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  • Category: Widgets
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-4-17
  • Downloads: 1085
  • Recommendations: 1


Previous releases:

MYHTML sports widget for Elgg 1.5

Fun little latest sporst scores and news. NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR & Soccer

Last updated 1809 days ago

MYHTML sports widget (Edit your project's description!)

Release Notes:

This plugin was based on Hito's MyHTML plugin. Just pre-made to add a little sports fun to your community. Made these for a project im working and figured id share with you guys


Just unzipp and drag whatever folder in to your mod folder.



  • elggHopeful 1809 days ago

    will test it out asap. If i find any errors I will post them.

  • elggHopeful 1809 days ago

    only the MLB and NASCAR shows in the widget gallery when adding widgets to profile or dashboard. Possibly the start file is not calling that start function?

  • elggHopeful 1809 days ago

    MY BAD!!!! My FTP connection was having troubles due to the heavy rain.

    These plugins work perfect on v1.5

    Excellent work!

  • chambo67 1809 days ago

    cool, kinda fun  I thought

  • ash 1809 days ago

    Is there a way to add other sports

  • chambo67 1808 days ago

    If you want to add your own code just open the view.php and add your code there.

    I grab my widget code from http://widgetcenter.espn.go.com/widgets/tags/NFL

    But also this works perfectly for a myspace style music player

  • slowsoulz 1805 days ago

    For whatever reason, the mynfl widget is not working. It's on the server, in the Admin tools section, and activated. But it isn't coming up in the Widget Gallery. The other five widgets, Nascar, Soccer, NBA, MLB, and NHL, are all there in the Profile Widget Gallery. But the NFL isn't listed there.

    Any ideas as to what I did wrong? I have unactivated and uninstalled thethen reinstalled and reactivated the NFL widget twice and still nothing has changed.

    Thanks in advance for the help,



  • Ben Wagner 1773 days ago

    same problem here

  • brandon 1657 days ago

    For some reason they are hanging out of my widget they dont fit.  Does any one know how i can resize the widget to fit around it or make the updates smaller?

  • chambo67 1657 days ago

    Yeah, if you open myhtml_nhl/views/default/widgets/myhtml_nhl/view.php you can change the width and height in there

  • mrmacjc 1092 days ago

    how do i get my plugin to work, i allready enable the plugin but there is no content on it, do i have to add my own widget? where and how? im new to elgg so please be very clear and i dont know anything about html or php. thnx for your help :)