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  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-4-12
  • Downloads: 3667
  • Recommendations: 2

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blogextended for Elgg 1.7

Extends blog functionality with types, group posts and icons overwrite

Features: - Extend the edit blog view to support before and after description fields. - Add support for blog categories - Add support for assign blog 'ownership' to a group (Read more after) - Overwrite post icon with the group icon (if it is associated to a group) - Widget for show blog posts in the profile

Release Notes:

Compatibility with itemicon


  • pa 1455 days ago


    this plugin won't work on Elgg1.7.1. I can't see combo cox 'Content Type' and 'Assign To' appearing on the blog page.

    I have it worked in Elgg1.5.

    Any suggestion?


  • Patrice Plet 1425 days ago

    For me it's working. I can  see the combo boxes (1.7.1 and Google Chrome). Two things though:

    1. It wil only show (the last?) 10 groups.
    2. when saving the settings I get a blanc page. When using the back button, everything seems to be allright
  • elgglearner 1416 days ago

    @ Diego Andrés Ramírez Aragón 

    Can I able to add search blog by category,field on the left side to find the category specific blog?

    Thanks and regards.

  • dwaipayan 1415 days ago

    How to search blogs by fields?

  • dwaipayan 1414 days ago

    Any solution to search fields value including category not via tags?

  • elgglearner 1411 days ago

    How to search blog fields additionally???

    Any solutions??

  • Chrisstoffer 1307 days ago

    I have had many problems with this one on 1.7.1 both the blank page and a clean install (whenever I save I get a blank page and have to use "back" button in the browser)

    And I don't really see where the categories are shown for the user. I have no problem in making them and so on...

    this is an important plugin - hope it will be made to work...

  • ura soul 1265 days ago

    this seems to be ok for me in 1.7.4..

    does anyone have a solution for getting blog posts that are sent to a group to also appear in the poster's personal profile?

    i don't have much experience with over-riding plugin code.. i imagine perhaps a version of this plugin could be created to allow multiple destinations for each blog post and also to ensure posts only appear once in the relevant lists instead of appearing multiple times.

    anyone feeling creative? :)

  • iconMatrix 1237 days ago

    I am looking for a plug-in that will allow only a snippet of a blog to be displayed when the user is not logged on, when the read more is clicked it would say "you must be logged on to do that" this would entice the user to register if they have not. I am not sure where to post this or even look for such. 


  • Vidou 1052 days ago

    any ideas why the preview feature won't work?