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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-1-14
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Simple Login 1.a for Elgg 1.5

Simple Login replacement for custom index

Last updated 1807 days ago

Simple Login 1.a

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Release Notes:

For use with custom index.

So your login box doesn't take up half the screen.

onclick javascript provided by Vazco



  • Crusader 1807 days ago

    This looks great!  I was just sitting down to do a plugin for a horizontal login - you saved me the headache. 

  • Crusader 1807 days ago

    Now I just need to display it into my index header instead of the body index?!

  • bizaru.com 1807 days ago

    Thanks a lot!  This 1 is much better than the orginal 1

  • Rob 1806 days ago

    @ skot - Daft Q, will this not work in anyway without having custom_index activated? I ask this as some top plugins I am now using and need to keep, require custom_index deactivated. :(

    Would be a great pitty if the above is the case but I will wait to hear back from you, as bizaru mentions from your screenshot it's much more befitting to most sites I feel.


  • kobi31 1806 days ago

    i have to problem ( questions ) , when i am try to login with this plugin enable , i get a problem ?  , like Crusader i also wont the hoeizontal login in the header or the topbar ?

    great plugin , kobi

  • skotmiller 1806 days ago

    @ Rob, I used the default custom index to make this version. You can try enabling it and seeing what it looks like. You should still have a way to access your site if it doesn't work. Just the styling will be messed up , if anything.

    @ Kobi, do you have another plugin that overwrites the registration? siteaccess? try loading the plugin closer to the bottom of the list.

    @both, I can't guarantee it work with anything other than the default custom index setup. Any layout/styling changes after this point need to be done by you. All the code you will need is in that folder. I may make some different versions, when time frees up.

  • skotmiller 1806 days ago

    @ Kobi, did you see this? Topbar extensions


  • Hisham 1804 days ago

    Working like sharm :)  thanks skotmiller


  • Hisham 1801 days ago

     "remember me" check box is not working good because of the text inside the text fields!!
    is there anyway to avoid this, for ex maybe set the password field to auto select text when you jump to it?

  • patriot 1799 days ago

    This works just fine with the vasco mainpage which uses the default index.Thanks for this plugin!


    Patriots Network

  • beatlemanu 1789 days ago

    The plugin seems to work well except for the styling. 

    Under certain screen resolutions the: " / Register / Lost password " gets stuck under the Username and Password input areas and are in some cases about 80% hidden.

    How can you edit the layout?


  • Marco's 1741 days ago

    Quem utilizar o plugin Simple Login junto com o template Custom_index.

    Antes de ativar o plugin simple login, reordene a lista de plugins colocando-o abaixo do plugin custom_index, tive problemas com o desaparecimento das caixa de login no site com o plugin simple login acima do plugin custom_index na lista.

  • gone 1733 days ago

    an error "typo" calling to a </P>

    $form_body .= "<a href=\"{$vars['url']}account/forgotten_password.php\">" . elgg_echo('user:password:lost') . "</a></p></div>";

    should read:

    $form_body .= "<a href=\"{$vars['url']}account/forgotten_password.php\">" . elgg_echo('user:password:lost') . "</a></div>";

    Hope this helps someone.

  • woodpecker 1698 days ago

    I am curious to know why I don't see any response to goofbucket's correction. Does developer approve of it?

  • skotmiller 1697 days ago

    If the correction works for you. I approve. :) 


  • woodpecker 1692 days ago

    @ skotmiller

    hahaha :) i will use the corection if you approve it.

    i am split-new here. already with so many probelms. don't want to take a chance.

  • woodpecker 1691 days ago

    Take a chance :)

    There won't be any harm in removing a </p> that has no corresponding <p>. There is a "p" at the beginning, but it refers to a class; not the <p> which means a paragraph break.

  • xixo 1690 days ago

    Remember me  of the login page is not working...can anyone sugest how is will....work..

    for solving this problem i try to enable autologin  but is showing  error message User doesn't have thrid party system cookie.

  • woodpecker 1683 days ago

    I don't get it displayed as in the screen shot.

    Login button is pushed below to a second line, and the rest form a third line.