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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-1-14
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Welcomer for Elgg 1.5

Add a welcome page immediatly after login

Last updated 1754 days ago


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Release Notes:

This plugin add a page just after the login process. The members will see the page only once. Useful when you want your members to get a spécific information, news, ....

Features :
- add a page that members will get at their first connexion to the site, immediatly after the login process
- add a page that members will get at their next connexion to the site, immediatly after the login process
- activate / desactivate first connexion and/or next connexion message
- Edit welcome messages with tinyMCE (need to be activated in your site)
- Preview
- Optionnaly add a mandatory check button
- full compatible with multisite environnement (need multisite plugin)

How does it works :
- go the the admin page and the the manage welcomer option
- Edit your first login or next login message
- activate the message (this can take a while as a metadata is set to all of your site members)
- activate the message function in the welcomer dashboard

Intallation :
- Download
- unzipp in your mod folder
- activate the plugin
- enable / disable simplecache in your admin site page
- run upgrade.php

BUG REPORTED, the patch is  :

in mod/welcomer/actions/welcomemessage.php, change line 28 to

$body = elgg_view('welcomer/welcomemessage');

(instead of $body = elgg_view('welcomer/welcomer');

I wait for more bug reported (if any) before releasing a new version


  • Dagorath 1753 days ago

    Where are users sent after the welcome page?

  • vincent668 1753 days ago

    yes, I have the same question too, where are users sent after the welcome page, any way to make setting?

  • Fabrice 1753 days ago

    @Dagorath & vincent668

    After the welcome page they are sent to the page defined as the loggedin() page in your index.php.

    You can change it easily in /actions/welcomer.php line 22 and /actions/welcomemessage.php line 24

    change forward() to wherever you want to send your users after logging

  • obris 1752 days ago

    This plugin looks really good. Thank you very much!

  • AJ 1752 days ago

    Love this!  Thanks so much!

  • draelius 1750 days ago

    Cool plugin - but I believe I have found a bug.

    I have a "first login" welcome message but have not activated it. I have also set the "next login" welcome message and activated it with the "add a mandatory validation box" selected.

    If I log out, I get the "next login" welcome message upon my next login. However, if I do not select the validation box, I get the "must check I agree" message along with the "first login" welcome message.

    Hope this makes sense. This plugin can be very useful -- we're trying to install it for agreeing to a Terms of Use policy, so it will be essential to get the validation check to work. I'm going through the code to see if I can find the bug. Will report back if I find it.

  • Fabrice 1749 days ago

    @draelius  True, i dont know how i missed that one !

    in action/welcomemessage.php

    change line 28 to

    $body = elgg_view('welcomer/welcomemessage');

    (instead of $body = elgg_view('welcomer/welcomer');

    Sorry :)

  • Simon ST 1749 days ago

    Thanks, this is a plugin that most peoples never think of, but it surely needed to give the users better experience with the community. :-)

  • albogg 1746 days ago

    Just installed and haven't tried it yet but I think there's a bug in your bug report above ;)

    Shouldn't the text at the end of the description above have this as the file path:

    BUG REPORTED, the patch is  :

    in mod/welcomer/actions/welcomemessage.php, change line 28 to

    with "actions" instead of "action" and a more complete path to make it less confusing to clueless people like me?

    Thanks for your work!


  • Fabrice 1746 days ago

    @albogg  You are true, i made the change :)

  • pablo 1741 days ago

    Great plug in. Was exactly what I was hoping for. I'm on a MAMP installation so perhaps that is to blame, but it seems like it only works for a few return log in's, then seems to stop working until I got activate it again. Is this it's normal behavior, or is there something I'm doing wrong? Do you know if it conflicts with any other plugins, like a redirect or mainpage plugin? I appreciate you providing this useful feature to all of us.

