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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-11-25
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Display Multiple Site Announcements on the River Dashboard for Elgg 1.6

Enhances the riverdashboard functionality by allowing the number of site announcements displayed - currently hardcoded as one only - to be set through the tools configuration panel.

Last updated 1238 days ago

Display Multiple Site Announcements on the River Dashboard

Release Notes:

One of our clients, the Institute of Physics, wanted to display multiple site announcements on the dashboard of a new site under development, so found the standard riverdashboard - which is hardcoded to allow one announcement only - too restricting.

As part of the development, we were asked to correct this shortcoming by overriding the original functionality to allow multiple announcements, the number of which is admin-configurable.

So, rather than mess with the original plugin - which would get overwritten during an upgrade - we decided to encapsulate this new functionality in the "announcements" plugin (which must appear later than the riverdashboard in order to override the original code).

And, given that this plugin could well be useful on many other sites, the Institute of Physics have decided to make it publicly available to the Elgg community.

Cheers, C4LPT


  • cofelice 1599 days ago

    Nice work C4LPT.  I installed it.  It works but there are some visual differences.  On the regular announcement code there is a white background bordered by the standard gray and the alignment is neatly placed.  On this new plug-in, the announcements have just a gray background and the alignment is a little off.  The plug-in works fine though, just some minor cosmetic issues.  Thanks for sharing.

  • C4LPT 1599 days ago

    Hi Cofelice, glad you are finding it useful.

    Although we did the development, it was our client who was very keen to make this functionality available to the Elgg community.

    Regarding the aesthetics, I am in total agreement. However, I must tell you that I have made absolutely no changes to the html/styling of the original plugin.

    Out-of-the-box, the (single) announcement appears on a boring grey background! All I have done is to output multiple announcements with the same structure. (The only slight change in format is that the posting date now accompanies the corresponding announcement).

    Naturally I am interested to discover why your output is different. Are you using a 3rd party theme, or perhaps one of the rewritten/upgraded riverdashboard plugins?

    Cheers, C4LPT.

  • cofelice 1598 days ago


                   I am sorry.  I think I do have a plug-in that changed my riverdashboard, it had been a while since I installed it.  The plug-in I am using adds some colorful icons to the controls and places the announcement in a white box outlined in gray (it's very clean).  My site is called FatWow.com if you want to check it out.

    Thank You



  • Sim2K 1596 days ago

    Hay, does your update allow for hyper links to be used in the announcments ?? You could put hyper links in the announcments section in elgg 1.5 but it doesn not seem possible now in elgg 1.6.1

  • Shah Khan 1533 days ago

    hi C4LPT.....i like your idea want to install this plugin....but can't find installation instructions......can't help it man...i'm a total newbie at elgg.....i'm running elgg1.6.1.....thanks in advance

  • jadem 1495 days ago

    Good news! working with Elgg 1.7

  • Fred Phillips 1406 days ago

    Worked right out of the box with Elgg 1.7, Thanks.

  • C4LPT 1406 days ago

    Hi Jadem/Fred

    Thanks for reporting back. It's pleasing to know that it works in the latest Elgg version.

    Cheers, C4LPT

  • Jose Chaves 1374 days ago

    where put announcements, pls i´m novice, have elgg 1.7

  • francescomda 1324 days ago

    Hi C4LPT,

    thanks for your useful plugin.

    I used site announcements for a while, and now I installed in my new elgg 1.7.2 site (under construction), but I'm having some troubles: I cannot delete any announcement, cause it bring me to a white page when I try, with this url:




    But nothing happen.

    could you help me to fix that? Maybe the metter has nothing to do with the plugin, but my elgg is misconfigured? (I just re-installed it)


    Thank you very much!

  • rjcalifornia 1324 days ago


  • francescomda 1322 days ago

    It doesn't appear any screenshot, it just open a white page with the url above, but fails to delete the message. Maybe something wrong with my curl?

    @Jose chaves

    you can find announcements switching on the dashboard river plugin, on the left coloumn of the dashboard


  • driftwork 1260 days ago

    This is an extremely useful pluggin but I am having the same problem as @francescomda

    I cannot delete any postings.

    The screen just goes white and I get:


    Can you suggest any way to delete these postings?

    Thanks in advance.

  • driftwork 1239 days ago

    Clearly this pluggin is not being maintained.

    I think its extremely useful.

    Does anyone feel like upgrading it so it will work with 1.7+

    The only problem with it is that it doesn't delete anything once its been posted.

    If nobody is interested in upgrading this pluggin, could someone please tell me where it puts the text once its been posted?

    I'd like to be able to go in a update or delete new postings regularly.

    Thanks in advance.

  • C4LPT 1239 days ago

    Hi driftwork

    Thanks for your interest in the plugin. I have now updated it for 1.7 and will post it up here later today.

  • driftwork 1239 days ago

    Eagerly awaiting :)

    Thanks in advance.