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  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2012-2-20
  • Downloads: 13841
  • Recommendations: 97

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Westors Elgg Manager for Elgg 1.7

Comfortable RIA (Rich Internet Application) interface for various functions. Users can view and edit external contacts, send e-mails, manage their friends and groups. Admins can manage Elgg users, groups, external contacts, bulk messages and SMS.

Last updated 775 days ago

This cool plugin is helpful for admins and for normal users. A comfortable AJAX interface helps to manage users, friends, external contacts, groups and messages. One can send bulk e-mail and SMS to a bunch of users or friends. You can easily search in your messages history.

Admins have more options then normal users, like delete or edit user data, block or unblock user, activate or deactivate.

SMS functions are supported. Please contact me for your use cases and special backend connections you want to have.

The instruction manual comes in form of some screenshots with comments. Please visit the projects home.

If you like the plugin, please click on the "Recommendations" link in the upper right.

Release Notes:

A file in the 0.9.5 was missing. This is the full version of 0.9.5 again should run now.

Current count 444 Downloads, 21 recommendations - thanks - it's time for an update!If you thougt, this plugin is cool, you will possibly find, it has become much more cooler with this new theme. Of course you are able to use the "old" theme instead.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Server error when sending friend requests. FIXED
  • Delete of not activated users didn't work. FIXED
  • On one website the language file seems to lead to problems in combination with other plugins. CHANGED

New Features:

  • new cool "Dark Theme"
  • theme switch possible from new settings tab

If you like the plugin, please don't forget to click on the "recommendation" link upper right of this page. That will helf for further developement. :-)


  • westor 1293 days ago

    Please check out, this should work now.

  • westor 1293 days ago

    Screenshot dark theme

  • westor 1293 days ago

    @all: Please give me feedback, if its working now. To get informed about new releases you could follow me here or start a friendship with me http://www.community-software-24.com/.

  • DhrupDeScoop 1293 days ago


    I installed on v.1.7.3 on my XAMPP.

    I think I should really be testing on my server because XAMPP does not send EMails out ;-( but can test other functions here anyway.... This PlugIn definitely needs a thorough study ;-P

  • Clyde K 1293 days ago

    Well...I can say this: This is slick!!!  I love the interface (the modern is easier to read than the dark) and being able to see all the members with their emails and start dates is a treat!

    I have not tested sending emails, joining/leaving groups and such yet (using 1.7.1) but already give this a BIG 'Recommend'!

  • westor 1293 days ago

    Thx Clyde.

    @DhrupDeScoop: I'm also using xampp, and if you have configured you smtp you should be able to send mails with php. To send mails in the background (for mass mails recommended) your cron should be configured.


  • TahoeBilly 1293 days ago

    Westor very cool, can I change the name in the top bar menu from Elgg Man to message center? I hope you dont mind, howmight I do that. Also the theme is very different from my site and also somewhat small text on my screen, what does it take to theme it? Can you do that for a fee?

  • Clyde K 1293 days ago

    Yes...very cool...same request though:  How to change the menu item 'ElggMan' to something else...My members have no idea what Elgg is!!!

  • DhrupDeScoop 1293 days ago

    @TB -->


        $english = array(
        'ElggMan_' => "ElggMan",

    change to -->
        'ElggMan_' => "Message Center",


  • DhrupDeScoop 1293 days ago


    I thot I'd answer that menu label question quickly now b/c I do believe that Westor (Torsten Wesolek - as y'all already knowz;-) is right about now.. fast asleep ;-)


  • Zakary Venturo 1293 days ago

    greatest little test tool for email, especially when using xampp



  • westor 1293 days ago

    @TahoeBilly: Yes I think you found the place in the language file, where you can change the menue entry?

    Of course I can do styling work for special needs. To develope a complete style is a time consuming task, but small changes are easy possible. If you would give me your requests, I'll make you an offer.


