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  • Category: Tools
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2012-7-22
  • Downloads: 3983
  • Recommendations: 36


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Minify for Elgg 1.8

Speeds up Elgg by minifying Javascript and CSS

Last updated 1061 days ago


Each page in Elgg includes some core CSS and Javascript needed to make your site look and feel good to users.  However, these files can get pretty big pretty fast -- even without additional plugins they start off quite large (~70KB of CSS and ~25KB of Javascript).  However, a large portion of these files is whitespace, included only because that makes it easier for humans to read the code.  Minify removes this unnecessary whitespace from the core Elgg Javascript and CSS files before serving them to your users, saving ~25KB or more per page load (depending on what plugins you have enabled)!  This process is called "minification."  Check out the images on the left to see this in action.

Why install Minify?

Performance.  Minify will noticeably improve the page load time of practically every page on your Elgg-powered site.  Better performance means higher user satisfaction. 


How do I get Minify working on my Elgg-powered site?

Just drop it in your mod directory and enable it from the admin panel like any other plugin.  No special settings; no tricky customizations; no complicated build process.  Feel free to verify that it is working (and see the true impact for your site) by using an inspector like firebug.

Will Minify increase my server's CPU usage?

Not by any appreciable amount if you have Elgg's simplecache turned on.  This is because the minification will only have to happen one time.  Simplecache stores the crunched versions in static files on your server.  Therefore, subsequent requests for the js/css will pull the stored versions, and Minify will not have to execute again.  Let me put it this way -- it took you longer to read the question this explanation was written to address than it will take Minify to crunch your files for you.

Will Minify harm my source files?

Absolutely not.  Minify crunches your files in memory "on-the-fly" so the source files are left intact.


"This speed up my side, big thanks for your work, fantastic :)"

"Holy Crap!!! This makes a bunch of stuff run a lot quicker, feels like a I just completed a massive upgrade. Wicked!!!"

"Many thanks Evan... this works [like] a treat!"

Release Notes:

Now works ONLY with Elgg 1.8.  Versions for 1.7 and below are no longer supported.


  • ghumanz 946 days ago

    Is that possible to minify HTML too with this plugin.....

  • Hekolo 925 days ago

    Working great on my Elgg 1.8.01 installation! Recommended!

  • ToddP 922 days ago

    I'm new to Elgg, but this plugin is EXCELLENT!

  • Tom 918 days ago

    We installed and indeed, at first, site was quicker. But then after one day...slow...slow. Disabling this minify and boom... quick again...  Any ideas what this might be ???

  • Cash 918 days ago

    You only want minify on if simplecache is turned on. If not, it is running minify on every page load.

  • rbruhn 894 days ago

    Not sure why, but this actually slows my site down. I have simple cache enabled. I see the minified files and about 40k being saved in YSlow. Not sure why but definitely slower.


  • Stumpy 880 days ago

    Hey thanks for the great plugin, it's really apprecited.  recomended!

  • Nikolay 864 days ago

    When I turn on the minfy plugin ajax query 'ajax/view/js/languages?language=en' response too long (more then 4 times slower if minify is turned off).

    What should I do to increase it's speed? Mybe it's connected with

    http://trac.elgg.org/ticket/2877 ?

  • rohonupe99 829 days ago

    when this plugin in enabled, you cannot click on any of the dropdown menus in the administration area (useres, statistics, utilities, etc...)

  • rohonupe99 828 days ago

    TinyMCE features do not show when Minify is enabled

  • Cochise 788 days ago

    Im not see any of these bugs, but the site becomes slower.

    The page load increase from 6-15 secs to 40-50 secs

  • Tom 780 days ago

    Strange minify does not work.... anybody has a clue why it does not for some and seems to work for others?

  • opencook 747 days ago

    im looking for some basic plugin which my elgg really needs. now im reading page number 34 of 35 and found my first needed plugin! great thing. in every other project i make this. but elgg is to complex to realise it self....thanks

  • ajojavi 707 days ago

    More slow,,, I don´t understand this plugin...

  • Ron Wallace 636 days ago

    Anyone know if this minify .3 is suppose to work with elgg 1.8.8?  It appears to slow our site down. For almost all pages a white page appears between every elgg page.

  • Sparky 616 days ago

    Getting a bit stuck - unzipped, uploaded to mod directory, activated - mydomain.com/min/builder/ brings up a 404? Any ideas?

  • Miks101 587 days ago

    This plugin increased my cpu load by 3 times!! Had to delete it.....

  • SDBradio 576 days ago

    @miks101 agreed, mine also.  I'm running 1.8.8 | Plesk | Chrome Browser and this slowed every page load way down

    @Ron Wallace - same issues here.  4-5 second delay (blank white page) while navigating in between pages, refresh, etc...

    Had to delete this plugin...

  • kisssssss4ever 576 days ago

    I like this plugin, but please friends specially experts inform me. Is this okay or not? Because some negative comments I am reading this plugin is making sites more slower rather than faster.

    Experts leave your comments.... I do not want to install this untill I am 100% sure about this but I would love to have this plugin... Just worried and thinking shall I use or not ?


  • costakisc 575 days ago

    slowed my site to a crawl, seemedc like dial up speed almost


  • kisssssss4ever 575 days ago

    hahaha costakisc thanks for your personal experince and as you know I trust you. So better I stay away from this plugin :)

    Please try to clear up your tables from database so your site would be up and running once again.

    Take care

  • costakisc 575 days ago

    @kiss, thats just personal experience, everybodys site is different so you never know.  I would never put down a plugin, what works for some doesnt work for others.

    and clear up tables?  site is up and running, if you see it screwed up from time to time, its me playing around with code.  and got your pm will look into it


  • kisssssss4ever 575 days ago

    Here I am 100% agree costakisc with you, you are right some plugins work fine for some people and some are not. It could be due to web hosting or problems in editing somewhere in the core files. 

    To be honest this is very nice plugin a different one, I am going to try :)

  • DhrupDeScoop 575 days ago

    hey everybody, good mawning etc. i was gonna write up my usual 8c worth of prayers here. but then rescinded the decision and figured wat the heck ! might as well give the honor and opportunity to mister evan winslow the real developer for dissa plugin to wakey, grab hos coffee, get motivated, come here and spend some real quality time helping out his 'customers' & lolz & sorry for bothering y'all, but i do sincerely hope that evan winslow cares enough to come here and show us all how a community should be run - y'know - gpl, open source, sharing !?

  • DhrupDeScoop 575 days ago

    ohhhh forogot my 8 cents! dwang !

    Minify shud work well - most of the time for mist of the people.

    And.. K4E kinda said it 100% ! --
    just like everything else that you're paying @there for -
    * it depends on your server/hosting *

    e.g. server power that is way too little will likely suffer
    when we put on 'performance toys' which need extra CPU ;-)
    if your 'hosting' has whatever rules and traps about cpu usage