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I am just a coder. Have got an MSc in Computer Science. Working with Elgg for about 2 years now. I love open source and I love elgg. I have worked in many webdevelopment projects that used open souce applications. A brief portfolio of current websites I am working on can be found at http://dhakawebdesign.com/portfolio.html


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  • Updated: 2010-1-14
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Friend Request for Elgg 1.5

Last updated 1834 days ago

Friend Request

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Release Notes:

I have helped many users here who came up with problems but never done any pluggin. This is the first and I believe it is good.

This is a very good pluggin originally created by Zac Hopkinson for Elgg version 1.0 which I have modified a bit to be compatible with Elgg version 1.5 . I have seen the Friendship moderation pluggin by webcubes which was suppossed to do the same job as this one will do (Which actually didn't cause I have seen all the frustated users and their comments  here . Well, All the features are listed below:

  • When you request someone to be your friend he/she will get internal visible notification on the topbar and an email will be sent to the use as well to notify about the request.
  • Trying to add the same person again while the add request is pending will throw a message saying "You've already requested to be friends with -username-"
  • Clicking on the link on the topbar will take users to a friendship accept/deny page where he/she can approve or deny to be the other persons friend.
  • If he/she approves then a two way friendship is created between both users.
  • If he/she denys the request is simply dropped and remove the hold on "add freind feature" so that the user can send a friend request again.
  • River notification for new relationship(friendship).

Hope that describes the pluggin and I will be very happy if this is of any help to the community. Any feedback is most welcome.

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  • bosssumon 1834 days ago

    There you go............ The nearly perfect one with river update. Love it when it works. Some feedback please.....

  • iBotPeaches 1834 days ago

    The folder is named correctly, so all is good. Uploaded fine, and I guess I'll report back when the river works or doesn't.

    Now who am I paying, I told Dhrup I would give him 40 to convert this, but then you made it. I'm confused, does 20 go to both?

  • bosssumon 1834 days ago

    That quite fair.

  • iBotPeaches 1834 days ago

    Can't tell if scarasm?

    Did you do 100% of it? If so, I then should give all to you. Both of you PM me your paypal emails

  • DhrupDeScoop 1834 days ago


    No sarcasm intended ;-O) $40 ==> Charity !

    *I *do *not *want that money at all...;-O Give $$ to... say...

    RSPCA or Salvation Army or similar -- but send us @ community the proof ! so we 're all smiling ;-)

    ( better believe -- I want your $40 to go to some nice charity... )

  • bosssumon 1834 days ago

    I would be happy (seriously) if you do what Dhrup say. Or I wouldn't even mind if you give the whole amount to Dhrup. Just keep the promise.

  • iBotPeaches 1834 days ago

    Never really done much with online charities. I don't feel like I'm helping then, If I just give it to them since its just then me donating.

    bossus or Dhrup better PM me nao their paypal email.

  • bosssumon 1834 days ago

    And is the river update working? Please let me know. I need some feedback.

  • iBotPeaches 1834 days ago

    Yep, it shows "UserA is now a friend with UserB (just now)"

    It works fine. UserB being the one who sent the initial Friend Request.

  • bosssumon 1834 days ago

    @ iBotPeaches

    thanks for the feedback. I am happy now.........................

  • bosssumon 1834 days ago

    @ iBotPeaches

    The feature that you requested is also done but dont want to upload another update now ( You know people may get angry and say "oyeeee calm down, your plugins coming too fast."

  • iBotPeaches 1834 days ago

    Yeah, then while your at it.... lol

    Could there be an option to disable the email's sent on Friend Request. With a large database of members, my email is filling up fast and my hoster doesn't like my sending out sooo many.

  • juser 1834 days ago


    I have the old plugin by Zac enabled. How do I upgrade without losing any pending requests by users? Does this affect anything or should I just stick with the one I have?

  • bosssumon 1834 days ago

    Just override the the old plugin. nothing will be lost. But make sure u keep backup.

  • yeyeman9 1834 days ago

    Nice! good job man. Kudos! :D

  • TheBeerRun 1834 days ago

    Many thanks again! Great plugin

  • Dahaniel 1834 days ago

    Great, river messages work!

    I would just like to change the way it is displayed. If A sent the initial request I would like the message to say "A is now friends with B" or even better "A and B are now friends".

    Where can I find the code for the river message? Languagefile editing alone is not enough and I didn't find /mod/friend_request/views/default/river/object/friend_request/ like in other mods.


    Thanks again!

  • iBotPeaches 1834 days ago

    Changing that for the river is pretty difficult I would say. Theres very little actually strings of text, and mainly just variables and pulling the username from the current user. If you want to look I think its


    Or I could be completely wrong, I no longer have my FTP program open to check.

  • iBotPeaches 1834 days ago


    Theres your proof :)

    Everyone donate 1 buck, 500 people = 500 dollars!

  • Juan ED 1834 days ago

    Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks

    It is perfect!! it should be in the next Elgg release. It is a very basic functionality that was missing.


  • thenomad 1834 days ago

    Working great!  I agree with Jaun Ed - should be a basic function of Elgg.  Awesome!  Thanks for this.

  • bosssumon 1833 days ago

    Thnanks everybody for the feedback. It will help people choose the best.

  • juser 1831 days ago


    I noticed that people become friends automatically, once the request is sent. The river works great, but how do i fix the above issue?


  • bosssumon 1831 days ago


    The problem you mentioned is the default functionality of Elgg. That means your Elgg is not using this plugin at all.

    Check 1. If you have uploaded the plugin correctly and activated it properly.

                2. Make sure this plugin is at the bottom of the plugin page.