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izap videos 4.2.0b (Youtube Upload / Onserver upload + Embed urls) (10 Jan, 2013) for Elgg 1.5

Full featured video plugin by iZAP

Last updated 468 days ago

izap_videos is a full featured videos plugin for elgg. It can handle YouTube videos upload, On server upload if you have dedicated resources to process videos and off server videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, Blip, CollegeHumor, 5min etc.).

  1. It supports YouTube uploads if you do not have dedicated resources to host/process uploaded videos by your users.
  2. It supports Youtube, Vimeo, Veoh, Metacafe, Blip, CollegeHumor, 5min.
  3. It also supports Off server videos. Where you can convert video files to flv at your own server. It needs ffmpeg compiled on your server. Supported formats are subject of what your ffmpeg compilation supports.
  4. More sharing options (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace).
  5. A new customizable flash player. You can change forground and background colors of the flash player according to your need.
  6. Embeddable video code to post videos on other sites which are uploaded on elgg's platform.
  7. Categories support.
  8. River support.
  9. Groups integration.
  10. Now you can enable on server and off server in parallel mode.
  11. Make your videos favorite.

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Release Notes:

Download latest version from here:



  • moonstone 1806 days ago

    I upgrade with it, but find a problem,


    as you can see, when you click Top commented ,

    all the profile icon is not shown. Is it a bug?


  • moonstone 1806 days ago

    sorry, now I deleted the new version, and returened to

    izap_video plugin with on server and off server support! for elgg 1.5 (0.6)

  • Raven 1806 days ago

    Hi, is there any way to get this to work with TinyMCE Extended?:


    Also, do you have any plans to add support for Ustream or Blip-tv?

    Thank you.

  • steven 1806 days ago

    hi sorry for offtopic,

    is someone able to port the customVideoIndex to a customIndex? so the latest blogs,videos,pictures,events, bookmarks are shown in tabs? like budokin has it?




  • nofullstop 1806 days ago

    how to clear view cache?

  • steven 1806 days ago

    i think, www.your-URL/upgrade.php should work

  • Oliver 1806 days ago

    how to change the date and time setting in german?

  • JS 1806 days ago

    Hi Izap im using the draggable widget mod. The video widget on a members profile doesnt seem to move not sure why. Everything else works great Thanks for the awesome plugin!

  • i Z A P 1806 days ago


    I am not sure. But i think, you post this comment for our previous release (0.6) also. Well we tested it with draggable widget mod here. and it seems to me working fine. It may be the reason of sequence of the plugin. One more thing, Try to drag it by holding from the title bar of the widget. It may help you.


  • Chrislace 1806 days ago

    Nice plugin but is anyone else getting: can't get video website not responding from youtube and others.....  thanks

  • i Z A P 1806 days ago


    Please try some other video and let me know the results.  It usually return such error if video is deleted from feeder.


  • JS 1806 days ago


    Would it possible to get of a list of the plugins you are using. To see where your izap_videos mod is situated?

  • i Z A P 1806 days ago


    Well right now, We did not setup that draggable plugin at http://www.izap.in/ie-commerce/ . But i will arrange that for you so you can see it in working situation.


  • vantel 1806 days ago

    I installed the new version and when I tried to upload a youtube video, I got the following error message: ' The requested action izap_videos/add was not defined in the system', please help.

  • nofullstop 1806 days ago

    two problems:

    1 -- TinyMCE has lost most of the features??

    2 -- While using Google Chrome when I click on embed/upload media link in the creat new blog or comment section then the izap video tab doesn't work. It works fine in firefox and IE


    ID: test

    pwd: testtest

    please do check it with the test ID pwd. I really need this thing to work. It was working fine but after upgrade it isn't :(

    thanks for your time


  • i Z A P 1806 days ago


    1 -- TinyMCE has lost most of the features??

    Actually, this tinyMCE is intended to work as a default tinyMCE editor + flash embed feature. If you are using extended tinyMCE than it will override extended features.

    2 -- While using chrome....

    I just logged in your site and tried to use chrome to post a video in a comment corresponding to some other video. and it is working fine here.

    To check the page i tried go : http://roadies.me/pg/izap_videos/salman/play/73

    I am using Chrome version ( 

  • nofullstop 1806 days ago

    can you please work with the extended tinyMCE as most of are now using the extended tineMCE itself.

    I just now took some screenshots using google chrome and this is what I exactly mean.

    -- screenshot 1 shows the comment box of video section. The place where you left a comment:


    -- I clicked on embed/upload media link above the comment box and this is what happens: (the video overlaps the izap video gallery tab..)


    -- now this is the blog page. When I click on embed/upload media link above comment box to comment on a test blog post then I get the usual:


    -- now when I click on izap video gallery tab then I see this:


    I will now upgrade to latest version of google chrome and see what happens. I am surprised why Google Chrome didn't notify me that they have a newer version available. This way most of my users might use older versions of Google Chrome and find the site scrwd up :(

  • nofullstop 1806 days ago

    and hey just now saw...the overlapping of video over the izap video gallery tab is the problem with IE7 and firefox latest version also...I mean the problem that you see in screenshot two.

  • nofullstop 1806 days ago

    upgraded to latest version of google chrome and tested again...the same problems still persist..

    the video overlaps with the izap video gallery tab and when I somehow click on the tab then gallery doesn't show up in case of Google Chrome

    will I have to revert back to the older version? 

  • Shizal 1806 days ago

    New release on a fresh install  Uploads and converts video  creates 2 flv files 1 OK 1242239075big_rig_truck_pull.flv  1242239075big_rig_truck_pull_c.flv   the other an empty file. It creates a png thumbnail with 0 bits  1242239075big_rig_truck_pull_i.png  (empty file)

  • Fusion 1806 days ago

    getting this error:  Fatal Error while readding longtext.php from tinymce plugin!


    any ideas?

  • Pavel M 1805 days ago

    Problems with viewing of CustomIndex. I see thumbnail in one column only.


  • i Z A P 1805 days ago


    Clear view cache and simple cache.  To see how to do so, checkout below the plugin post above.


  • nofullstop 1805 days ago

    had to unfortunately revert back :(

    could you just tell me one small thing. I am now using the earlier version and I literally need no other features of the newer version except one..which is the video gallery on the home page. Could you tell me what code to paste where? plz?

  • Rob 1804 days ago

    @ izap - Seems you're doing great work on this plugin, I have a query and wonder if your plugin compared to Kaltura's elgg plugin, can enable end users to upload Powerpoint Presentation's at all?

    I think it maybe able to as I notice your plugin allows .FLV uploads, it would just be a case of end users converting their .ppt presentations to .flv format for upload.

    I think I may have found a free conversion tool that I could include in my site for those who will want to upload their presentations to my site, so long as their licence allows it that is, which I will read up on in a minute. Leawo PowerPoint to FLV converter

    Your thoughts on the above would be much appreciated, before I go ahead and give your plugin a whirl in place of currently installed kaltura plugin.