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Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


  • Category: Widgets
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2012-7-26
  • Downloads: 22386
  • Recommendations: 89

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Widget Manager for Elgg 1.7

Manage widgets on profile, (tabbed) dashboard, groups and index

Last updated 236 days ago


  • Adding widgets from a lightbox
  • Index widgets (with a few different layouts)
  • Group widgets (instead of group profile modules)
  • Provides a lot of new widgets (see below for the widget list)
  • Forcing of widget (incl positioning) on profile/dashboard (also later!)
  • Option to globally hide a specific widgettype (will even hide widget already placed on profile/dashboard)
  • Multi Dashboard (Tabbed Dashboard)

(C) 2009 -2011 ColdTrick IT Solutions

Release Notes:

1.1 (2010-12-24):

  • added: admin option to hide a widget (also existing widgets on profiles will be hidden with this feature)
  • fixed: using wrong functions for ignoring access on Elgg 1.7.x
  • fixed: widget titles for Elgg 1.7.5


  • M.R.A. Welkers 1216 days ago

    This is a really great and must have plugin! Love it!

  • M.R.A. Welkers 1206 days ago

    As this plugin implements Eager Widgets the RSS feed reader plugin Simplepie doesn't work properly anymore. Is there a way around this?

  • Jeroen Dalsem 1205 days ago

    @welkers you can disable the eager widgets functionality in the plugin settings.

  • iionly 1203 days ago

    Tested version 1.1 on Elgg 1.7.6. With Lazy loading set to "No" everything seems to run fine. But when keeping Lazy Loading on some widgets showed no content on the profile page, for example the Message board and Tidypics widgets. After editing / saving the widget settings of the Message board widget the entries showed up again (at least momentarily as I encountered a problem soon afterwards...). The problem is that editing the widget settings of the Tidypics Latest picture widget resulted in a white screen when saving the settings. So, it seems that it's necessary to disable lazy loading (which is the default setting) for the Widget Manager plugin to work at the moment.

  • iionly 1203 days ago

    Another issue: With Lazy loading off it works on a test installation. But on my main site I've got the problem that the Latest Album widget of the Tidypics plugin had vanished after switching from Draggable Widgets 2.0.2 to Widget Manager 1.1. When I wanted to add it again I noticed that the list of widgets was empty both with Lighbox on or off. Could the php version used on the sever be the reason (5.2 on main site, 5.3 on test installation)? I don't know what else could be the reason as the other plugins are the same and the position of Widget Manager is the same in the list. It also seems not caused by the browser used as I've tried it with several.

  • M.R.A. Welkers 1199 days ago

    I can report another (small) problem. With the plugin enabled the and the setting of "disable lazy loading" = no the message board on the profile page doesn't show the part where you can enter text. Also the RSS feed reader Simplepie only loads the RSS after you pressed save but then not always displays the text. It appears to show the edit box three times in a row and then doesn't display a feed.

  • ura soul 1181 days ago

    i found that in 1.7.6: with disable lazy loading enabled -> both the lightbox and usual widget adding dropdown box were empty.. no widgets to add.

    with disable lazy loading->disabled - the messageboard widget is incomplete and the video widget that was on the page dissappeared.

    also, regardless of lazy loading settings - when i edited the izap videos widget to show a particular video out of the list of ones that are available - only two videos were listed as options and when i set one to be the default video to play, only those two that were originally listed were shown in the widget's main file/view list.

    also the tidypics widgets are empty.


    thanks for the coding joroen, anyhow, this is definitely a great improvement to the widget system.. i'll keep an eye for updates :)

  • ura soul 1181 days ago

    ah, the izap_videos issue seems to have been that the number of videos to display was set to 2...