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Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


  • Category: Widgets
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2012-7-26
  • Downloads: 22354
  • Recommendations: 89

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Widget Manager for Elgg 1.7

Manage widgets on profile, (tabbed) dashboard, groups and index

Last updated 232 days ago


  • Adding widgets from a lightbox
  • Index widgets (with a few different layouts)
  • Group widgets (instead of group profile modules)
  • Provides a lot of new widgets (see below for the widget list)
  • Forcing of widget (incl positioning) on profile/dashboard (also later!)
  • Option to globally hide a specific widgettype (will even hide widget already placed on profile/dashboard)
  • Multi Dashboard (Tabbed Dashboard)

(C) 2009 -2011 ColdTrick IT Solutions

Release Notes:

3.6 (2011-06-21):

  • added: auto cleanup for broken widgets (if broken -> delete)
  • fixed: widget edit link is not showing if a widget is loaded collapsed
  • fixed: with broken widgets on some widgets crash the site
  • fixed: group widgets settings not being saved
  • fixed: fancybox ie alpha functions url

3.5 (2011-06-17):

  • added: group news widget
  • fixed: the_wire extend should not be visible when not loggedin


  • Smith
    Smith 1031 days ago

    Hi, is it compatible with explorer 9? Someone tried to move widgets on IE9?  it works?


  • martinez 1029 days ago

    This is my favorite plugin! I m very happy about group widgetisation! Awesome!

    How can i register more plugins for groups? I d like to have:

    group messageboard

    group documents

    group albums

    group pools

    group videos

    group news

    Do i have to create new code, or just register those if they exist already for profile page... Many thanks for help!

  • iionly 1028 days ago

    The "Edit Page" issue hasn't returned with version 3.6, i.e. adding widgets seems now possible on all profile pages - although I can't be sure if this is only on my test installation as I'm still worried to test it on my productive site.

    I found some other issues though:

    • Once "group widgets management" is enabled for a group it seems not possible to disable it anymore via group settings but only by disabling it totally in admin section.
    • There seems to be a CSS / permission issue when visiting the profile page of the site admin as a regular user. CSS is completely missing. I'm not sure it this might be due to the next issue as least partly:
    • Configuring widgets via "Manage Widgets" (to set up if widgets can be removed and / or allow multiple), "Default Widgets" (to make them sticky and / or update timestamp for existing accounts) seems at least partly faulty for the Messageboard Widget. I wanted to disallow removal of Messageboard widget (but didn't allow multiple widget). I added the Messageboard widget to the default widget and updated the timestamp. On the site admin's profile page the Messageboard Widget appeared twice after that - and I wasn't able to remove either instance. So, setting up default widgets without interferring with existing profile pages seems a bit tricky right now.
  • martinez 1026 days ago

    How can i add more widgets for group page????

  • Juho Jaakkola 1023 days ago

    Found an error from actions/widgets/reorder.php (line 37): "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()"

    The return value of get_entities_from_private_setting() is not checked before supplying it to the foreach.

  • osasa44 1000 days ago



    How can I change the size of the widget , am facing an issue with my theme that in groups widgets does not add up right seems thier is not space for two widget on the same coloum

    Thanx in advance

  • Trendmatcher 998 days ago

    It would be nice if I could add a free HTML widget to the dashboard and profile page!

  • Vagsiarom 970 days ago

    Very nice this plugin, without a doubt one of the best. Only Ntende No, and how do I change the image of the slide. I tried everything and nothing. can anyone help me?

  • Deepak Bansal 969 days ago

    hi. a very nice plugin indeed

    I am using elg 1.7.11, index widgets are working perfect but how to add/remove widgets on profile pages? there are no links for edit this page/click here to add widgets on user profile pages. Also when I try to add widgets via admin they did not appear, please help.

  • Jagat 967 days ago

    great work...


  • Jagat 967 days ago

    but I can't add widgets to dashboard.. actually they add but when you go back to dash board you see nothing there at all...   :(


  • iionly 966 days ago

    @Jagat: are you adding the dashboard widgets in the admin section or on your own dashboard? Via the admin section you can configure a default layout for new user accounts. Only if you update the timestamps there it will also change the dashboard layout of existing accounts.

  • kpon 960 days ago

    Does this support IE9? It does not move by drag & drop in my IE9.

  • Frank Barcellona 957 days ago

    Under profile widgets, I am getting the following error for Friends:


    Fatal error: Call to a member function getFriends() on a non-object in/home3/aromazon/public_html/friendiggs/mod/friends/views/default/widgets/friends/view.phpon line 22

  • cabotine 928 days ago

    I would love to use it with 1.8

    are you planning to update it aswell?

  • Jeroen Dalsem 928 days ago

    @cabotine Elgg 1.8 has native a lot of widget features, so we need to redesign this plugin, but we will definitively update it for 1.8. However i can't give you a timeline yet.