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Pedro Prez

elgg developer / php / ajax and more


  • Category: Tools
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2010-6-25
  • Downloads: 1700
  • Recommendations: 12


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River Extended (url preview) for Elgg 1.0

This module adds functionalities to the river dashboard.

Last updated 1398 days ago

Extend your river, this will allow you to:    -preview the urls sites you add.    -transform the texts preceded by # to a link (this will be searchable)

** TODO *** Cache the url to reduce the quantity of http requests to the server that generates the previews.


Thanks Marc Widmer


  • [cim] 1398 days ago

    this is another great plugin but i hate the fact that the previews are generated within 24 hours :(

  • bman 1398 days ago

    Nice, already had it written in a different way, but glad you released it while I finally got to sleep.  Thank you for not including ping_home as well.  Your work is truly exceptional and you are a valued asset to the community and I look forward to anything you release.

  • jaxcatz 1398 days ago

    It takes 24hrs for a preview ? hmm....

  • [cim] 1398 days ago

    @jaxcatz i took me within 30 mins so page glimpse staff actually work around the clock :)

  • David Stawowy 1398 days ago

    Hello pedro.

    Can you develop plugin which can display more contetnt? Like posts in Twitter and Facebook.

    Sometin like this:



  • David Stawowy 1398 days ago


    Thank you for your message and plugin. I have a few question. Can you setting #hasttags to look the same like twitter? I mean without heading "Wire post", "Tidypics", just one Heading - "Realtime search results" with the same design like twitter. This will be much attractive for user.

    Second case. Idea with integrate your plugin with Wire post is good, but it will be much better when you will integrate this plugin with Riverdasboard. Please add the same textfield like the Wire post, but in the river page. This will be familliar like in Facebook home page with post. This will be much better.

    Third. thumbnails is not available. Tell my why isnt working? I dont see any thumbs...

    Here is example how this should like:


  • Faisal 1398 days ago

    Hi Pedro Prez!

    Is it possible to add the capability to delete the activity from river dashboard and ofcourse from activity widget (with ajax :-}  )?

  • Faisal 1398 days ago

    I mean the activity item/annotation

  • David Stawowy 1398 days ago

    Now, I know why this plugin is not showing up thumbs. There is a bug when you add link. When you add link, like this http://, nothing is show up. but when you type adress www.example.com, thumb is show. Please fix this. its so confusing for user!

  • gushbellino 1396 days ago

    Hello Pedro,

    As always, this is a great plugin!!!

  • Trinity Rolling 1395 days ago

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I have to tell users to type their URLs a certain way (www.google.com #google) in order for the preview to work properly 24hrs later?

  • idiotter 1394 days ago

    Hi Pedro 

    Thanks for this plugin ... it would be great if my support was the kickoff and you would maintain it (implement some requests above) ...



  • Trajan 1379 days ago

    Strangely confused! Installed, got API key etc etc.

    Followed the example in the images preview here. But I don't get the desired result. I'm aware of the 24 hour thing. If you read deeper that's actually only if they don't already have a thumbnail of the website you're looking for.

    I tested with facebook which they should have. This was my code:

    facebook www.facebook.com #facebook #urlpreview

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Trajan 1379 days ago

    Ah ok, I got it. It came through although the thumbnail didn't show. Maybe coz I'm on a localhost.

  • RPGRealms 1379 days ago

    could you just have the plugin automatically add the #urlpreview tag to the input once received? Would save potential confusion and forgetfulness by users.

    While you may not ever need it again, it wouldn't hurt to send it (I'm guessing) and then the user would never have to worry about it.

  • David Stawowy 1366 days ago

    Can anyone tell me why #hastgas is inactive in the Wire posts, but works  in Riverdashboard?

  • sianw 1320 days ago

    has anyone else started seeing invalid developer code images when you have an active code and have inserted and saved it correctly in the plugin's tool administration?

    pageglimpse's only answer is to hard code every url. obviously not an option for us guys.

  • Chrisstoffer 1320 days ago

    *** If the preview is not showing, then check if it links to http://http:// ... ***


    If it does add this extra "http://" then the bug is to be found at:


    line 63, replace: url = "http://{$url}";

    with: url = "{$url}";


    This worked for me and I am now using it!

  • bujji1 1314 days ago

    @pedro :- It is working fine . Only problem I noticed is sometimes it says " Wait for the preview message " and even If I refresh the page also same message . But If I go to some other page and come again it works perfect .

    Thanks for this nice plugin

  • Chrisstoffer 1313 days ago

    I think it is because it simply need to be updated on _your_ comp. Like when you change CSS, then it either takes a while for you to see (but not the ones who just logged in as far as I know).

  • soldierone 1255 days ago


    Just got an email about PageGlimpse.com they are going to be Closing Down in December next month. So this plugin and all other plugins as they said via email will not be working soon... Here is the email I got:

    Dear PageGlimpse User,

    After more than three years of providing the best FREE web page thumbnails capture service on the web, we're sorry to announce that we have to shut it down. As traffic and cost increases we had to make a very difficult decision. Shutting this service down would allow us to invest more time in other projects we currently have. Effective December 15, 2010, web thumbnails placed on web pages using PageGlimpse will not be displayed anymore. The Wordpress plugin will stop functioning as well.

    We would like to thank you for your interest and support of PageGlimpse.

    As of today we are putting PageGlimpse up for sale, and we would like to entertain offers to acquire the technology and related assets. We are serving over 100 million API requests each month, and we have thousands of users using the service today. If we are unable to find a buyer for the service, we will be shutting it down and the technology would be used for other projects we have. If you're interested in buying the PageGlimpse service and all related assets, send an email to contact@pageglimpse.com.


    Marcio Castilho CEO & Co-Founder PageGlimpse.com


  • survtime 1225 days ago

    Is there a possibility to rewrite this plugin with something like shrinktheweb.com instead of pageglimpse?  Just a thought.

  • Russell McLoughlin 1058 days ago


    We are using this plugin in conjunction with the Question and Answer plugin and I was noticing that sometimes this plugin tries to generate hash tags out of anchor links (http://www.google.com#ananchor.

    The fix I found is to replace on line 37 of start.php:

    $returnvalue =  preg_replace_callback('/(#)([A-Za-z0-9\_\-\/]+)/i',


    $returnvalue =  preg_replace_callback('/^(http:\/\/)(#)([A-Za-z0-9\_\-\/]+)/i',


    Great plugin, thank you!