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  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2013-1-25
  • Downloads: 2735
  • Recommendations: 7


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Message board with group message board option for Elgg 1.8

This will add the group message board to groups as in Elgg v<1.5

Last updated 448 days ago

Message board with group message board option

Latest version : http://www.webgalli.com/elgg_plugins/profile/776/group-messagebord-for-elgg-18

Release Notes:

Just an update of old plugin for 1.8


  • college 441 days ago

    Works Great!

    now to find a way to show it on the activity of that group

  • saurabh 438 days ago

    please provide screen

  • Libertarian 396 days ago

    The message appears in site activity but without the name of / link to the group.

  • Libertarian 396 days ago

    In mod/galliGroupmessageboard-master/languages/en.php, replace: 

    'river:messageboard:group' => "%s posted on %s's message board",

    'river:messageboard:group:default' => "%s posted on %s's message board", 

  • kani 235 days ago

    i am using elgg-1.8.16 and added plugin in mod/messageboard 1.7 

    how can i find this path localhost/elgg-1.8.16/pg/messageboard/admin and any other plugin for messageboard  

  • magicland 226 days ago

    When I post, I get the following in the river:

    river:messageboard:group:default just now

    Rather than "Admin posted on Default Group's message board just now"

    I'm also not getting any options to reply, comment or like.

  • B.A. Umberger 174 days ago

    I really love this so far. However, when I post on the group page the following is posted to the "All Site Activity" page ...

    "river:messageboard:group:default a minute ago"

    It should say somehting more like the regular Message Board ...

    "John Doe posted on Test Group's message board a minute ago"

    THX ... Umby

  • StreetRJ 44 days ago

    Hi, I have downloaded this but I cannot activate it due to the following error; But I cannot find a Plugin Message board?  I am certainly doing something stupid, but what?  Any help would be great thanks!

    TypeNameExpected ValueActual valueComment
    Requires Elgg version >= 1.8 1.8.14 ok
    Requires Plugin: messageboard >= 1.8 1.0 error
    Requires Priority After messageboard After messageboard ok
    Provides Plugin: galliGroupmessageboard-master 1.0 -- ok
  • StreetRJ 44 days ago

    OK I found the problem, stupidity!  Now it is activated I cannot find anywhere that it is possible to post a group message? Thanks