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  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2012-2-20
  • Downloads: 13825
  • Recommendations: 97

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Westors Elgg Manager for Elgg 1.7

Comfortable RIA (Rich Internet Application) interface for various functions. Users can view and edit external contacts, send e-mails, manage their friends and groups. Admins can manage Elgg users, groups, external contacts, bulk messages and SMS.

Last updated 774 days ago

This cool plugin is helpful for admins and for normal users. A comfortable AJAX interface helps to manage users, friends, external contacts, groups and messages. One can send bulk e-mail and SMS to a bunch of users or friends. You can easily search in your messages history.

Admins have more options then normal users, like delete or edit user data, block or unblock user, activate or deactivate.

SMS functions are supported. Please contact me for your use cases and special backend connections you want to have.

The instruction manual comes in form of some screenshots with comments. Please visit the projects home.

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Release Notes:


- display userprofile page on same page did not work. FIXED

- settings option "User is allowed to send messages to all users" was saved well, but on reload still "no" was shown as saved option. FIXED


- added flexible configuration option for table columns (gives possibility to hide email column) separate for admins and users

If you like the plugin, please don't forget to click on the "recommendation" link. That will helf for further developement. :-)


  • westor 1307 days ago

    Sorry, this release was accidently set to private, I changed this. Now download should be possible for public. Thanks all for the feedback.

  • westor 1306 days ago

    Thx, ilroa. Yes, we will have more group functions, e.g to send messages to a whole group. But I'm courious about the needs of the plugin users, so I set priorities. Many users seems to wait impatient for SMS features.

  • marwin89 1305 days ago

    Westor, your tool is really great. I have one issue: add a friend brings a server error for me. The usr is added to friendlist, but no mail was sent.

  • westor 1305 days ago

    Well I see. This will be fixed in the next release.

  • jededitor 1304 days ago

    Works nicely...

  • Mark Bridges 1304 days ago

    This plugin is getting better and better... thanks!  But when I try to delete a "Not Activated" user, it confirms the action, I click yes, but it does not seem to delete the user sucessfully.

    I also seem to be having a problem with getting email to "fly", I have several in the outbox, cron is set and running at /minute but they site there. (I am having several issues with email at the moment, but do not understand why)

  • westor 1304 days ago

    Hi Mark, thank you for feedback. I will look at these issues. Are your problems with emails in general or only with the mails, generated by my plugin?

    which version of elgg do you use?


  • Mark Bridges 1304 days ago

    Alas, it seems to be email in general, and it is well beyond my understanding, I am using 1.7.3 (just upgraded... I thought it went really well... but now I am stressed!)  Elgg seems to horrendously fragile :-(

  • westor 1304 days ago

    But note: only those emails, generated by my plugin, can successful be handled by the cron job. Normally all other mails should be sended emmediatly by elgg.

  • westor 1303 days ago

    @mark: regarding not activated users you are right - I will fix this for the next release. Regarding you mail problems, I'm not shure how to help you? Did you configure you mail server well? Can you send mails with php in general?

  • DRAFHA Community 1303 days ago

    Hmm, your plugins just show a blank page, i have test it on Mozilla v3.6

  • westor 1303 days ago

    @DRAHFA: Could you give me more info? elgg version, php version and server error log snippet?

  • Per Jensen 1303 days ago

    One minor hard coded text "one of one row" :)

  • westor 1303 days ago

    @gillie: yes, I know this, but believable or not, this requires a little more effort and I priorized this down in relation to bugs and other features. How did you find out which strings are hard coded?

  • Per Jensen 1303 days ago

    Sorry, by I'm running a multilingual site (english danish), so I just hunt 'em down :-)

  • DRAFHA Community 1302 days ago

    The frame and title is still show, but the ElggMan not show.. So, inside the frame just show a white page. Elgg version 1.7.3 php 5.2.14

    For the error log, sorry, i have delete it.

  • DRAFHA Community 1302 days ago

    The screenshot

    This is the screenshot

  • westor 1302 days ago

    @DRAFHA, I  looked at the source of the resulting code of your page.

    You must have running some kind of software, which is rewriting some code.

    In your language file /languages/en.php is the following line:

        'ElggMan:groups:help' => 'Please use the mouse to <strong>drag and drop groups</strong> you want to join or leave.<br>For the groups <strong>marked with an *</strong> you are the group owner. <font color=\'grey\'>[Groups in grey]</font> are closed groups.',

    But the generated javascript code then was produced as:
    <span style="color: grey; ">[Groups in grey]</span>

    Do you have a glue, which plugin could be responsible for that?

    Please try to change this line eg. to:

        'ElggMan:groups:help' => "Please use the mouse to <strong>drag and drop groups</strong> you want to join or leave.<br>For the groups <strong>marked with an *</strong> you are the group owner. <span style=\"color: grey; \">[Groups in grey]</span> are closed groups.",

    or alternative remove the bold marked tag, so see if this is working.


  • DRAFHA Community 1301 days ago

    I don't know what plugin that cause this problem. This problem not found at the previous version of ElggMan..
    Ok, thank you. I will try it.

  • westor 1301 days ago

    Yes, please give me feedback... I didn't change that line from the former version to the actual, so I assume another plugin as origin of that problem.

  • DRAFHA Community 1299 days ago


    Still not work.. I have change it to as what you said.

  • westor 1299 days ago

    In your source code still is:

    var ElggMan_groups_help="Please use the mouse to <strong>drag and drop groups</strong> you want to join or leave.<br>For the groups <strong>marked with an *</strong> you are the group owner. <span style="color: grey; ">[Groups in grey]</span> are closed groups.";

    In your language file is:

    'ElggMan:groups:help' => 'Please use the mouse to <strong>drag and drop groups</strong> you want to join or leave.<br>For the groups <strong>marked with an *</strong> you are the group owner. <font color=\'grey\'>[Groups in grey]</font> are closed groups.',

    As you can see, the quotes do not work correct in your code. You have to find out, which plugin is responsible for rewriting or you have to remove the 'span' tag or you have to quote the string in another way, e.g.

    'ElggMan:groups:help' => 'Please use the mouse to <strong>drag and drop groups</strong> you want to join or leave.<br>For the groups <strong>marked with an *</strong> you are the group owner. <span style="color: grey; ">[Groups in grey]</span> are closed groups.',

  • Mark Bridges 1299 days ago

    @westor, I have this on my 1.7.3 site and it works very well and I have quite a lot of plugins active.  The only issue I find though is that I can not delete non activated users... the progress meter shows but then the check goes and the listing is still there.  I am also not certain that the messages are flying... is there any way there could be a flown confirmation?  I manually ran pg/cron/minute/ but there was no message indicating a job was completed.

  • DRAFHA Community 1298 days ago

    Hmm, im already change the language files en.php with the code did you write above. Im remove the old tag and paste new tag that you write above, after it im run upgrade.php..
    No effect, what is the best way i should do?
    What i should disable all plugins and re-activated it 1 by 1?
    XD there are hundred of plugins on my site..

  • westor 1297 days ago

    @mark: yes I fixed this already. May be I can release a bugfix at the end of that week.

    @DRAFHA: Yes I saw, there are thousends of plugin... ;-) I'm have have a free minute, I will look at your source again.