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  • Category: Photos and Images
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-1-28
  • Downloads: 1135
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Identicons for Elgg 1.7

Automatically-generated site icons using the identicon algorithm.

Last updated 1418 days ago

This plugin uses the identicon algorithm as implemented in the PHP identicon project library to generate a unique icon for each user on the site who does not have an uploaded icon.

This plugin requires PHP-GD to be installed. There are known problems with the Debian and Ubuntu release of this library, as they don't include the imagerotate() and imageantialias() function calls required for this code to work. Other distributions seem to be fine, and there are workarounds for this on Debian based systems. Such workarounds are outside the scope of support for this plugin, so please don't ask. :)

Release Notes:

Adds group icon support.


  • iionly 1328 days ago

    After upgrading from Elgg 1.6.2 to 1.7.2 there was a new identicon folder created in Elgg's data directory. Just then I noticed that there had been a "g/r/o/u/p/group:GID directory tree for group icons in Elgg 1.6.2. It seems that the new identicon folder holds the group icons now. Is that right? Is the old directory tree for group icons still needed or can it be deleted?

  • iionly 1250 days ago

    It seems the Identicons plugin doesn't work correctly anymore with Elgg 1.7.4. I wondered why some members changed their profile icon several times in a row just to apparently return to the identicon profile icon afterwards.

    Today I noticed that the uploaded picture is in the user's data folder but not shown even with the "Show identicon" option NOT checked. There's also a different identicon image shown and not the image created on the account details.

    Additionally, it seems it works sometimes to change the profile icon. Maybe the problem is at least partly also a browser issue.

    Has anyone noticed a similar issue?


  • Justin Richer 1173 days ago

    Identicons work fine with 1.7.x here, but other plugins can potentially break them. Make sure you don't have extraneous spaces in your other .php files: extra final spaces in start.php and various language/en.php files are the most common culprit. I had to recently trim the plugins on one of our sites, and after I did that, the identicons showed up just fine.

  • iionly 1173 days ago

    What do you mean with "extraneous spaces"? Just extra empty lines at the end of the files? Even that would not be easy to fix with quite a few plugins installed - hundreds of files to check...

  • Justin Richer 1173 days ago

    @iionly: yes, empty lines at the ends of files. Here's a PHP script to help find potentially bad files if you're on a unix system:

    echo '<?php $dir_iterator = new RecursiveDirectoryIterator("."); $iterator = new RecursiveIteratorIterator($dir_iterator, RecursiveIteratorIterator::SELF_FIRST); foreach ($iterator as $file){if (preg_match( "/\\?".">\\s\\s+\\Z/m", file_get_contents($file))) echo("$file\n");} ?>' | php

    This will only *find* the files, not fix them. Also, not every file is going to be a problem, just the ones that get loaded at startup time, which includes most start.php files and language files.

  • Dean 628 days ago

    beautiful avatars... much better than the default set. I hope it works well.