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Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin for Elgg 1.7

Full-featured Photo Gallery plugin

Last updated 648 days ago


  • Albums
  • Comments
  • Tagging
  • Slideshow
  • Watermarking
  • Upload multiple images at once (web form or flash uploader)
  • Album sorting
  • RSS feeds
  • Notifications
  • Activity (river) integration
  • Views counter
  • Group albums
  • Admin Customization: supports GD and ImageMagick, quotas, size restrictions, and more

Release Notes:

Newest release of Tidypics with some bug fixes. No new features.

  • Tweaked slideshow start code
  • Fixed bug with delete tags menu item
  • Fixed bug in en.php
  • Better error checking for ImageMagick resizing

There have been no reports of incompatibilities with Elgg 1.7 so that's good news.


  • maikol 1507 days ago

    works very well thank you very much

  • moosh101 1507 days ago

    Excellent plugin, works very well with version 1.7.  Many thanks for sharing it :-)

  • Gatz 1507 days ago

    great plugin... thanks

  • jededitor 1506 days ago

    I want to reduce the message display on the river from

    BeginnersLuck added the photo hungarian solders 2010 to album HUNGARIAN ARMY - Toggle size - View full size


    BeginnersLuck added the photo hungarian solders 2010 to album HUNGARIAN ARMY

    and remove the image.

    What do i need to do?

  • JKasting 1505 days ago

    Does TidyPics have any sort of categorization feature such as the Site-Wide Categories? I'm making an art sharing website and I want to be able to have users label images as photography, painting, etc.

  • maikol 1505 days ago

    In trying to upload an image, I load another.

    I can do with the problem?

  • Tidypics Team 1505 days ago

    @jededitor - first thing you should do is figure out what plugin is setting your river view as what you wrote there does not match with what Tidypics displays

    @JKasting - it should be easy to add site-wide categories to Tidypics. We'll add it to the list.

    @maikol - do not understand 

  • Rajesh Gurjar 1505 days ago

    please help me..

    I stuck. When i edit groups image is upload proper but it is not displaying but when refresh page it will display.  Please help me how to solve this problem.

  • Tidypics Team 1505 days ago

    @Rajesh - if you are referring to the group profile image, Tidypics is not responsible for that. If you are referring to something else, you will need to describe your problem in more detail.

  • JKasting 1505 days ago

    Thanks Team, that will be incredibly helpful.

  • jededitor 1504 days ago

    @Tidypics Peeps

    I'm using the River dashboard plugin so I suspect its that!

  • drewid 1504 days ago

    Thanks for a great plugin tidypics Team!

    Just a quick question, is there any way of limiting the amount of photos/albums a user can upload?

    Thanks again.



  • Abrikos 1504 days ago

    Upload multiple images at once-it works? If yes, where included?

  • JessPLM 1503 days ago


    I love this plugin.. I am making group albums and want my users to be able to upload pics in that albums of those groups but I don't want them able to delete the album. I am in fear that what if others upload a ton of photos into that album and another member erases it all... That is my only wish that I could do with this plugin.. Please let me know if I can make sure that my members can upload into albums that have been started but not be able to delete them thanks!!! That would be totally awesome!!


  • Tidypics Team 1503 days ago

    @drewid - check the admin settings. There is a limit that can be set there.

    @Abrikos - yes, you can upload multiple images at once with Tidypics

    @JessPLM - thanks for the feedback. We'll look into this.

  • elHayaze 1503 days ago

    @Tidypics Team

    Can't find the tool for uploading multiple  images at once. Can you give a direction here ?

  • Tidypics Team 1503 days ago

    @elHayaze - create an new album and the next screen allows you to upload up to 10 images

  • nic sinclair 1502 days ago

    i recently upgraded to 1.7 and every thing on tidypics was fine apart from the imagealbum covers on the users profiles widgets where not showing up but everything else was running perfectly

    so i downloaded the lastest tidypics and installed that and then none of my images where showing up at all,

    so i then uploaded my back up with the old version of tidypics and my whole elgg installain went nuts nothing showing up, then i disabled the plugin and elgg  went back to normal,

    am not sure whats going on here anyone got any ideas?

    is it something i did wrong when upgrading to 1.7? looks like its something iv done wrong

    greatful for any advice thanks in advance

  • Tidypics Team 1502 days ago

    Figuring out why you got a WSOD is the first step: http://docs.elgg.org/wiki/White_page

  • nic sinclair 1502 days ago


  • lifeform 1502 days ago


    Seems like a nice plugin, but i am getting error with all my profile pics when installing this.

    It happens every time I enable it: ALL profile pics, member pics of all sizes disappear. 

    What to do ? I have contacted my server people and beg them to install ImageMagick, but what else could it be...?

  • [cim] 1502 days ago

    hello tidypics team, are you guys working on a flash uploader that'll upload more than 10 images?

  • elHayaze 1502 days ago

    @Tidypics Team

    Sorry what I mean by uploading multiple images is like "flash uploader" so  we dont have to choose image one by one.

  • Dan Blackburn 1501 days ago

    I get Form is missing __token or __ts fields when I try to use this.

  • Tidypics Team 1501 days ago

    @lifeform - this plugin has nothing to do with profile photos. Installing ImageMagick won't affect this either. Installing a plugin clears the simplecache so maybe you have a problem with your cache. Do the profile icons disappear when you install other plugins?

    @Cim and elHayaze - Tortsen (he did the slideshow on Tidypics) has a flash uploader integrated but as I understand it, it does not work with all browsers yet.


    @Dan - Tidypics uses the tokens correctly. There must be something wrong in your setup. If you want, check the source and see that the tokens are being used.