  • TahoeBilly 1292 days ago

    Thanks Torsten. First off the entire plugin seems to right justify on my screen, can we make it center?

    That would be a start. I can certainly see wanting a custom theme at some point, not yet, but upon sufficient growth of my sites.

  • westor 1292 days ago

    @billy I answered via mail :-)

  • Clyde K 1292 days ago

    Tested the messages, ban, delete etc...I have to use the send email button (right click...send email...removes the check and gives a 'Please select at least one item with email address' error. 

    Love this whole thing though.  One question: Where does the 'External Contacts' list come from?  Omni_Inviter? (I have that set to 'use email address' only since I never got the yahoo, gmail, etc to work.) Or is it from another mod?

    Thanks again...great work on this one.

  • westor 1292 days ago

    @Clyde: External contacts are meant as contacts you want to save, who are not part of the community right now. Especcially I use this to send mails or SMS to my friends and contacts, independend if they are Elgg users or not.
    I have an import tool for outlook data in an early state, but I don't want to release this at the moment.
    These contacts are not from any other mod, and they are private to the person who creates them.
    Really, you are right, there is a "right click bug" - thank you. Deselection is ok, but it should then use the actual user for sending a message.

  • vdan 1292 days ago

    Hi Westor

    Your plugin looks cool. However I would like to switch to the "old" theme from the Admin, I get error message: "Async(2) exception: Server error 6: Permission Denied [3]". No clue which permission is needed here.


  • Clyde K 1292 days ago

    OK Westor...thanks...So the 'external contacts' list should be blank for now then.  I will look forward to your 'import tool'...it would be a great way to build new membership!

  • vdan 1292 days ago

    To clarify my previous post: the message I get is a popup from my browser. I am using elgg v1.7.3.

    However, after some further investigation, the pb is not just when switching theme. Using Firebug, I could see that as soon as the elggman page is loaded



    the browser gets the following response

    {"error":{"origin":1,"code":6,"message":"Permission Denied [3]"},"id":1}

    even though there is no popup at this stage. And then firebugs complains with the following:

    uncaught exception: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [@name='generic_comment'] [Break on this error] elggmanMainContainer.rpc.callAsync(fun...ebug("Async("+eL+") exception: "+eK); gzqx.php?r=0.9.5 (ligne 18032)

    And the loading image goes round and round forever. And when I use the drop-down menu, Firebug outputs errors such as:


    elggmanMainContainer.__up is null [Break on this error] if(ElggMan_Admin||W==dY){elggmanMainContainer.__up.setVisibility(dU); gzqx.php?r=0.9.5 (ligne 18071)

    Maybe something is wrong with my installation but it is pretty new, and should be rather standard. I have included the traces above in case it could help...


  • vdan 1291 days ago

    A last comment from my side for today (I promise!). After some research, I could see that a similar issue was faced by iionly, as shown in a thread for an old version of this plugin. I am not using the RefControl plugin of Firefox, so that is not the issue for me...


  • westor 1291 days ago

    @vdan: This looks like a problem with same origin policy of the browser. Do you use https somewhere? Can you give me your url and a test account? We can go on via eMail, to see where the problem could be.

  • Per Jensen 1291 days ago

    This really is a great plugin :)

    The only disadvantage I can think of is that it doesn't fit into whatever theme is used, like plugins usually does.

    Theme styling has been up I see, but could you tell where to edit overall width of the table, as it breaks the site width.

  • westor 1291 days ago

    @gillie -  nex release will give possibility to set the width of the columns and the minimal width of the plugin too, this should help.


  • TahoeBilly 1291 days ago

    Torsten also I don't know how much work it might be, but I like my fonts somewhat larger than most. I think development, not just yours, is done too darn small! I would lobe to see a larger box oeverall, custom sizing would be ideal, and if any way to just "zoom" the entire interface to easier to read or provide some adjusting. I may be asking alot, I don't know.