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Pedro Prez

elgg developer / php / ajax and more


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-7-12
  • Downloads: 13205
  • Recommendations: 52

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River Comments for Elgg 1.7

This plugin add the comments feature to the riverdashboard, it is very similar to facebook.

Last updated 1381 days ago


This plugin has been based on the facebook comments feature.

Let the users to comments inline in the riverdashboard. 

You can test this module logging in on http://demo.keetup.com Thanks!

if you really like this plugin recommend it, I would really appreciate it

Release Notes:

  • Better integration with the likes module.
  • I have separated the button of the comment action, as facebook does.

I also recommend the update of the last likes plugin (if you use it)



  • Hekolo 1360 days ago

    It doesn't run in my theme...any suggestions? ;-)

  • Trajan 1359 days ago

    A bug?

    Situation: user A posts a group_forum_topic which shows in river. User B replies from the group forum page. User A replies from group forum page. User B then adds a comment to the river of the original post, but it doesn't show up in the group forum page.

    Hope you can understand that.

  • patriot 1354 days ago

    Thumbs up!Works with 1.7.1 and 1.7.2b

  • Forexoval 1353 days ago

    Thanks work on http://www.forexoval.com social network forex :)

    Thanks to Pedro Prez

  • Per Jensen 1349 days ago

    I have an error in the email when writing comments to thewire posts. Item is missing in the message:

    You have a new comment on your item "" from Username. It reads:...

    When commenting blogs there's no problem:

    You have a new comment on your item "New Blog" from Username. It reads:...

     What can be wrong?


  • manfred salomon 1337 days ago


    i would like to display comments to the wire

    who knows how to do that?

    greetings from cologne/germany


  • triout 1337 days ago

    @ manfred

    wire is the first plugin added in the start menu, you should just have to enable it in your tool settings after enabling the plugin.

  • triout 1337 days ago

    I've added Messageboard to the river_comments start and settings files, works wonderfully EXCEPT when a page owner comments on their OWN messageboard posts...after refreshing the page, that comment will appear on EVERY one of the owners messageboard posts!!??

    BIG bug, anyone have ideas on how to fix this??

  • RPGRealms 1337 days ago

    Not a bug.

  • manfred salomon 1337 days ago

    @ triout and @ll no, no, no . .  ;-)))

    you mean:

      if (get_plugin_setting('show_thewire', 'river_comments') != 'no') {
       extend_view('river/object/thewire/create', 'river_comments/comments', $priority);

    that is not the thing  . . . .

    i would like to show comments und add comments in the

    "the wire widget" and "the wire" itself

    not only in the river


  • manfred salomon 1336 days ago

    @ rpgrealms and @ pedro

    perhaps it's not a bug in the database relation, but it looks buggy ;-))

  • iaenus 1329 days ago

    Doesn't show the publication time in the river, only show which has a comment. Is this a bug?

  • democracy 1311 days ago


    I have enabled "river_comments", but no luck for me. River Comments Setting is also empty! Any clue, any one???

  • Rahul 1309 days ago

    hi i want to embed quillpad="true " tag to enter my local language please tell me where i need to add this tag for text areas of river comments

  • GMA 1304 days ago

    Please read if you want this feature to be included in river_comments.  Thanks all.


  • TahoeBilly 1303 days ago

    Wow! One the best moments of my ELGG life of a few years, popped it in and it works great!!

    Does anyone know how to get the "add a comment" box to be moved up top like Facebook? Is there a plugin?

  • GMA 1303 days ago


    You can put TheWire on top ala Facebook.

  • Samad 1297 days ago


    I have enabled "river_comments", but it doesn't show up the button "save" to submit the plugin settings:

    If you have problems with ajax, please disable this option


    Do you like show the "comment" feature for...


    the wire on the river?

    blog on the river?

    page on the river?

    discussion topic on the river?

    event calendar page on the river?

    Plugin developed by Keetup, Elgg development


    and that's it no button to confirm and the plugin is not functional.

  • lina nguyen 1280 days ago

    i have a same question's Samad.I don't see a button to confirm and the plugin is not fuctional ?Thanks

  • Samad 1272 days ago

    Ok I found that the river comments settings are savable only through tool administration panel.

  • democracy 1271 days ago

    Hello all,

    Does any one know why "River Comments Settings" is empty in my site! Well, the comment is also not working me, as you understand from the earlier line!

    Thanks in advance for your kind reply!

  • zenin 1270 days ago


    I could save all the settings perfectly, but the comment is not working in the dashboard. Is there anything wrong..??

  • Pedro Prez 1269 days ago

    What is the version of your elgg site? Can you share us the url of your site so we can take a look?

    The settings is empty because it is based on a skeleton plugin generator I have and this plugin do not require a settings view. I did not remove it because I guess I can need it some time.


  • democracy 1267 days ago


    This is on my local host, elgg 17.1, win -7, xampp


    Here it works.



    This is on the linux server,


    Here it does not work,  the comment box do not even apear!

  • Pedro Prez 1267 days ago

    Hello I guess you have not the same database into the different servers, do you?