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  • Category: Site admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2011-12-1
  • Downloads: 6495
  • Recommendations: 17

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Geotagging and geolocation maps for Elgg [vazco gmap] for Elgg 1.5

Adds location field to google-map and forms and related plugins, and allows reverse geocoding.

Last updated 1540 days ago


  • location select capabilities for Jeroen's Profile Manager plugin
  • location select capabilities for form and related plugins
  • location select capabilities for gogole-map plugin
  • multiple location output formats: map and address links, with and without markers
  • display location on group and user profile
  • can be easily adopted to add location to any content (photo, event etc.). Most of the location selecting capabilities are already supported by a commercial extensions of this plugin listed below
  • guess user's location by his IP address (currently not working, as IP geotagging webservice is down - in development)
  • display maps straight on the user/group/content form
  • reverse geotagging capability

Features of a full version:

  • dynamic map of users
  • search mechanisms, allowing to extend the plugin to filter content on user map
  • extended HUD options
  • ability to use commercial extensions (extensions WON'T WORK with the free version)
  • access to plugin's support group on elgg.vazco.eu and to any free updates that are being released there. (In the past 7 months 7 free updates were released)

Full version is available from project's homepage.


  • plugin's full version
  • location on registration
  • friend map widget
  • geotagging tidypics albums and photos
  • geotagging for blogs
  • geotagging for events



  • Elgg 1.6 or higher
  • google-map plugin, ver. 0.92 (included in download file)
  • One of the following plugins:
  1. form plugin and related (flexgroupprofile, flexprofile), ver 0.82
  2. profile manager plugin


  • install google-map plugin and insert google map API in plugin's settings
  • place vazco_gmap plugin below google-map plugin and enable.

1. In case you're using Jeroen's profile manager plugin (recommended):

  • go to Administration -> replace profile fields/replace group fields and add location field to your profile/group form

2. In case you're using Kevin Jardine's forms plugin:

  • go to the Administration->Forms management, and create user or group form
  • add a field to this form, and name it 'location'. Choose the type of this field as 'Google Maps'
  • in case of any trouble, please refer to the forms documentation

Release Notes:


  • It adds location select capabilities to google-map, form and related plugins
  • It adds reverse geotagging capability
  • It can display locations on forms, group and user profile
  • it can be easily adopted to add location (map/address) to any content
  • It can be easily used to add geotagging to any Elgg element (photo, event etc.)


  • guess user's location by his IP address when selecting new location
  • display maps straight on the user/group/custom form
  • display all site users on a map
  • take user's location on registration
  • work on a large sites

View list of all extensions

You can view this plugin in action on this page. You will also find more detailed description of the plugin and it's extensions there.




  • cleared the code and it's structure
  • fixed numerous minor bugs
  • no hacks to forms plugin needed now
  • faster loading time
  • User's city is shown instead of 'Show on map' (didn't work for US before)
  • address links are no longer clickable until they're fully loaded
  • minor CSS improvements
  • integration with google-map 0.92
  • commercial extensions


After installing the plugin ,you're able to add a new fields to user profile, group profile and custom forms. When such a form is edited, user is presented with the 'select location' button.[plugin also adds this button for the google-maps widget] After the button is clicked, a location selector appears:

[buttons: 'jump to address', 'clear selection' and 'save location']

User has to choose his location on map, or by inputting his address. Afterwards, location is presented on user's or group's profile, in a form of a link with address:

After the link is clicked, the lightbox with map centered on this address appears:

To see more screenshots, got to this album


  • Elgg 1.5
  • google-map plugin, ver. 0.92
  • form plugin and related (flexgroupprofile, flexprofile), ver 0.82
  • siteaccess plugin (only for the 'location on registration' extension)


  • install the required plugins from the list above
  • place this plugin below the required plugins, and enable.
  • go to the Administration->Forms management, and create user or group form
  • add a field to this form, and name it 'location'. Choose the type of this field as 'Google Maps'
  • save the form, and edit your group/user profile. You will see a location selector on edit page
  • in case of any trouble, please refer to the forms documentation


  • Anas 1821 days ago

    Excellent Plugin.

