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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-1-14
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Group Emailer for Elgg 1

Last updated 1804 days ago

Group Emailer

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Release Notes:


This plugin sends an email to all group's members when a new message, comment etc is posted to a group. The idea of the plugin is to provide information about different activities of a group directly to members' emails so that each member of a group doesn't have to login and browse to group to see if there is something new. 

At the moment an email is sent to everyone when:

- a new message is created on group's messageboard

- a new message is posted on group's discussion forum

- a new page is created to group

- a new comment is posted to group


WARNING: This plugin is not fully tested, implemented in a hurry and may have some performace and security issues since it is called every time a new annotation is created somewhere in elgg. But based on quick testing and a few days of usage it seems to work fire on our site. Still, I wouldn't recommend using this on a big website before testing it more in a development environment. 

Install: Just drop it into the mod directory.



  • seunaw 1857 days ago

    Elgg 1.5 already provides this feature.

  • mooselg 1857 days ago

    Hi, I'm new here.

    The feature seunaw is referring to is "Group Notifications".  However the notifications are not enabled by default, and there is no option (in the web interface) for the admin or group owner to turn these notifications on for the members.   The individual member has to find their way into the settings and do this for each and every group they want to receive email notifications for.  It would be nice to be able to set the notifications on globally as the admin, and also the member should have the choice to turn the notifications on globally.

    At least I haven't found these options yet.   Am I missing something? 

  • Jussi Ahtikari 1857 days ago

    This plugin was implemented for Elgg 1.2 If version 1.5 has already this functionality implemented (or can be configured as mooselg describes) I would suggest not using this plugin but Elgg's default features.  

  • Kos 1857 days ago

    Thanks, that`s what I need!

  • Enno Tammena||Publicstandard 1850 days ago

    hmm, i neither find the group mailer funtion in the ordinary elgg 1.5 installation nor after installing this plugin, can sb help me where it isß

  • Enno Tammena||Publicstandard 1850 days ago

    AHHH i am stupid. better read the description next time, sorry

  • The CEA 1828 days ago

    Do you know why the plugin might be only sending notifications for new pages but not new discussion posts?

  • Jussi Ahtikari 1823 days ago

    What version of Elgg you are using where discussion posts don't work? The plugin is tested with Elgg 1.2. We are updating our system to 1.5 at the moment and during this process we will also test this plugin and possible problems it has with 1.5.