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Lead Engineer for Elgg Core


  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-1-14
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Debian package for Elgg 1.5 for Elgg 1.5

Experiemental release of a Debian package for Elgg

Last updated 1819 days ago

Debian package for Elgg 1.5

Release Notes:

(This is not an Elgg plugin--It is a Debian .deb package used to install Elgg on Debian-based operating systems.)

I have just finished an EXPERIMENTAL, UNOFFICIAL, UNSUPPORTED Debian package of Elgg.  I'm looking for help testing this package for eventual inclusion in Debian and its derivatives.  If you are running a Debian or Debian-based system (Ubuntu, etc) and would like to help, please download this package and report any bugs you find to me.

To install, untar the archive, and as root say dpkg -i elgg_1.5-1_all.deb.
It will error out with unmet dependencies.  apt-get -f install will fix this.

Interesting test cases:
 * Users not using dbc to manage their database.
 * Users using remote SQL servers.
 * Users with existing websites or aliases that specify
   Elgg should take over the root.
 * SSL...does it work for you?


  • Gabriel Monge-Franco 1819 days ago

    Awesome!!!  I will definetely test it out!! :D

  • Sirwan 1818 days ago

    what is this for? i run ubuntu, but i dont know what this plugin is. I run xampp on ubuntu is how i use elgg.

  • Brett 1818 days ago

    @Sirwan-This is a .deb package for Elgg.  If you already have Elgg up and running and don't want to beta test this, it's probably best not to install it!

  • Orlando 1818 days ago

    so will i still have to configure apache, mysql etc? or will the deb do this

  • Brett 1818 days ago

    You will have to install the virtual-mysql-server package.  This package will configure apache and install the base database for you, but don't use this on a production site--this is still experimental and I can tell you it _will_ change before it is included in Debian and Ubuntu's repos.


  • Orlando 1818 days ago

    ok just ran this, it seems to work fine, but not sure what to do when it finishes.

    dbconfig-common: elgg configure: trying again.
    dbconfig-common: writing config to /etc/dbconfig-common/elgg.conf
    Replacing config file /etc/elgg/database.inc.php with new version
    granting access to database elgg for elgg@localhost: success.
    verifying access for elgg@localhost: success.
    creating database elgg: success.
    verifying database elgg exists: success.
    dbconfig-common: flushing administrative password
    Enabling module rewrite.
    Enabling site elgg.

  • Orlando 1818 days ago

    can't see any new directories in my /var/www directory

  • Orlando 1818 days ago

    I just got this working, i rebooted my box and it worked like a charm. testing out functionality now,

  • tony 1816 days ago

    Hi, do you have memcache running on it ? On the version i'm using, when memcache is activated, I lose all the languages' data like it had gone back to the installation version in full english. 

  • Brett 1816 days ago

    @tony -- I didn't put memcache in the suggested packages, so if you want to configure it you'd have to manually install and enable it.  I'll add memcached support to a later version.

  • Paige-AKA_Stormy
    Paige-AKA_Stormy 1712 days ago

    lol brett distroing linux? ill break out more if you need, lol i have most popular ones i run kubuntu for home centos on web server and a 2003 and a 2000 windows servers here.

    saw this had to laugh on a ind side joke i did on msn stuff lol

  • smellsorange 1710 days ago

    debian rocks

  • Minds 210 days ago

    Did this get totally abandoned?