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  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2011-11-30
  • Downloads: 1283
  • Recommendations: 1

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vazco_moderate (Group moderation) for Elgg 1.7

Moderation plugin for Elgg

Last updated 1183 days ago


When this plugin is enabled, each group after creation is visible only for admins and it's creator. Admin has to approve the group as valid in order for group to be visible to everyone. Alternatively, he can delete it.

After someone creates a group, it's visible only for the creator and admins. Admin has to approve the group as valid in order for group to be visible to everyone. He has to enter the group's profile and use the 'activate' or 'delete' button from the group's menu. This menu will appear above the group's description.

The plugin is clean, simple and easy to extend.


In commercial version, available at project's homepage (the link 'plugin homepage' in the left column) there are additional features:

  • a list of all groups that are created, available from administration page
  • notifications for admin when a new group is created, and for user when his group is accepted/rejected
  • text of notifications can be modified via standard Elgg translation files
  • compatibility with vazco_topbar - moderation is accessible from topbar's administration section as well when both plugins are used

More detailed description is available at project's homepage

Release Notes:

This version don't validate group after edit


  • Ron Wallace 1183 days ago

    I have installed and tested the latest commerical version of this plugin (ver 1.6) and it appears to have the validate group after edit fixed. I assume this free version will now be fixed too. This is good. Thank you Mike.

  • Ron Wallace 1182 days ago

    new issue: group aps are public even if group has not been moderated (authorized). For example. 1) Establish a Group. 2) Enter a Page, make it public -- we eventually want the group and the pages to be public. 3) Even though the group has not yet been moderated by the admin and does not display to the public, the group page does display to the public. I have not tried other group aps like blogs, etc -- but I expect they too will be visible to the public, even though group has not been moderated. 

  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 1182 days ago

    Ron, is this issue present in commercial version or in GPL version? Do you make group public with the use of group page -> edit form, or do you enter edit form from another page?

  • Ron Wallace 635 days ago

    We have the commercial version of this plugin for 1.7 that has worked well for us. Does anyone know if there is a 1.8 version available or at least in the works. I've tried send vazco several messages but have not received a reply. So wondering if anyone knows anything. 

  • Mike Zacher (vazco) 635 days ago

    Ron, you sent me a message at Saturday and Sunday when our office is closed. Currently there's no version for Elgg 1.8 although we can create one. I just replied to your messages, please check for details there.

  • Ron Wallace 634 days ago

    Sorry Mike. I lost track of time. I didn't even realilze it was the weekend. I got your message and appreciate your support. Sorry again. It's a busy time.