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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-1-14
  • Downloads: 30551
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Add to any for Elgg 1.5

Share / Socialize to a huge list of social sites

Last updated 1818 days ago

Add to any

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Release Notes:

This is an integration of addtoany.

The plugin add a addtoany option to the owner block, allowing to share your elgg site contents and add them to a huge list of social sites.

Intallation :

- Unzipp into the mod folder

- activate the plugin

- Run upgrade.php

- disable/enable simplecache


These are the differences from the 1.0 version :

- Automatic selection of the language

- The addtoany window pops up only when you click on the link (and no more every time the mouse goes over the link)

now enjoy !


  • Fabrice 1817 days ago

    @antifmradio i do use it on my elgg site ...do you have a problem with it ?

  • Rob 1816 days ago

    @ Fabrice, I've upgraded to your newest version and I don't see any major bugs at present... the only thing that has happened and never happened to me before, when I try to set your plugin a new order in Tools Admin, for e.g. send to the very top, or just up... it doesn't budge and is rooter to the bottom of the plugin list?


  • Fabrice 1816 days ago

    @Rob : My god ! Nothing of that kind on my side ... are you running elgg 1.5 ? i dont think it would be a problem to run this plugin on 1.2 but who knows ?.... Is it the only plugin with this behaviour ?

  • beatlemanu 1814 days ago

    I've followed the instructions but I don't see where the plugin is located.  It's in my widget list, but that's about it, how do I edit it? Is there a readme file?

  • Fabrice 1814 days ago

    Hi beatlemanu, it seems that elgg is not taken the specific view and css of the plugin

    did you :

    - Run upgrade.php

    - disable/enable simplecache


    Once this done, a add to any meny should appear at the bottom of the owner boxes on every page you get the owner box

  • beatlemanu 1814 days ago

    Ok, I see it now, thanks.

    One questions, How would I add it to my frontpage?

  • Rob 1813 days ago

    @ Fabrice, I'm running elgg v1.5 and I have tried and tried but your latest Add to Any upgrade install just won't budge from the very bottom of my plugin list, the previous version of your plugin didn't do that and I have never encountered this issue with any other plugin totalling 70+?


  • Anas 1813 days ago

    Working perfect.

    Some quesions please:

    * How to add the " add to any " icon before the word " add to any "?

    * Also, how can I rename the phrase  " add to any "

  • Fabrice 1813 days ago

    @Anas You should already have the add to any icon before the word add to any :) did you disable/enable your simplecache so that the plugin css will be take, in account by elgg ?

    The phrase "add to any" is in the language file of the plugin, you can change it there

  • Anas 1813 days ago

    Sorry Fabrice for my ignornace:

    how to disable/enable simplecache?

  • Fabrice 1813 days ago

    no pb Anas

    Just click the admin menu and then the site administrationmenu

    there you'll find a check box to enable the simple cache. un check it and then check it back, this will refresh your simplecache and the plugin css should be available


  • vladeta 1813 days ago

    Is there any way of adding this plugin to bottom of every blog post?


  • Fabrice 1812 days ago

    Hi vladeta ... I cannot think of a way to extend the blog view  and add it at the bottom of the post, because you will get the comment area displayed before the add to any option. So you could override the blog view and add a call elgg_view('add-to-any/extend') right after the blog->description is displayed

  • Anas 1812 days ago

    Thanks Fabrice for your help.

    I will try it and check back with if any problem still occuurs.

  • vladeta 1812 days ago

    Fabrice, thanks for such a quick answer.

    Can you give me more detailed instructions cause I couldn't get it to work? What file should I edit?

    Thanks again!!

  • Igor 1807 days ago

    rename the plugin folder from mod/add_to_any 2.0 to mod/add_to_any, that should fix the plugin list order issue

  • Lee-vit-Over 1739 days ago

    PLEASE forgive my ignorance... could someone PLEASE tell me how to run "upgrade.php" ? and maybe Email me ? - THANK YOU!!! ...  Lee-vit-Over@hotmail.com

    Thanks Again!


  • devchick 1715 days ago

    i can not see the png. image...i did the simple cash thingy and i can see the plugin, and it works, but i can not figure out how you guys are doing the "run upgrade.php" i am new to elgg...sorry!

    i dont even know if that is the problem causing the image not to show up...its there...

    help!!! anyone!!!

  • devchick 1715 days ago

    nevermind!!! it was the 2.0 in the file name that was getting me!

  • elgg_noob 1681 days ago

    Great plugin Thx!

    Works great!

  • asdasfdas 1610 days ago

    hmmmmm, how does a animated gif icon with all the logos of the different social community infront of the "add to any" link sound? where in the code would I add that?

  • asdasfdas 1610 days ago


    I found it its just in the CSS file, turns out theres already an icon that is supposeddddd to show up.....

    but its not showing up in my site :/

  • Fabrice 1610 days ago

    @eep did you turn off simple cache and then enable it again in the admin menu ?  you need that to load the add to any specific css :)

  • asdasfdas 1606 days ago

    yea I tried that, does not seem to be fixing the problem...

  • Blue 1585 days ago

    Work fine with elgg 1.6.1