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  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2012-2-20
  • Downloads: 13861
  • Recommendations: 97

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Westors Elgg Manager for Elgg 1.8

Comfortable RIA (Rich Internet Application) interface for various functions. Users can view and edit external contacts, send e-mails, manage their friends and groups. Admins can manage Elgg users, groups, external contacts, bulk messages and SMS.

Last updated 781 days ago

This cool plugin is helpful for admins and for normal users. A comfortable AJAX interface helps to manage users, friends, external contacts, groups and messages. One can send bulk e-mail and SMS to a bunch of users or friends. You can easily search in your messages history.

Admins have more options then normal users, like delete or edit user data, block or unblock user, activate or deactivate.

SMS functions are supported. Please contact me for your use cases and special backend connections you want to have.

The instruction manual comes in form of some screenshots with comments. Please visit the projects home.

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Release Notes:

To show, that the plugin is 1.8 copatible now I lifted the version number to 1.8.

Bugs:- font and background colors in message center read area encumbered reading - FIXEDEnhancements + features:- running with Elgg 1.8 and older versions (should be run from 1.5 up to 1.8 now)


  • Purus 948 days ago

    After enabling this plugin, the site does not showup in Internet Exploer 7.0 but works fine with Firefox.

    Due to this I have to disable this plugin to have the site work in IE. Please let me if I am missing anything.

  • Richard Hipkin 948 days ago

    All I get is waitElggMan_:loading?


  • westor 948 days ago

    @Purus: I tested with FF, Crome & IE in actual versions. I have no IE 7 available but I try to check this in the next days with a virtual machine. I can't imagine why it should not run.

    @richard: could you give more infos? browser, php version, elgg version, could you check if there is an error shown in console or in firebug? Or could you give me the url? could you check you php error log?


  • John Hunt 948 days ago


    This is really a fantastic plugin. However, I'm running into a couple of problems with this on The biggest problem I'm getting is when the setting "Restrict general use of the plugin to admins" is "Yes" an error about a function deprecated in 1.7 and to use isAdmin. In fact, this was a bad enough issue so that when I logged out I could not log back in until I commented out the line referencing isAdmin in your start.php. It also is not showing up on the menu bar on Evan Winslow's Facebook theme, although I understand that may not be your problem. Thanks.

    BTW, why does the insert image not work without manually coding to the path using the editor here? Just thought you might know.

  • westor 948 days ago

    Thank you John, I will have a look at the problems and fix this.

    The rich text editor is not so rich as I would like to have. But it would take my time to make it more comfortable, but having time is a permanent problem.

  • westor 947 days ago

    John, I looked into the facebook theme - you would have to edit the start.php of that plugin for additional menu items. Thats really beyond my focus, as you mentioned already ;-)

  • Richard Hipkin 947 days ago


    1. Elgg ver

    2. PHP ver 5.3.8

    3. Both Firefox 6 and IE 9

    4. No public URL, this is exclusively in house

    5. PHP error log, "- [Mon Sep 19 15:23:14 2011] [error] [client xx.xxx.xxx.xxx] PHP WARNING: 2011-09-19 14:23:14 (BST): "include_once(services/qooxdoo/elggMan.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory" in file E:\\Uniserver\\www\\Social\\mod\\westorElggMan\\start.php (line 4), referer: http://servername/Social/admin/plugins
    - [Mon Sep 19 15:23:14 2011] [error] [client xx.xxx.xxx.xxx] PHP WARNING: 2011-09-19 14:23:14 (BST): "include_once(): Failed opening 'services/qooxdoo/elggMan.php' for inclusion (include_path='.;E:/Uniserver/usr/local/php/includes;E:/Uniserver/usr/local/php/pear;E:/Uniserver/home/admin/www/plugins/pear/PEAR')" in file E:\\Uniserver\\www\\Social\\mod\\westorElggMan\\start.php (line 4), referer: http://servername/Social/admin/plugins "

    Hope that helps?


  • westor 947 days ago

    @richard: could you check if the file is available and your webserver has rights to this file?:



  • Richard Hipkin 945 days ago

    Sorry westor, was impatient and installed the latest release before reading this. The latest release is working perfectly!