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Pedro Prez

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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-1-14
  • Downloads: 2542
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Autobox Friendly autocomplete for tags (like facebook) for Elgg 1.5

Autobox Friendly autocomplete for tags (like facebook)

Last updated 1824 days ago

Autobox Friendly autocomplete for tags (like facebook)

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Release Notes:


This plugin is an aid for the use of tags like facebook.

Feedback is welcome.

Here a screenshoot



  • gfroese 1824 days ago

    Seems to work nicely, its just quite slow to respond.

    Is that by design to limit hits to the database or is it just slow?

  • Dahaniel 1823 days ago

    I have some Problems, when I click into the field, the blue box appears and then it's white again and not active, I can't type.

    I have to rightclick into the field then close the dialogue and then I can type.

  • sushruth 1823 days ago

    @Dahaniel :

    dude.. try different browsers. it sounds like its client side problem to me (not actually a coder though)

    just give it a try

  • Dahaniel 1821 days ago

    Hmm, it's in Firefox, rather common browser. Maybe some other plugins are interfering, I'll try that.

  • Anas 1821 days ago

    same problem as Dahaniel although no plugins added except youtubereloaded!

    You have to hold left click while typing!

  • Anas 1820 days ago

    I worked now but there is another problem:

    It makes any phrase of more than 1 word into many tags e.g Business Adminstration as " business, adminstration, " although I press enter button after writing both not after typing each word alone.

    Lastly, when does the autocomplete showS? I tried at different places but what only happens is chaning anything written in fields into tags but with no autocomplete.


  • kobi31 1819 days ago

    ok.. if some one explain to me what this plugin do ? i upload the plugin and now what ? i an sorry if the question is  stupid ..its like the autocomplete plugin ?

  • InterSkill 1814 days ago

    This plugin is Great Idea and essential for my site - but I am having exactly the same problem as Dahaniel - I tested my site out with a few Beta tester who reported that firefox wouldn't work (ie they need to press the r key to activate) but explorer does.. problem is that this plugin will be used 'world wide' -- has anybody come up with a solution??

  • madshark 1812 days ago

    theres a bug .. when this is on tags dont get saved site wide...any work arounds??

  • Clemens 1775 days ago

    nice plug. tested with tidypics and typing in tags works. separation of tags looks def. nice!

    may it be that the autocomplete function only works on tags reffering to the same object type?
    e.g. i entered tags for an album but when i entered the same tags on a photo i did not suggest the completion. whereas on the second photo it completed tags i used for the first photo.

  • Daniel Aristizabal Romero 1766 days ago

    I have a dude, whats up when i wan to tag with a new tag, i mean the tag doesn't exist.

    Greetings and Congrats for this great plugin!!

  • Kettyking 1738 days ago

    HI ,

             I have many problem with your plugin. I couldnt add location , interests, skills etc .. in profile page(FF), sometimes i couldnt even type on that textbox..  Why?

  • bman 1651 days ago


    Not able to make this work recently with elgg 1.6.1, im sure its another plugin conflicting, but just wondered if you had any idea.  I have been using this since 1.5 without issues, but recently it looks like newer jQuery plugins are breaking this.

  • Tor Inge 1619 days ago

    Has anybody solved the Firefox click not giving giving the inputbox focus problem with this plugin? Woult love to hear about your solution.

  • Leandro Salvador 1419 days ago

    imageHi everybody! I got a bug in tag_cumulus: it doesn't appear a suggestion of tag below the Tags line; instead, it appears the expression pre_matchmatchpost_match, like shows the image. Some idea about it? This plugin is awesome... congratulations!
    Elgg version: 1.7.1 2010040201

  • Leandro Salvador 1419 days ago

    Hey guys! Just a tip: in the file /mod/autobox/views/default/input/tags.php, at line 103, there are the references to "pre_match", "match" and "post_match", exactly like follows:

    <script type="text/javascript">
        console = typeof(console) !== 'undefined' ? console : { log: function(msg) { $('#log').html(msg + '<br/>\n' + $('#log').html() ); } };
      var list1 = [<?php echo $str_tag_bd; ?>];
      var box =
      $('input#<?php echo $input_id ?>').autobox({
        list: list1,
        match: function(typed) {
          this.typed = typed;
          this.pre_match = this.text;
          this.match = this.post_match = '';
          if (!this.ajax && !typed || typed.length == 0) { return true; }
          var match_at = this.text.search(new RegExp("\\b" + typed, "i"));
          if (match_at != -1) {
            this.pre_match = this.text.slice(0,match_at);
            this.match = this.text.slice(match_at,match_at + typed.length);
            this.post_match = this.text.slice(match_at + typed.length);
            return true;
          return false;
        insertText: function(obj) { return obj.text },
        templateText: "<li><%= pre_match %><span class='matching' ><%= match %></span><%= post_match %></li>",
        prevals : [<?php echo $tags; ?>]

  • Leandro Salvador 1400 days ago

    UP! ;-)

    Guys, somebody knows how to solve this bug?

  • Duong An 1229 days ago

    It don't work on my host. Why ??? It works very good on my localhost. Elgg 1.7.3

  • lina nguyen 1186 days ago

    i tried to use this plugin. But after i enable this pluin.

    Appear error "function (obj) { for (var k in this) { if (k == obj) { return true; } } return false; }"

    any suggestions for me.

    thanks so much.

  • martinez 1143 days ago


  • shanu 1086 days ago

    does this plugin work in elgg 1.7.8  version???