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Marcus Povey

Technology Strategist, Entrepreneur, Organiser of Barcamp Transparency, hacker, formerly Senior architect on the Elgg project


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-1-14
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Google Maps Geocoder for Elgg 1.5

An Elgg geocoder plugin that automatically geotags objects using the Google maps API

Last updated 1805 days ago

Google Maps Geocoder

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Release Notes:

I was having a bit of a clear out and stumbled across something I wrote a loooooong while ago for another project.

I dusted this off and released it to the wider community as it illustrates the usage of some of Elgg's more esoteric functionality and may be useful to someone (since some people are doing somewhat similar things).



It listens to the create events of objects and then attempts to tag that object with the latitude / longitude coordinates of either the object's ->location field (if it exists), or the owner's ->location, failing both of those the logged in user's location is used.



It will geotag the longitude/latitude of anything you create with your current location. So, for example, you could do a geographic search for photo's, blog posts or wire entries for example.



Nothing :) This is something I played with a little while ago, although at some point I'd like to dust off Elgg's geo functionality.


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to changes and tweaks in the Elgg core, this plugin will only work with SVN trunk. Please don't try it on the 1.5 package and complain it doesn't work, I know! ;)


  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 1805 days ago

    Marcus, is the location library of the Elgg 1.5 the part of this project? It looks really promissing.

  • Marcus Povey 1805 days ago

    The location library has functions to geotag things via "some method", this plugin provides that method as well as performing the tagging on the create event.

  • Pavel M 1803 days ago

    I installed this plugin. But how and where to see it in the action?

  • Pavel M 1803 days ago

    Also I think that it's possible to make Panoramio.com plugin using this one ;-)

  • Marcus Povey 1777 days ago

    @pavel m There's not much to see :) This is an infrastructure thing not a UI thing, however if it's working you should start seeing newly created objects begin to be tagged with the lat/long.