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  • Category: Tools
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-4-4
  • Downloads: 1388
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Subscriber for Elgg 1.7

Handle subscription to notifications from groups and members

Last updated 1476 days ago

This plugin handles subscription to notifications. What does it do ?

- For groups :

  • automaticly add a mail notification subscription when a member joins a group
  • open a popup window when someone joins a group, allowing him to select or not a notification method
  • remove notification subscription to the group whan someone leaves it
  • add a subscription option in the group owner box

- For users :

  • add a subscription option to members profile page
  • add a subscription option in the user owner box
  • send an email to the user when someone has subscribed to his contents

Pop up windows are handled by the jqpopup jquery extension.

Run on 1.6.1 and should run on 1.7 but i didn't test it. let me know

Unzip in your mod folder, activate it in the admin board, reload css caches and and viewpath if needed and then enjoy !

Release Notes:

- css improvements

- correction of gramatical errors in the english language file

- add a 'fetchint = safe' so the popup javascript is loaded only if used

- compatible with multisite environment (using my multisite plugin)

Note : in multisite environment, the widgets will display subscribers and susbscribed members from all the communities of the installation. If you need to display only the members of the current community,  you need to made the following changes to the view.php file of each widget :

line 44 :

if (!in_array($follower,$users))

must be changed to :

if (!in_array($follower,$users) && (check_entity_relationship($follower->guid, 'member_of_site', $CONFIG->site->guid)))


  • Trajan 1476 days ago

    @Fabrice - en language file looks good.

    Look forward to the fancybox.

    Great plugin.

  • Fabrice 1476 days ago

    @Trajan Ty for your feedback :)

  • Brad Clark 1473 days ago

    great plugin, thank you, it was just what i was looking for and needing.

  • Kiwi_Chris 1473 days ago

    is there a way for a user to opt out of being subscribed to?

  • Kiwi_Chris 1473 days ago

    What will you be notified about?

    I had a user upload a Photo - will this notify me?

  • Fabrice 1473 days ago

    @Kiwi_Chris : no there is no way for a user to opt out being notified to. But the notifications will be sent according to the elgg standard privacy, this means that if someone has subscribed to a member, he will be notified of the contents that his has rights to see and only those ones. If a member wants to limit the access to a specific contnet to his friends or a collection of friends or a group, you will be notified only if you belongs to one of these categories

  • Kiwi_Chris 1463 days ago

    great, thx for the reply.  and thank you for the plugin.

  • Antonio 1452 days ago

    How can I remove the subscribe popup in joining group? I want only add a subscription option in the group owner box, but i don't want popup window when someone joins a group. It's possible?

    Thanks for great plugin!!!

  • Fabrice 1452 days ago


    you need to comment the line :

    register_plugin_hook('action', 'groups/join', 'subscribe_joingroup_popup');

    in start.php

  • Antonio 1452 days ago

    Thank you very much!!!! :)

  • Brad Clark 1386 days ago

    Has anyone had any problems with this on 1.7.1 ?

  • munkee 1361 days ago

    Hi Brilliant plugin,

    Just a slight issue, I'm getting 'Subscribe' or 'Unsubscribe' appearing twice in the owner block on the left of the screen, anyone else getting this ?


    Mant thanks,.

  • DeFre 1032 days ago


    Just installed your plugin and so far it's working really good.

    I was looking for a plugin like this, but with even intenser options:

    The community I'm building is a rather small group of people (about 50) and the level of participation is bound to vary. Therefore I was looking for a way not only to open up the community beyond the site (by emphasising on e-mail notifications), but also focus on e-mail handling i.e. extensive digestion options as to not baffle people with notifications, but allow them to set digestion to

    once a day, once a week, once a month (for ex-volunteers who want to stay in the loop without participating), or rather triggered by group owners or "overruled" by admin.

    Do you think it would be possible to use your plugin as a basis for this, or is that a silly idea?

    Thanks for your contribution