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izap videos 4.2.0b (Youtube Upload / Onserver upload + Embed urls) (10 Jan, 2013) for Elgg 1.8

Full featured video plugin by iZAP

Last updated 461 days ago

izap_videos is a full featured videos plugin for elgg. It can handle YouTube videos upload, On server upload if you have dedicated resources to process videos and off server videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, Blip, CollegeHumor, 5min etc.).

  1. It supports YouTube uploads if you do not have dedicated resources to host/process uploaded videos by your users.
  2. It supports Youtube, Vimeo, Veoh, Metacafe, Blip, CollegeHumor, 5min.
  3. It also supports Off server videos. Where you can convert video files to flv at your own server. It needs ffmpeg compiled on your server. Supported formats are subject of what your ffmpeg compilation supports.
  4. More sharing options (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace).
  5. A new customizable flash player. You can change forground and background colors of the flash player according to your need.
  6. Embeddable video code to post videos on other sites which are uploaded on elgg's platform.
  7. Categories support.
  8. River support.
  9. Groups integration.
  10. Now you can enable on server and off server in parallel mode.
  11. Make your videos favorite.

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Release Notes:

### Version 4.1.1b
1. Critical bug fixed in case of adding video in group, Even though user is not a member of the group.
### Version 4.1b
1. Group related critical bug fixes.
2. Page owner related critical bug fixes.
3. Code optimizations.
4. Better in elgg guide lines.
5. Removed lots of views and function deprecations coming from elgg 1.7.
6. Upload icon in top bar menu will respect page owners (Groups or Users).


  • massao 946 days ago

    I'm having the following problem:
    Banned API or invalid. Does anyone have a clue?
    Thank you.

  • Emanuel Moreno 946 days ago

    I have this error when i active the plugin:

    Invalid Admin Section.

    Invalid Admin Section.

  • rohonupe99 946 days ago

    Group Videos list is not showing when you click on the link within the group for the videos list. It does show the recent group videos on the group index page,

    imagea rel="nofollow" href="denied:"


    but when you click the  ALL VIDEOS link to list all videos uploaded to that group, the page shows no videos have been added:



  • Purus 945 days ago

    Even I got the "Invalid Admin Section." error but it went afte running the upgrade.php and refreshing the page once.


    It works fine for me in Firefox. But in the IE 7, the "more" drop down menu does not pop-out due to some issue in the iZap Video plugin.


    In the status bar Script Error Report of IE, I get the error message "'elgg' is undefined".

    Please help me on this.


  • i Z A P 945 days ago

    @all: Specially @rohonupe99. this revision is for elgg 1.8. I doubt, you are just mixing things.

    @massao: You might forget to register API for your domain at http://www.pluginlotto.com. You can find all instructions from README.txt and INSTALL.txt files.

    @Purus: I hope, you have cleared your cache once from elgg's admin panel. You can also simply delete caches from your data folder.


  • Emanuel Moreno 944 days ago

    I have a Inavlid Admin section error. 


    This the screenshot. Please help me

  • Purus 943 days ago

    Hi iZAP,

    Thanks for your response.  I am not sure how to delete the cache from admin panel. Anyhow I deleted the cache files/folders from the data folder.

    But still I am not able to see the menu pop-down in the "More" main menu in Internet Explorer.

    I guess some script of iZap vide plugin is collaiding with the menu.

    Please assist me. Thanks a lot.

  • Richard Hipkin 943 days ago

    I too have an invalid admin section.

  • i Z A P 942 days ago

    We are about to release new revision. I will consider to see all these issues in the new release.

    Thank you.

  • Purus 940 days ago

    Hope the issue related to CSS in IE also will be considered in the next release.

    The issue is with the iZAP ELGG Bridge 2.1 and if I disable it the "more" drop down menu is working fine.

  • i Z A P 929 days ago

    @Purus: I investgated "More" drop down issue. I found IE 8 has issues with this. I install fresh elgg and activated all default plugins. I am able to browse "More" menu in all other browsers except IE 8. Even IE 9 is working fine on Windows 7. So i believe, There is nothing to fix with izap elgg bridge 2.1 for this issue.

    Please confirm this once. Do not forget to remove cache (Browser and server level).
    Thank you. 

  • Purus 929 days ago

    Thanks for the update. Happy to hear that its not an issue with iZap.

    Thanks again.

  • Ron Wallace 912 days ago

    @iZAP: I don't know where the best place to discuss izap 3.9 for elgg 1.7.x, so I will post here, and if I should move it, please tell me, and I will.

    I have found a conflict between the plugin called Embed Extender and iZap 1.9. I don't understand what the problem is, but we have found the problem to be real.

    I wish that iZap would please take a look at this and see if there is anything that can be done. Here is some discussion...

    "@Ron... But we have a problem. The problem is, I think, with IZap´s. IZap strips some content, removing html tags in the "longtext" view. This approach can affect a lot of plugins. I recommend you to show this issue to IZap creator. I don´t see, for now, a solution in my code. Maybe some weird code hack, but I don't know how to resolve this issue for now.

    I repeat: Extend the "longtext" view is not a good approach. You loose control of embeded content, because this view is used in 99% of the site."

    This was from here ...


    Thank you for looking into this. We would like to use the both the Embed Extended and the iZap plugins. I eagerly await your reponse. Thank you.

  • Ray J 912 days ago

    Dear Izap, I am the creator of Embed Extender Plugin. After some tests, I saw that your plugin extends the "longtext" view, using a function to strip some html tags (Correct me if I am wrong). That view conflicts with embed extender, because I cannot embed my content.

    I think we have a scenario where the two plugins cannot be executed together. But I have limited ELGG skills, so, if possible, I want to work with you to resolve this issue.

    Best regards.

    Ray J

  • Ron Wallace 909 days ago

    @iZAP & @Ray J  Any movement on this issue? Any ideas? No ideas? I'd really like to use both Embed Extended and iZap Video on our sites. How can we may them play friendly with each other? Anyone?

  • Ron Wallace 906 days ago

    @iZAP & @Ray J - Pretty please.

  • e5foxer 900 days ago

    Hi, I am having a 'Video is queued up for conversion.' problem, it doesn't seem to change. I am running elgg 1.8 with settings as 'Activate youtube channel to handle uploaded videos.' and 'After conversion to flv, keep original file on server - No' any ideas?

  • imoni 900 days ago

    elgg bridge crash whole site:/ I tested it on my test site.


    Fatal Error.

    izap:izap-elgg-bridge:init is not a registered library

  • imoni 899 days ago

    sorry that was my own fault, I was not changing the folder name to izap-elgg-bridge.

  • e5foxer 895 days ago

    So With off server videos I get an error fetching data. this is from youtube and I have tried every video from the home page, like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOPuTeYWaXg (just some random one) any ideas?

  • Purus 875 days ago

    I upgraded from ELGG to 1.8 today. After that I am getting the below error when I try to activate the bridge plugin.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function admin_settings_page_handler() in /home/iyaffle7/public_html/mod/izap-elgg-bridge/classes/IzapAdminController.php on line 41

  • Curry 864 days ago

    I got this problem when i click on 'Server analysis for videos (iZAP Videos)'

    Fatal Error.

    izap:izap-videos:izap_videos_lib is not a registered library

  • Curry 864 days ago

    It give the same error when i click on the button 'videos' in the site.

  • ura soul 862 days ago

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function elgg_is_active_plugin() in /community/mod/izap_videos/start.php on line 26