  • Fabrice 1741 days ago

    Hi Pablo... I am not sure i understand what your pb is ... sorry for my bad english

    Anyway, the way it should work is :

    - the welcome message should be seen once by any new member, at the first time they log in

    - the next login message should be seen once (and only once) by all of the members, the next time that they log in. This could be one second as well as month later i you do not have changed the message or desactivate the function in the meantime. SI if it do not work that way on your side, then something is going wrong. Can you give me more infos about what you call "it only works for a few return log in's" ty :)

  • pablo 1738 days ago

    Hi Fabrice,

    Thanks for the clarification. I must have misread something somewhere. I thought that they saw the message one, then the next login (and every subsequent log in) they saw the 2nd welcome.

    Would there be a way for the second log in to stay continually? I would like our members to see a "whats new" page before continuing on to the site. Thoughts?

    Or, if I deactivate once a week, then reactivate, does it start the first login, second login all over again?

    Great plug in, and thanks for sharing with the community.




  • Fabrice 1738 days ago

    @Pablo true, everytime you desactivate / reactivate the next login message, then all your members will see it the next time they log in

  • harcha24 1737 days ago

    This was exactly what I needed to add a (agree to site rules) section to my site after register.  thank you so much. this plug in is such a simple idea but such a nessacary one... for me at least 8 )

  • pablo 1731 days ago

    Hi Fabrice,

    Thanks for clearing that up!

    Last question, I promise: whenever someone clicks the GO button without checking the box they come to a page without any content, just the box that the Welcomer should be in, with no options to go back, etc. Thoughts on how to prevent that? Again, I"m on a local MAMP setup so perhaps that is to blame.


    Thanks again.


  • Uddhava dasa 1730 days ago


    Great plugin, thank you for your contribution. I will use this a lot on my sites.

    Uddhava dasa

  • Fabrice 1730 days ago

    @Pablo : Sorry i cant check for this as i am at my holidays place :) but when someone click on go without checking the box, he should be sent again to the same message page and a system message is displayed at the top of the windows, asking him to check the box .... ill check this as soon as i am back home, but i think this is ok as i have already tested this, so maybe something is wrong on MAMP... Does anyone else run into the same pb ?

  • Uddhava dasa 1730 days ago


    I tested this feature today, it works nicely (maybe the person testing it forgot to apply the correction on the code at the end of the description here).

    Only one suggestion, to change the translation from:

    "Please validate the validation box"


    "You must check the validation box to continue."

    Uddhava dasa

  • Fabrice 1730 days ago

    Ty Uddhava, sure your translation is better than mine, ill release a new version including it at the end of summer


  • Jose Br 1714 days ago

    Hi Fabrice

    I couldn´t install the plugin.
    As soon i had activated it I got this message:



    "welcomer is a misconfigured plugin."


    Elgg is runing under Windows

    Plugins Installed

    customeyes ( Ive deactivated after the failure but did not help)
    cutomindex ( Ive deactivated after the failure but did not help)

    Do you have any idea?


  • Fabrice 1695 days ago

    @Jose : Sorry for the delay ...My god i have no idea cause a misconfigured plugin should not be a compatibilyu pb, did you solve it yet ? maybe something went wrong when you downloaded or uploaded the pugin ?

  • Kane 1691 days ago

    @Jose - I'm guessing that you uploaded a nested folder instead of having the start.php file directly in the /mod/welcomer path.

    @Fabrice - thanks for this plugin!  Great idea :)

  • Kane 1691 days ago

    @Fabrice - any idea why both messages have text in them (I've edited them both), but when I go to "View" them they're blank except for the "Go" button?  Same as if I activate them and then login...just a blank page.

    Just quickly I can tell that

    $message = get_metadata_byname($id, $name)->value;

    Isn't returning anything.

    Guess I'll have to debug and let you know what happened.

  • Kane 1691 days ago

    Ahhhhh...it turns out the "Activate" buttons on the Control page don't work.  I had to use the "First login -> Activate" link.