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  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-2-2
  • Downloads: 8257
  • Recommendations: 6


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Integrated Video gallery plugin (beta) for Elgg 1.5

Integrated video gallery plugin enables users to browse videos from youtube, vimeo and metacafe and embed them. Video tagging and extension to groups included, video commenting feature added.

Last updated 1672 days ago

Integrated Video gallery plugin (beta)

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Release Notes:

This plugin enables users to add YouTube videos and build your own personalized video gallery. Have tested this plugin on version 1.5 and version 1.2. Any suggestions and bug reporting is welcome.

Will be uploading the upgraded version shortly which will enable users to search youtube videos over youtube and add them to their gallery.

Screenshots :

The profile widget(top)

The video gallery plugin page




  • oluaxs 1760 days ago
  • David78 1759 days ago

    Hi Prateek,
    the "search-issue" is solved. Nicely done! But I'm sorry to have to tell you that i still get the parse error (see my comment on previous version 1.0).

    But I'm pretty sure, it has to do with my Setup. Just can't figure out where the problem is. I tested on my local apache server (xampp) and a clean elgg 1.5 installation on rented webspace server. Same result both ways.
    Maybe it colides with an other plugin? But I disabled all exept for the ones that come with elgg installation package. Same result.
    Maybe browser? I use firefox latest version 3.0.11. Tried also IE7. Same result.

    I bet it is the Server-Setup. PHP.ini maybe. But I'm not enough in to that so I could figure out the problem myself.

    Still I think it's a good plugin. Mabe you could add social tagging, or even better, give the owner of video-list the option to alow social tagging for his/her videos? I wish for a feature like that on the tidypcs-plugin as well. Would be great!

  • Prateek 1759 days ago

    Hi David, This really sounds strange.However let us go step by step :

    1) inside actions folder addvideo.php uses two simple php function : The SimpleXML functions (are part of the PHP core, no installation needed to use these functions). This is where parsing is done. so the issue is not this.

    2) Youtube is not sending back the response with the xml tree structure, so no content is being received to get parsed as xml (this may be fixed by registering to youtube for a new developer id(dev_id).

    Hope this solves the issue.


  • Prateek 1754 days ago

    @adclose, Please wait for the version 1.2 which will be available shortly.

  • Kiwi_Chris 1739 days ago

    Currently it does not appear that users can comment, is this correct?

  • Prateek 1739 days ago

    @kiwi_chris,  Yes you are right, Please wait for the next version.

  • elgg_noob 1736 days ago

    It's not working for me brotha.

    I have a My Videos link in my menu bar but when I click it I get redirected to the home screen.

    The widget is there and working, but I don't know how to setup a video gallery?  Please help.

    TIA :-)

  • Julio Rodriguez 1735 days ago

    Hi...I am having the same problem with the parse exception: String could not be parsed as XML

    Any  fix for this yet ? Iam using 1.5


  • Marcelo Teixeira 1726 days ago

    Any chance to expand this feature to groups??

  • Marcelo Teixeira 1726 days ago

    Any chance to add this feature to Groups too?

  • StefSybo 1679 days ago

    I like the plugin and it works OK here, except for one bug. The widget does not display the correct number of videos, as set in the edit section of the widget. This is easily fixed by modifying videolist/views/default/widgets/videolist_view/view.php, line 10 is:

        $owner_videos = get_entities("object", "videolist", page_owner(), $number);

    While it should be:

        $owner_videos = get_entities("object", "videolist", page_owner(), "", $number);

    I'm using Elgg 1.6

  • martinez 1607 days ago


    String could not be parsed as XML

  • Sai Kamesh Chirala 1450 days ago


    I am trying to make changes to plugin to make it compatible with elgg 1.7. I was getting token error when I try to add a video from youtube.

    I followed the elgg documentation on making secure forms and did some code changes to add.php in forms folder and was able successfully add a video. But the problem I am facing is that, its allowing only for first time. From next time onwards its giving a broken url or link. It gives a message that Video is successfully added but it shows a broken link.


    Sai Kamesh

  • Jose 600 days ago

    Are ther any video or youtube plugin compatible with elgg 1.8