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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-1-14
  • Downloads: 2264
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Mixpod.com music player for Elgg 1.5

embeds mixpod.com music player on your profile with selectable skins

Last updated 1697 days ago

Mixpod.com music player

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Release Notes:

mixpod.com music player as requested by those who are in areas where licensing is wack for playlist.com

  • Added some skins - if you want more, you can add them in edit.php. just follow what is done there.  Skins are on mixpod.com




  • artdesigns 1697 days ago


    Well, nice work everything looks Great i just

    wonder if something like this is available

    for example:

    i mean the the Design and all you know



  • Fusion 1697 days ago


    whatever they offer for skins on mixpod you can apply to the plugin. I only put a couple skins to it. you can modify edit.php for whatever skins you choose for your site.

  • artdesigns 1697 days ago


    I know i can

    but this is the default color


    were it says my color...

    Were do you find the myid

    because i only plug in my code were are the X's

  • Fusion 1697 days ago


    you plug in the whole line up to the word false

  • artdesigns 1696 days ago


    Well, i get that

    put i mean i log in into mixpod.com

    and i get the code from my player and i have

    designed a SKIN put as soon as i plug the code..

    it appears the default skin, not the one i created..

  • Fusion 1696 days ago

    could you post up your embed code and ill play with it..  see what i can do

  • artdesigns 1695 days ago

    Well, what do you mean, by embed the code..

    do i play my current Mixpod.Com Playlist Code

    the one i have created...

  • Fusion 1695 days ago

    everything is in the flashvrs value, from myid all the way to the word false.

    if you make custom colors for your player on mixpod and click the save get code button then click get code, everything will be in those flashvars values.

    i did one my self with custom colors and it worked just as it should.

    you have to get code after you save the customizations.

  • artdesigns 1695 days ago


    as soon as i save it i get the code but it sends me to another

    window, it gives me several codes, for example

    Post Your Playlist To MySpace:

    and other similar social networking places

    but wheres the one for this


  • Fusion 1695 days ago

    that is in the embed codes that they give you.

    look for flashvars=myid then copy from myid to the word false and paste that in the plugin

  • artdesigns 1694 days ago


    i try looking for the embed code of my current coustumize

    player i made but i cant seem

    to find the flashvars=myid

    i get the code it says save or get code

    i click save and get code then im not sure what to do i look

    for the current code...

    but i dnt find flashvars=myid

  • Fusion 1694 days ago

    ok ive been using the code for myspace (didnt realize that b4 ) but thats what im using.

    copy the code in the box, paste in notepad. look about halfway in it and you will see the flashvars

    that is the only section of code that you need.

  • oancan 1694 days ago

    Nice Work!!

  • myoung 1680 days ago

    This is too hard for the average user..isn't there an easy way to create this within elgg?

  • Kiwi_Chris 1305 days ago

    For anyone thats interested this still works in elgg 1.7.3