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  • Category: Photos and Images
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-6-2
  • Downloads: 2330
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Wavatar for Elgg 1.7

User icons from generated with the wavatar algorithm.

Last updated 1422 days ago

This plugin generates user icons using the wavatar algorithm.

Wavatars are small avatars built out of a set of available parts. These parts are selected by first taking an md5 hash of an input string (in our case, the registered email address of the user in question) and using different bytes of the result as the selector.  The wavatar algorithm was originally developed by Shamus Young as a WordPress plugin and originally available here:


This plugin overrides the default user icon for users who have not uploaded an icon. A configuration option is available for those who want to use their wavatar instead of their existing icon, available from the icon editing page.



Release Notes:

Adds support for group icons.


  • eugenio 1376 days ago

    hello Justin, I have a problem with Wavatar in IE8. You do not see the icon of the topbar. Can you help me? please. My Elgg vesion is 1.7 and everything works fine except  with Wavatar the topbar icon is not visible in IE8.

  • Sheetal Nepte 1364 days ago

    Avatars are not displayed on New members widget on home page. Please help.

  • RPGRealms 1363 days ago

    Works fine for me with IE8.

    I have noticed an issue with wavatars sometimes not displaying right after they are set. Refreshing the page seems to fix the problem.

  • mercromina 1290 days ago

    this do not work in 1.7.3 version.... ¿?¿?

  • mercromina 1289 days ago

    sorry, now it works¡¡¡

  • Biddum1 680 days ago

    does any body know this is compatible with Elgg 1.8.X ??? Seems like a unique concept that I might include on my site, this is for the user avatar on profile too, correct?