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Pedro Prez

elgg developer / php / ajax and more


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-5-15
  • Downloads: 2082
  • Recommendations: 13

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Flyer for Elgg 1.7

This Plugin allow to show a message to the users that iniciated session. The messages is shown as a lightbox.

Last updated 1394 days ago

This Plugin allows to show a message to the users that iniciated session. The messages is shown as a lightbox. The administrator of the site can also choose to show the site announcements or a customized message.

To correctly activate this plugin please read the README.txt file.

To correctly configure the plugin the administrator of the site must click the "Show" button in the plugin link settings (yoursite.com/pg/flyer/setup)

Plugin developed by Keetup.

Release Notes:

  • Better integration with the like module and some extra features at the options.
  • Added support to show a message one time or several times.


  • Trajan 1361 days ago

    I'm getting a missing token ts fields after saving the flyer_setup.

    Using 1.7.1 on a LAMP (HostGator)

    Any thoughts?

  • Trajan 1360 days ago

    Apologies, this was caused by the IZAP plugin handing out missing tokens to all actions on the site. Flyers works fine.

  • iionly 1360 days ago

    @Trajan: which version of the IZAP plugin is causing the token problem?

  • ura soul 1284 days ago

    when I set 'show the flyer only one time' to 'yes'.. 

    I am unable to change the setting back to 'no'.

  • Andras Szepeshazi 1256 days ago

    Pedro, this is nice, thanks! I found a potential bug: if you add content that contains line breaks, it will break your script's functionality with an "unterminated string literal" JS error. This is because you inject the content via the following javascript code:

    $('.lbHome .lightbox-content').html(<?php echo $vars['content'] ?>).addClass('flyer-content');

    And, of course, if the content contains line breaks, this will lead to the unterminated string literal error. I think a better approach is to put the content in a hidden div and read it from there. This is the change I did to handle content with line breaks correctly (views/default/flyer/flyer.php):

        <div id='flyer-content' style="display:none; visibility: hidden;">
            <?php echo $vars['content'] ?>

        <script type="text/javascript">
                function() {
                    var content = $('#flyer-content').html();
                    $('.lbHome .lightbox-content').html(content).addClass('flyer-content');

  • ura soul 1205 days ago

    i'm now using the later version of this plugin in elgg 1.7.6 and finding that i can insert a table into a flyer text body on my local install but not on my public site.. i have yet to find why.. the table is removed completely when i save the flyer content..

    any idea why? anyone?


  • ura soul 1205 days ago

    update: this was being caused by htmlawed.. disabling it stopped the issue..

    not sure why htmlawed is stripping tables out in one installation and not in another.. i'll keep looking

  • Vagsiarom 962 days ago

    Congratulations on your plugin works Elgg 1.7.9. Only it does not work if one added the text formatting such as bold or temporarily place image, or even a text link to another page. Allow inserting image with a link would be good.

  • Michele 657 days ago

    Works fine on 1.7.14! Will it also be available for 1.8.xx?