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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-4-4
  • Downloads: 1944
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Notificationsplus 1.0 for Elgg 1.5

Add a notifications settings page after joining a group

Last updated 1734 days ago

Notificationsplus 1.0

NOTE : I suggest you tu use the suscriber plugin instead of this one. you can get it there http://community.elgg.org/mod/plugins/read.php?guid=475994

Release Notes:

This plugin forward a member who is joining a group to  a notifications settings page where he will be abble to set the group notifications
Needs the standard notifications plugin to be enabled

To use it

- Download it

- Unzipp in the mod folder

- activate

- enjoy


  • skotmiller 1734 days ago

    Very Nice, good idea.

    Maybe for a future release. once they click join, a lightbox could pop up with the notification options for that group. Will save an extra page load.

  • Ben Wagner 1734 days ago

    skotmiller nice idea and the popup should appear with the fancybox! i love the fancybox ;)

  • Fabien Eychenne 1733 days ago

    Great plugin ! Works like a charm !

  • Dahaniel 1733 days ago

    Yes, great, thanks for that. Do you think you could add a Admin-Option to edit notification-settings for users?

    I would like to initially set up notifications for some groups.

  • Alberto González-Talaván 1726 days ago

    Thanks for a greatly needed plugin :)

  • gfroese 1718 days ago

    Excellent plugin, very much needed.

  • Tom 1629 days ago

    Anyone tested this on 1.6.1 ?

  • Tom 1629 days ago

    Just for my understanding, what does the .phpsauv do in /actions ?

  • Tom 1621 days ago

    Confirm: Works on 1.6.1

  • Peet 1612 days ago

    Hmmm I'm getting a failure in 1.6.1 ... line 30 of groupsaveplus.php

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getURL() on a non-object in/home/.network/myuser/mysitefolder.com/mod/notificationsplus/actions/groupsaveplus.php on line 30 Any advice?

  • Fabrice 1612 days ago

    @Peet  sorry but i dont have the pb in elgg 1.6.1  The plugin use an elgg event that hasn't change from 1.5 ....

    When a member joins a group, do you go the the notification setting page with options for the group and only for this group ?

  • Liran Tal 1603 days ago


    1. thanks for this great plugin, seems to do the job right
    2. I'm getting a warning about "in_array() [<a href='function.in-array'>function.in-array</a>]: Wrong datatype for second argument" in file /mod/notificationsplus/actions/groupsaveplus.php (line 21)
      can you take a look please?
    3. Have you made any updates since the last release?


  • Blue 1557 days ago

    When I clicked the save button in notifications settings page, a blank page appeared. It's URL is http://localhost/elgg/mod/notificationsplus/actions/groupsaveplus.php?group=196