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Marcus Povey

Technology Strategist, Entrepreneur, Organiser of Barcamp Transparency, hacker, formerly Senior architect on the Elgg project


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-1-14
  • Downloads: 1290
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Google search for Elgg 1.6

Replace Elgg's search functionality with a google search

Last updated 1607 days ago

Google search

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Release Notes:

This is a very short and sweet plugin which replaces the standard Elgg search plugin with Google Search.

This makes use of the Google REST search api. Don't forget that for this to work your elgg theme should use the pg/search endpoint.


  • DhrupDeScoop 1607 days ago

    Marcus, el genio .. otra vez

  • Zakary Venturo 1607 days ago

    thank you mr Povey

  • sunirmalya 1607 days ago

    no good for 1.5 - that's bad luck!!

  • Yakiv 1607 days ago

    I have no use for anything that works in conjunction with Google.

  • Uddhava dasa 1606 days ago

    Hi Marcus,

    I use walledgarden, so i guess that means there is no way for me to use this ? Once google indexes a site, its pretty much public right ?

    Uddhava dasa

  • Yakiv 1606 days ago

    @Uddhava dasa - this plugin would not cause protected areas on your site to become indexed. However, it would limit the usability of the search to only that which is indexed (public to) by Google's bots.  This makes this plugin quite useless.  A decent querying system at the core of Elgg is what is necessary, so that everything can be pulled up in results and accessed, based on permissions levels.  ...I really don't understand why this plugin was contributed.  There are more important things to be done at the core, by someone who knows the core very well.

  • Tom 1606 days ago

    Great for public sites ))) Thanks ;)

  • Yakiv 1606 days ago

    No site is ever completely public. People post materials for logged in users or with permissions based on the group. So, if your users were wanting to find something through your Google based search, they will be limited to whatever is totally public. Again, this makes this plugin useless. If people need to Google your site, then let them go off and Google it.

  • DhrupDeScoop 1606 days ago

    funny post ;-)

  • Stephan 1602 days ago

    i like it, but the results page looks a little crappy at my site and how should i remove the millions of "cache" links

  • Cube 1599 days ago


    ask for a job at Google :D

  • Shane Atlas 1591 days ago

    Sounds neat, given the elgg search limitations :)

  • martinez 1543 days ago

    How do I make it work with elggbook theme, i don t find any instruciton or tutorial. please help...

  • martinez 1540 days ago

    it doesn t work for elgg 1.6.1

  • martinez 1539 days ago

    On elgg.org site i see search bar conected with google search. how guys did you make it, any special mod?

  • wolfepk1 1402 days ago

    If you use one of the custom widget mods then all you have to do is go and create an adsense for search box that will fit in your widget.Depending on the mods you use this could go on the dashboard, the profile or the main page. If you are knowledgeeable enough you could even put it in the spotlight or top bar yourself. Where and how it looks will depend upon you. But it can be set to just search your site, the whole web or a set of sites you choose.