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  • Category: Tools
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-5-26
  • Downloads: 2102
  • Recommendations: 5

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Dokuwiki for groups for Elgg 1.7

Integrates dokuwiki into elgg so every group can have its own wiki

Last updated 1071 days ago

Adds wikis for elgg, and integrates the permission system. For elgg 1.7.1

Every group gets a wiki option on their configuration, and when enabled means the group has a wiki group members can edit. The acls can be edited like the dokuwiki ones, but will refer to elgg groups and users.

This is an experimental effort, and help on debugging and testing is appreciated. Note a few changes where made to dokuwiki to be able to integrate it, so additional plugins to be installed need a few changes.

Important:, check the README document, for some changes to be made to your .htaccess file for the plugin to work properly.

Release Notes:

Fixes a number of issues:

  • part of topbar not working on wiki pages
  • wrongly adding messages to river on edit instead of save
  • dokuwiki acl manager not working
  • remove wikis link on main menu, now only accesible through groups

Add dokuwiki plugins:

  • s5reloaded for wiki slideshows
  • odt for openoffice export of dokuwiki pages

Add some languages:

  • French
  • Portuguese


  • M.R.A. Welkers 1287 days ago

    I really like this plugin! However it does fill my error log with tons of errors. The sidebar doesn't show the table of contents but created an id error when displaying sidebar. Here is just a snippet from my error log. Page handler error?

    [Fri Oct 08 16:38:11 2010] [error] [client]
    [Fri Oct 08 16:38:11 2010] [error] [client] 2
    [Fri Oct 08 16:38:11 2010] [error] [client] DOKUWIKI_OPEN:/data/websites/DIVJK/acceptatie/synaps-acc/htdocs/mod/dokuwiki/lib/dokuwiki/doku.php
    [Fri Oct 08 16:38:11 2010] [error] [client] DOKU_INC:/data/websites/DIVJK/acceptatie/synaps-acc/htdocs/mod/dokuwiki/lib/dokuwiki/
    [Fri Oct 08 16:38:11 2010] [error] [client] DOKU_REL:/pg/dokuwiki/110/
    [Fri Oct 08 16:38:11 2010] [error] [client] DOKU_URL:http://synaps-acc/pg/dokuwiki/110/
    [Fri Oct 08 16:38:11 2010] [error] [client] DOKU_BASE:/pg/dokuwiki/110/

    I noticed your last update in the code repository was 2 months ago. Have you changed anything since then in the code? If yes, could you maybe update it, so I'm not updating things you have already done...

  • Rosana 1273 days ago

    I get a Fatal error with the call to isAdmin() in dokuwiki/inc/auth/elgg.class.php on line 98

    Could you help me?

  • Aníbal Salazar 1205 days ago

    Hi, thanks for the plugin, but it doesn't work if the elgg installation it's made on subdirectories, like the one i have. By the way i like the way you installed it on n-1 lorea's network.

  • Leo de Carvalho 1146 days ago

    @Aníbal Salazar, the problem is in paht of DOKU_BASE and DOKU_URL. Change the lines between 99 and 108 with the following passage:


    define('DOKU_REL', '/pg/dokuwiki/'.$entity_guid."/");

    define('DOKU_BASE', $CONFIG->wwwroot.'pg/dokuwiki/'.$entity_guid."/");

    define('DOKU_URL', $CONFIG->wwwroot.'pg/dokuwiki/'.$entity_guid."/");



    else {

    $data_path = $CONFIG->dataroot.'wiki';

    define('DOKU_REL', '/pg/dokuwiki/');

    define('DOKU_BASE', $CONFIG->wwwroot.'pg/dokuwiki/');

    define('DOKU_URL', $CONFIG->wwwroot.'pg/dokuwiki/');


  • Leo de Carvalho 1143 days ago

    @caedesthere is a bug in search. No results are found.

    Add the line "global $ID;" in line 15 of file elgg_install_dir/mod/dokuwiki/lib/dokuwiki/lib/exe/indexer.php to repair this bug


  • Jean-Philippe Magué 1091 days ago


    I've just installed Dokuwiki for Groups on an Elgg 1.7.7. When I logout and go back to the home page of my elgg, I got a white page. As anyone experienced that ? Any workaround ?