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Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2013-1-30
  • Downloads: 69004
  • Recommendations: 284

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Profile Manager for Elgg 1.7

Improved management of user and group profile fields

Last updated 233 days ago

Provides better use of profile fields, replaces (replace profile fields) and configurable group fields


  • importing default or custom fields
  • ordering of custom fields (drag and drop)
  • add profile types
  • add categories (draggable reordering, drop fields on categories to add)
  • adds dropdown, radio, multiselect and date field types
  • show on register form (profile fields only)
  • show output as tags
  • mandatory fields (for register form, profile fields only)
  • mandatory profile icon on register form
  • disallow editing of a specific field (applies to edit profile only)
  • replace profile fields access control with just one profile access option
  • backup / restore profile fields configuration
  • export user profile (meta)data to csv
  • a customized registration form
  • live check for valid username, email and password fields on registration form
  • control the fields shown on a user summary / listing view
  • a river event when user joins the site
  • login history view on users statistics page
  • admin listing + download of inactive users
  • profile completeness widget
  • register form widget


  • categories and types for groups 
  • multilingual options (in pulldown, radio, multiselect) 
  • Default values for fields (user specified)
  • Force empty fields on profile 
  • dependend fields
  • check existence of input/output views (in get_categorized function) 
  • check if fieldtype is enabled (in get_categorized function) 
  • handle disabled fieldtype options (in get_categorized function) 
  • handle empty fields on group details (in get_categorized function) 
  • handle field options on group edit  
  • replace profile type description with longtext instead of plaintext

Known issues:

  • on register error backward maintaining selected profile icon is impossible due to security reasons
  • longtext with tinymce too small when on first hidden

ColdTrick IT Solutions(c) 2013 ColdTrick IT Solutions

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Release Notes:

5.9 (2011-02-15):

  • added: hooks to extend categorized user/group profile items
  • fixed: group "show as tags" fields and multiselect are now searchable
  • fixed (in Elgg Core): Elgg 1.7.7 now enables correct use of multiselect fields for groups (Elgg Trac Ticket #2609)
  • removed: output/url view (no longer needed) (Elgg Trac Ticket #2840)

As a view has been removed please remove plugin before uploading the new version, so the view will also be removed.


  • This Script Lover 1145 days ago

    Having same issue with register page going blank after clicking register button?

    using Elgg 1.7.6 and profile manager 5.9

    Custom fields on register page.

    Any thoughts?


  • jerbalm 1143 days ago

    Hi, thanks for the cool plugin. I have some questions:

    1. Most importantly: although I mark certain profile fields in the admin panel to be shown in simple and advanced search, they do not appear in the member search. What do I need to change in order to have them appear and thus search by custom fields?

    2. the advanced search doesn't appear at all in my member search. How can I make it appear?

    3. When I click on sort alphabetical and run the search without further input, i get an error message (invalidparameterexception: File profile/small.jpg (file guid:0) (owner guid:877) is missing an owner!). How is it possible to filter my members by the first letter of their name? e.g. input "a" and sort alphabetical would return all members that start with an a. currently all members whose names contain an "a" are returned.


  • captnbob 1137 days ago

    I am having a problem on the register page.  I would like members to post a profile icon when they register.  But there is no place on the register form to place a profile icon.  When the user tries to register they get an error that they must post a profile icon.  What can I do?  I am using a theme and have this plugin placed below my theme in the tools admin.


    Elgg: 1.7.7

    Theme: Red Fashion.

  • Alex Moffett 1130 days ago

    I have a question about having users change their profile types versus having it done by admins only. 

    What I want is for only admins to be able to change the profile type, but I have a problem with the edit profile page:  when a non-admin is signed-in and editing their profile, they can see the profile fields for all of the profile types, and not just their own.  If an admin is logged in, or if I switch to allow users to change their profile types, they see only their own profile fields, which is what I want. 

    So basically what I'm asking is, is there some (fast) way that I can change either the settings or the code itself so that only admins can change the profile type, but a user can see only the profile fields that apply only to his own profile type?

  • stuartsloan 1127 days ago

    thanks for the great plugin one question is there any way to get the original datepicker back from the beta version?  i want to replace pm_datepicker with original date paicker.  any help would be great.

  • steviedean 1122 days ago

    I have a small issue when using "Add mandatory profile icon input field on register form" it does not upload the profile icon

  • Jeremy Leyden 1121 days ago

    what about tinymce?  right now, longtext just shows as a textarea, not a tinymce box.  How do I get the editor in there?

  • omartinez 1115 days ago

    How install this plugin? Its just copy/paste into the folder? in what folder i need to put this files.

  • Jeroen Dalsem 1115 days ago

    @stuartsloan you could use the datepicker plugin (http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/project/385112/developer/tomv/datepicker)

    @alexmoffet there is a plugin setting that allows only admins to switch profile types

    @steviedean will test it before releasing a new release

    @jeremy you need tinymce enabled to use longtext with tinymce. No other stuff required.

    @omartinez extract the zip and place files in the mod folder of your installation

  • emdagon 1110 days ago

    Hi Jeroen, first; thanks so much for this awesome plugin!

    I think I just found a bug, I don't know if you are aware of it; seems there is a problem with the groups access field, when I enable the "invisible groups" feature using profile_manager I can't see the user's groups on access pulldown in the edit group page.


  • Jeroen Dalsem 1110 days ago

    @emdagon is that only the case when on edit group profile? Do you also have that behaviour when profile manager is turned off?

  • emdagon 1110 days ago

    @Jeroen only happens when editing a group using profile_manager (with the ability to change the group visibility, from group module settings).

  • Jeroen Dalsem 1110 days ago

    @emdagon thanks, will look into it.

  • markoss20 1107 days ago

    @jdalsem  It is possible to give such sex selection? And then you have in search ? 

    Date of birthday and also in search??? 

    Sorry bad english :) 

    Thank you for your reply.

  • Jeroen Dalsem 1107 days ago

    @markoss20 yes you can. You can add a custom field gender/sex with the options male and female. Als dateofbirth can be added and added to the search.

    @emdagon i can confirm the issue with the invisible groups. Will be fixed in a next release.

  • Satheesh PM 1107 days ago

    @ Jeroen Dalsem  sir, your date pick is always displaying a previous date than the orginaly selected date. how to fix that ??

  • Jeroen Dalsem 1107 days ago

    Adjust your server timezone to the correct timezone.

  • Satheesh PM 1107 days ago

    @ Jeroen Dalsem sir i changed the date.timezone = "US/central" to  date.timezone = "Indian/Mahe" in php.ini in the public_html folder. no change. should i put SetEnv TZ Indian/Mahe in .htaccess file?

  • markoss20 1107 days ago



    But like this plugin : 


    calculating age...dateofbirth... friend birthdays... ?? 


  • Jeroen Dalsem 1106 days ago

    @markoss20 not like that plugin

  • djSupport 1105 days ago

    I've still got problems with this plugin so I'm giving up on it....

  • Jeroen Dalsem 1103 days ago

    @djSupport we fixed the issue described by you. A new version will be there soon.

  • Severinius 1102 days ago

    Hi Jeroen,

    I try to use the edit button but there is no action. I would like to customize some fields. I´m only able to delete the fields an create a new one.

    Is there any fix for that problem?


  • Satheesh PM 1101 days ago

    @Jeroen Dalsem, sir as you said i tried to change the time setting in php.ini and in tools administration profile_manager is showing time setting as 

    server time: 01:48:53
    server time (based on locale): 01:48:53
    client time: 12:18

    is it possible to set  date picker to select the client time instead of server time?