago

    @ Brett, i tested it in my localhost only, My production Elgg site is not yet upgraded to 1.5. So i will get in touch with you after upgrading to 1.5. Thanks for your Support :)

  • fantome2024 1847 days ago

    I uploading the mod and enabled it.  But instead of graphics it just says "online" ?? what am I doing wrong? Thank you

  • Brett 1846 days ago

    @fantome2024 -- Make sure that the whole of the archive has been fully extracted.

  • [cim] 1846 days ago

    i'm having the same problem as prem, i have elgg 1.5 installed and small online green dot is off. how can i fix it?

  • Brett 1838 days ago

    Just an update--I've tracked down why the images display incorrectly on the messages pages and am trying to clever up a solution...

  • Jaxon 1833 days ago

    Great brett, waiting for it.

  • Jaxon 1829 days ago

    One more suggestion, after the time out in minutes for online users, lets change the icon colour to yellow, or orange. That avoids confusion.

    are you planning to release a new version.

    Sorry for my bad english.


  • madshark 1812 days ago


    Hi brett small bug with the status icons displayed in the latest activity ... any known fix ?