    Do you think in adding the feature of a large map where all users can add useful information of any type? For example: every member may add some information regarding his location, the history of it and most famous places in it.

  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 1821 days ago

    @Anas Yes, in fact this map is already in development. At first it will be only a map of all members. Then, it can be extended to the map you're talking about.

  • Mark Harding 1821 days ago

    have you thought about using loki? http://loki.com

  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 1818 days ago

    Mark, I replied on your messageboard. I heard Loki is for non-commercial use only.

  • Poeticnite 1810 days ago

    Does a location no longer show up for each member when viewing the members list when using this plugin?

  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 1810 days ago

    @ Poeticnite It shows up. Make sure no other plugins change the way your user listings are displayed.

  • jededitor 1810 days ago

    Now if this worked with the events calender.....

  • beatlemanu 1803 days ago

    I'm having a few issues.

    When I try installing either the forms mod or the Vazco_Gmap mod I get an Internal Server Error as soon as I drop the files into the mod directory and refresh. 

    Please help!

    Thanks in advance.

  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 1803 days ago

    @Jed someone already informed me he's interrested in funding the integration with the Events Calendar. You can expect it to be done in a comming weeks.


    @beatlemanu I didn't hear of such a behaviour before. You may want to ask Kevin, author of forms plugin - maybe he heard of such a problem before.

  • madshark 1800 days ago

    mike how do you change the default location from the elgg address to some where else ??

  • madshark 1800 days ago

    also when viewing the members page there is a link to /pg/vazco_gmap/members/map but its redirecting me back to the main page...i think im missing something ... hmmm

  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 1800 days ago

    @madshark the map is only in commercial version right now. Also, there's a whole module to set user's default location based on his IP address. Search for "Elgg, Switzerland" if you want to change it manually.

  • michi 1789 days ago

    @ Anas

    really great idea. i believe you mean sth. like that: http://www.youxcity.com
    There you can mark points of interest and tell the others whats wrong there.
    So you can show the mayor or the city council where is a pothole or an eyesore in your city.

    PS: Can it be that the REQUIREMENTS-links are broken? Get an 404 Error.

  • Florian Konnertz 1725 days ago


    could anyone point me to the requirements new locations - hopefully they are still avail.


    PS @michi, Anas. Yep, http://youxcity.com  is great.

  • akhilesh 1655 days ago

    <!-- @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } -->


    I have a problem when I use “display:none”. Such as if I switching to “display:block”, the map in the <div> container does not load properly. Such as the map does load only the half of the map window. Can you please help me to solve this issue. Please refer the following code

    <div style=“display:none”>

    <?php echo elgg_view('input/location',array('internalname'=>'location')); ?>


  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 1654 days ago


    please use Elgg's search (general search, not plugin search field) and search for "forms plugin" and "siteaccess plugin". The links are often changing on Elgg.org.

  • chambo67 1654 days ago

    Hey Vazco, this work ok with 1.61?

  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 1654 days ago

    yes, it works on 1.6.1

  • chambo67 1654 days ago

    Right on, ill be purchasing the commercial version later my good man

  • Jose Br 1635 days ago

    Hi vazco

    Great plugin

    I found a little bug.

    You forgot to write in the transaltion files this labels

    'members:active'=> 'Active', 'members:map'=> 'Map', 'members:sort:newest'=> 'Sort-newest', 'members:sort:popular'=> 'Sort-Popular', 'members:sort:active'=> 'Sort-Active',


  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 1635 days ago


    those are in the translation. Do you use the latest version? If so, please place the plugin at the bottom of the plugin list.

  • Jose Br 1635 days ago

    I didnt find them in the translation php. I have tha last version installed and the bottom. May be when I edited the translation file I deleted this lines. I will have a look in the originals.

  • Jose Br 1635 days ago


    Have a look in the en.php in the version you have here to download, you will see that these translations are not there.


  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 1635 days ago

    Jose, ok, thanks for pointing this out. I will soon upload a new version of the plugin (hopefully with a few new features). I will add translations to this new version.